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Kris Kobach’s Successes


Trump’s voter suppression panel led by noted white supremacist Kris Kobach, is already having an impact in Colorado.

Hundreds of Republican and unaffiliated voters in Colorado are among the nearly 4,000 people who have canceled their voter registrations in the wake of the Trump administration’s request for voter information.

The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office reported Monday that of the 3,738 people who withdrew their registrations between June 28 and Friday, 367 are Republicans and 1,255 are unaffiliated voters. Just over 2,000 Democrats have also canceled their registrations.

The cancellations are just a minuscule fraction of the state’s 3.7 million registered voters. But the figure is striking nonetheless, with some county election officials reporting that they’ve never seen anything quite like it in their careers.

It doesn’t seem like the real story here is a few Republicans among thousands of Democrats. Anyway.

The withdrawals began in earnest earlier this month, after a presidential advisory commission on election integrity requested publicly available voter information from all 50 states. On July 10 alone, 1,237 Colorado voters withdrew their registrations.

This is likely to be one early effect throughout the nation. For whatever reason–paranoia or legitimate worry, people are going to simply stop voting. A lot of those people will be people of color. And Republicans win. I’ve been surprised by the number of states who have rejected this bullshit voter fraud panel, but for Trump and Kobach and Bannon, this is gold.

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  • Steve LaBonne

    Yeah, WTF is up with that lede?

    • JKTH

      It reminds me of reporting on foreign catastrophes where Americans are involved. “Two Americans are among the 500 dead…”

  • tsam100

    Caption: LOL just saw his weenis and it’s tiny. Unlike mine which everyone will tell you is yooge.

  • Why are people (voters) such cowardly chickenshits? Don’t they know the gov’t has all this info anyway?

    • the actual Bajmahal

      Marijuana makes a person paranoid. Whaddaya’ gonna’ do?

    • tsam100

      And since when is un-registering to vote a good way to handle…anything? Fucking idiots.

      • Joe Paulson

        It is not that idiotic to worry about the Kobach squad having your information, especially when they are just dying to find one or two mistakes to say “voter fraud!”

        • tsam100

          Right, but there’s only one way to fight back. If they think that information isn’t easily accessible whether they stay registered or not is kinda loopy. I get the initial reaction, but these people need to take a second and think it through. They aren’t sad to see voter rolls decrease.

          • Joe Paulson

            I’m not sure how “easily accessible” it to the Trump Commission here since they are requesting states to give it to them & many are refusing to give the information out. If they fear that they will be targeted for wrongful registration, not being registered would be a logical response.

            Most probably are being too fearful but it’s understandable. Hopefully with time things will look clearer to them.

    • xq

      Not just the government; it’s public info. Anyone can access it.

    • farin

      I suspect having one’s data on a list put out by the GamerGate administration is somewhat more upsetting than just knowing they have it.

    • Thirtyish

      There have been multiple media campaigns afoot for a few decades now that have been phenomenally successful in misinforming millions of citizens. Add to that the fact that, thanks to a dearth of civics education in this country, many people are amazingly unaware of facts such as their voter information being public.

    • McAllen

      Yeah, I have no idea why people might be overly paranoid about the Trump Administration, well known for its respect for the rule of law and security from leaks, having access to their personal information. Must just be a buncha cowardly idiots!

    • Joe Paulson

      It is not clear that all the material that will be obtained is public and aggregating it in a database run by Kobach and his Voting Fraud Fraudsters is far from safe from problems, including them targeting people based on incomplete information.

      The federal government, to be clear, don’t have all the info anyway. If so, the commission wouldn’t be requesting it, repeatedly being told to go the f away.

    • Denverite

      See above. My guess is most of them are people who moved, checked and saw they’re still registered in their old precinct, and are canceling that old registration because they know we’re about six months from a push to cancel all double-registrations everywhere because of FRAUD.

  • If this is the best they can do voter suppression wise… That many registered Republicans die of old age every day. If they’re betting on thais saving them electorally they’re bigger idiots than suspected.

    • This is just one of the many things they are doing. In aggregate, it adds up to a lot.

  • The Wet One

    Help an ignorant soul out. What does cancelling one’s registration mean, both technically and substantively?

    I assume this means you’re no longer on the voter roll, but you can get back on it later right? Or no?

    Thanks for the education.


    • Ramon A. Clef

      You can always register to vote again at a later date. But it’s very easy to forget to do so, and in many (perhaps most, perhaps all, idk) places, you have to register a certain number of days in advance of an election, or you can’t vote. A lot of people who de-register will ultimately never vote again.

      Plus, there are more than national elections to think of. Where I live, local elections don’t always line up with the national election calendar. Let’s say that I de-registered. There’s a mayoral election coming up that I wouldn’t be able to vote in. Sometimes, we have primaries and referenda in late summer; I might miss those. Etc.

      • Deborah Bender

        Plus, if the ID requirements have changed since the previous time you registered, you might not have the requisite ID.

        • Ramon A. Clef

          Hadn’t even thought of that!

  • Well, of course if you were a legitimate voter then you would have nothing to fear if Kobach and his cronies use the power of the state to comb through your voting history. So all those people who have preemptively canceled their registrations must have been scamming the system. See! Voter fraud is real!

  • kaydenpat

    Democrats need to push back against Kobach’s voter suppression commission but also encourage Democrats not to withdraw their registrations. It makes no sense that in the face of voter suppression tactics, you voluntarily stop voting. WTH!

  • e.a. foster

    Trump and Bannon will claim all those who withdrew their registration were “fake” voters. Colorado ought not to have forwarded the information Trump wanted. It simply violated state rights and the privacy rights of voters. Oh, well there goes the neighbourhood and democracy in the U.S.A. At least Canada and Mexico will still have a democracy. too bAd there will be a fascist state between us.

    • BiloSagdiyev

      Don’t worry, only one of those states has a very large, experienced miltary that they never hesitate to use…

  • joel_hanes

    I had thought that I understood that these CO folks weren’t withdrawing their registration;
    they were withdrawing their registration data from public information, as provided for in CO law.

    • Denverite

      Nah, there’s only been a few hundred of those. Not surprising since you have to go in person to the county clerk and wait in line and pay $5. Huge hassle.

      I’d bet the vast majority of those withdrawing their registrations are woke Democrats (and Republicans and independents) who understand the coming “omigod there are 20 million people who are registered in more than one place [because they had the audacity to move or die and not alert their former board of elections] we have to remove them all from the rolls” shitstorm and they’re canceling their registration where they no longer live. I’d certainly check with the intent to do that if I’d moved in the past five years.

      • Drew

        When I moved from Florida to New York I sent a letter to the county board of elections asking to be removed from the rolls just out of an abundance of caution.

        • Denverite

          I’ve moved… counting… eight times in my post-college life and I’ve not done that once.

          • Drew

            I’m more paranoid than the average bear

  • prplmnkydw

    FWIW, no states are really rejecting the panel. Many just said they aren’t providing social security numbers as Kobach requested. But almost all the voter registration info is publicly available.

  • Doug O’Keefe

    I don’t get why people are canceling. Do they think the government is going to come after all Democrats because of their voting record? Or is it a kind of protest/opt out? As others have said, it plays into the hands of the Voter Fraud people, both in terms of the rhetoric it will enable (“See! The fraudulent are scared and dropping out!”) and the fact that Democrats are voluntarily doing what the Voter Fraud people want them to do–surrender their political power. Can someone enlighten me, please?

    • McAllen

      Do they think the government is going to come after all Democrats because of their voting record?

      I 100% believe Trump would do this if he could.

      • Doug O’Keefe

        Maybe so, but surely 100% don’t believe he could (because of course he couldn’t), so the mystery remains.

  • Hondo

    I read the comments, and the OP. I never even thought about canceling my voter registration when I move out of someplace. I doubt most people have. If the republicans think they are going to start kicking people out of all their right to vote even in their current address just because that person didn’t cancel when they moved, they are truly and stupidly poking a stick at a hornets nest. It won’t be just dems kicked off the rolls. Please correct me if I have this wrong.
    On the other hand, I wish people wouldn’t be such fucking god damned pussies letting these assholes scare them away from voting. There seems to be only one response to anything the republicans want to do, from medical insurance destruction, to selling off our public lands, to returning us to the bad old days of burning rivers. And that response is fuck you! You will not get away with this. We will not back down. You and your ignorant base, being the minority, will not have your fucking way. We will vote. If you send your security forces to try and stop us, we will burn the shit to the fucking ground.

  • Somebody’s gotta teach

    What kind of idiot cancels over this?

  • JamesWimberley

    It should be the duty of the state and municipal authorities to maintain an accurate electoral register. That’s the way it works in actual democracies.

  • greatdoubt

    Um, I am one who cancelled his registration.

    I grew up in the Midwest and registered to vote at age 18. In my 30s, I moved to Europe. Continued to vote in my homestate during the 12 years I lived abroad. Four years ago, when I moved back to the USA (East Coast), I registered in my new state and began voting there (without cancelling my prior registration–never crossed my mind to do so (or to vote in two places!)). When I heard they were undertaking this horse shit nefarious exercise, I cancelled my home state registration as a matter of good hygiene. A nice side benefit, I thought, is it will reduce by one the number of “double registrations” they might find. I remained registered where I live on the East Coast and will of course vote there in every election.

    A long way of saying some of these de-registrations will be people like me who as part of the greater conversation realized they were registered in two places and there was no reason to be.

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