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Today In Donald Trump’s America


Well, this is horrifying:

Police found remains Sunday thought to be those of a missing Virginia teenager who they say was assaulted and disappeared overnight after leaving a mosque in the Sterling area, and a 22-year-old man has been charged with murder in connection with the case.

The mosque, the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) in Sterling, and relatives identified the girl as 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen of Reston.

Fairfax County police identified the man charged with murder in her death as Darwin Martinez Torres of Sterling.

According to accounts from police and a mosque official, a group of four or five teens were walking back from breakfast at IHOP early Sunday when they were confronted by a motorist. All but one of the teens ran to the mosque, where the group reported that the girl had been left behind, according to Deputy Aleksandra Kowalski, a spokeswoman for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.

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  • Dr. Acula
    • McAllen

      With the media tiptoeing around calling him a terrorist or Islamophobe, of course.

      • bender

        He’s almost certainly one or the other, but it makes some difference which, don’t you think?

        He is in custody and interrogation will probably produce an answer within 24 hours.

        Details that have been coming out suggest Islamophobe, because he seems not to have been armed and didn’t try to kill anyone else when bystanders piled on him.

        • in advance of the investigation, I may go out on a limb and say he is a bigot, a coward, and an asshole.

          • BiloSagdiyev

            Yeah, this guy’s a real jerk.

        • McAllen

          He is clearly both.

          • bender

            If you weren’t listening to the news shortly after this happened, you might not be aware of the background.

            In the first couple of hours after the attack, there was speculation that the attack might have come from Salafists or some other extreme Islamist group in reprisal for the change in direction of the leadership in the mosque (in a more moderate direction) in recent years.

        • rea

          He’s almost certainly one or the other

          He’s obviously both.

        • You’re talking about the London attack. The guy in Virginia had a baseball bat.

      • wengler

        I’m so old I can remember when terrorism was considered a tactic utilized by all sorts of violent political groups.

      • FOARP

        Umm, BBC, Guardian, Times, ITV, Scotland Yard all referring to this as terrorism, as, essentially, did the Prime Minister in her speech outside No. 10 Downing Street.

        • CP

          Yep. I don’t have a lot of good things to say about Teresa May, but good on her for calling him a terrorist and saying “It is a reminder that terrorism, extremism and hatred take many forms; and our determination to tackle them must be the same whoever is responsible.”

      • humanoid.panda

        One thing that British friends told me is that since he is alive and standing trial, British laws limit what may be said about him. Not sure how that would work with tabloids and brown- hued terrorists though…

  • DocAmazing

    Which detail will cause the most lunacy on the part of the FoxNews demographic: that the accused killer’s last name is Torres, or that his first name is Darwin?

    • that he was white and committing an act of terrorism.

      • Gwen

        Oh silly, white people don’t do terrorism, white people make oopsies.

        And obviously, only the mentally crazy ones.

        Meanwhile, in Georgia, the GOP has taken to out-of-context quotes from Obama to spread the Gospel of DemocratsAreTheRealRacists.


      • DTIMG504

        His name is “Darwin Martinez Torres” – Fox News will put hyperfocus on the fact that he’s Hispanic.

        • weirdnoise

          And that his first name is “Darwin.” A godless evolutionist, no doubt.

        • Darwin and the Torres Strait are both places in northern Australia.

        • CP

          Exactly. “See? Just like George Zimmerman! So it can’t be racism.”

    • Ahenobarbus

      Honestly, anyone who thinks they’re going to hit “Darwin” as hard as they hit “Martinez Torres” doesn’t really understand the right wing.

  • Rusty SpikeFist

    More like Dar-FAIL Torres, amirite?

    • Colin Day


    • BiloSagdiyev

      Reality Loser?

  • jamesjhare

    Apparently she went to my daughter’s school. Hard to even describe how this feels. Reston/Herndon/Sterling isn’t like that but I guess it is.

    • Karen24

      I am so sorry. That kind of thing really affects kids even if they didn’t know the victim. Much love to your daughter and her schoolmates.

      • jamesjhare

        They’re the same age and they’ve been at the same high school for 3 years. Apparently not close friends but they had classes together. With the shooting in Alexandria last week it’s been a pretty weird few weeks in Northern Virginia. We really don’t do violent crime.

        Multiculturalism and all that jazz is what this area is about. Bill Clinton spoke at my high school my senior year because my high school (while named after a traitor) had students speaking the most languages in all of Fairfax County (it was damn near 200 different languages).

        We’ve got our assholes like every other area but up until lately it seemed like they were embarrassed to show themselves.

    • Origami Isopod

      God, I’m really sorry.

  • That poor girl and her family. I saw her picture and my heart broke for her family–she looks just like all the girls in hijabs who graduated with my daughter last week. So young, and bright, and full of promise. And I can’t imagine the pain and horror of her friends, who ran and survived but who accidentally left her behind. They will never get over that fear and shame. My heart grieves for the whole community.

  • King Goat

    The local news station is reporting authorities don’t think this was a hate motivated crime.

    “At this point, there doesn’t seem to be indication this was a bias incident. It looks like they got into a dispute over something,”


    • PhoenixRising

      Um, I’m pretty sure the dispute was over whether Nabra and her friends can walk to her house from the mosque/iftar in hijab in America, or some drunk rando can impose the death penalty on Muslims with no trial.

      Apparently his viewpoint triumphed in the dispute.

      It is morally repugnant that the first LE announcement attempted to make this into a story with complexity/shades of ‘fight gone wrong’. Shame on them. Apologies, not just to this child’s family but to the communities terrorized by this attack on religious freedom of expression, are due posthaste.

      • tsam

        Yeah, full grown man vs teenage girl–that’s already gone wrong before it started. Someday I hope to be around when something like this is going down.

      • UncleEbeneezer

        “It is morally repugnant that the first LE announcement attempted to make this into a story with complexity/shades of ‘fight gone wrong’.”

        And sadly typical. It’s not just the RWNJ crowd that opens every hate crime discussion with “well, let’s not jump to conclusions” because ya know because calling a murderer a bigot would be the greatest crime of all. It’s downright sickening and I see the police pulling this sort of hemming and hawing all the time in these cases.

        I just saw a Father’s Day picture of my muslim friend and former bandmate (who also lives in VA), with two of his young daughters and almost brokedown after reading this story. The fucking bullshit his girls are going to have to endure in this country…and the fact that so many of our Real ‘Merkins think they totally deserve it. Goddamn America, indeed.

  • King Goat

    The van attack, on the other hand, almost certainly is. Witness at the scene says attacker made anti-Muslim comments, and he appears to be a 40 something white guy.

    The attack is leading the WaPo this morning, but a single story. I remember soon after the last London attack it was the lead with four stories (with the more deadly workplace shooting terrorist act in Orlando that day far down the screen in a single story).

    • Just_Dropping_By

      The London attack lent itself to multiple stories due to the sheer number of eye witnesses and multiple different agencies being involved. Unless you’re talking about a celebrity or major political figure (where there’s usually a “crime procedure” story, a “public reacts” story, a “career recap” story, etc.) I don’t think of murders of single individuals usually get the multiple same-day story treatment from major newspapers.

      • Thom

        Also the fact that it occurred in the heart of the city.

      • King Goat

        I don’t buy that. Or only partially do. Some of the articles for the prior attack were these ‘speculate on motives and how radicalized’ that would be just as natural in cases that weren’t tied to Muslims, for example.

  • Harkov311

    This happened about ten minutes from my house. The local authorities, for what it’s worth, don’t seem to think this was a hate crime. For what it’s worth, I will say there’s a stereotype around here that the Muslim immigrant population (mostly from Bangladesh and Pakistan) supposedly don’t drill “stranger danger” into their kids as much as others, so maybe the perpetrator was profiling-by-stereotype.

    Of course, the fact that the perpetrator is Hispanic is giving the Trumpers all kinds of anti-immigrant rage boners. By which I mean anti-Hispanic rage boners, since I don’t see any of them proposing wall on the Canadian border.

    • PhoenixRising

      He chased down a group of teens who were observing Ramadan’s break in the fast, and beat to death the slowest of them with a baseball bat.

      This isn’t complicated and Loudon/Fairfax departments should be sharply questioned about their assumptions.

      If it looks like a lynching, walks like a lynching and tosses its victim into a shallow pond like a lynching…

      • Harkov311

        I guess I find “sociopath gets off on killing little girls” and “sociopath gets off on killing Muslims” to be equally plausible answers. At least right now.

        • The facts of this case are not the normal M.O. of a sociopath killing a random young women. I think the random Muslim thing is far more plausible.

  • Karen24

    Off-topic, but I think we can use some good news. Today is Juneteenth, and I take a great deal of pride in the fact that it is a Texas state holiday: http://www.juneteenth.com/history.htm

    • Thom

      It is great to see how this is celebrated in various cities and towns, with the celebrations reported on in the local papers.

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