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Both Sides Do It, But Democrats Are Worse: Senseless Political Violence Edition

U.S. Democratic Sen. Jim Webb gestures while talking to journalists during a press conference at the U.S. Embassy Wednesday, April 11, 2012, in Yangon, Myanmar. (AP Photo/Khin Maung Win)

Rand Paul Jim Webb* fanboy Michael Tracey is willing to really put himself on the line to prove that he is totally Leftier Than Thou, not to mention Maxine Waters:

I certainly hope this vicious assault won’t stop his campaign to make sure that Real Left Alternative Zell Miller captures the Democratic nomination in 2020.

*I honestly can’t decide what’s funnier — that Tracey sees Webb as a Real Leftist Alternative to Hillary Clinton, or that he thought Webb was a serious candidate to win the nomination.

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  • Q.E.Dumbass

    I just tweeted a list of florid, unflattering descriptions of Michael Tracey to Erik an hour ago (quoted from my own comments from an LGM TYT thread)* and I couldn’t come up with a fourth description to round out my list. So help me out here, fellow commentaria: What’s a fourth phrase to describe the levels of Mr. Tracey’s piece-of-worthless-shittery? (In case Description #3 doesn’t show up in the linked thread, it’s “3: A singular hole-in-the-air/waste of carbon who’d completely discredit BBC for at least a decade if merely employed there, never mind TYT”).

    *For someone with a quasi-Heidelbergian physique you’d think Tracey could take a punch, never mind someone pushing away his mic.

    • pillsy

      Michael Tracey lacks the self-awareness of a six month old tuna casserole.

    • efgoldman

      I just tweeted a list of florid, unflattering descriptions of Michael Tracey to Erik

      Wait. He’s some kind of leftist?
      He’s so repulsive I thought for sure he had to be some specie of RWNJ.
      Rep. Waters should have tased him.

      • Scott Lemieux

        He’s some kind of leftist?


        • He’s a cross between lolcat Goldman’s big toe and Jesse Waters’ toe jam.

      • Aexia

        He’s the sort of bro who thinks Ron Paul is the ideal progressive.

    • Michael Tracey is an infiltrator from a hostile alien species that somehow only intercepted episodes of “Between Two Ferns” from Earth and as a result has decided that Zach Galifianakis is the dominant lifeform.

      • Q.E.Dumbass

        ‘4: A hostile alien species who deemed Zach Galifianakis the dominant body type as a result of only intercepting “Between Two Ferns” eps’

        And damn that’s good.

  • Q.E.Dumbass

    Also: An interesting Twitter essay on the decline and fall of Michael Tracey. Barbara Mason’s “A Good Man is Gone” is suggested musical accompaniment for said essay.

    • pillsy

      Weird coming from Giordano, who used to be really great and has also lost his fucking mind.

      • petesh

        Care to elaborate? I did just read the linked tweet, I have been familiar with Giordano’s work though I only read him occasionally, and your comment makes no sense to me.

        • pillsy

          Basically he got on the whole “the alt-left is really a thing I will complain about” train, reaching a pretty gross nadir by hopping on the “the Portland murderer is a Bernie Bro!”

          I was never a Bernie supporter, and I really liked Giordano’s work in the past, but that was about seven bridges too far for me.

          • random

            The Portland murderer is a Bernie Bro, yes. That is a fact that can be independently verified by anyone with an Internet connection.

            • pillsy

              You know what, forget it.

              • Brien Jackson

                It’s….complicated. One thing that’s clear though is that the Portland murderer had a consuming, irrational hatred of Hillary Clinton.

                • random

                  Sanders’s immigration and trade views are pretty close to Trump’s, minus the racism but including a lot of the nationalism, America-firstism, and immigrant-blaming.

                  It’s not at all surprising that a rabid xenophobe would also be a Bro.

                • Origami Isopod

                  I’m highly critical of Bernie but … a nationalist? An immigrant-blamer? I don’t really see it.

                • random

                  “a nationalist? An immigrant-blamer? I don’t really see it.”

                  It’s also a major reason he got spanked by the Latino vote. Different groups emphasize different utterances and take away different meanings from the same utterances, so it went largely unnoticed by mainline Dems and Republicans. But this stuff is basically a bright neon sign for Latino primary voters and white nationalists alike.

                  There’s extensive record of xenophobic nationalists giving love to Bernie’s positions on this topic:




                  It gets even worse/dumber/more simplistic among the online cesspools where train-stabber was marinating.

              • random

                You don’t get to gaslight the rest of us.

                There are four lights, global warming is occurring and primarily driven by carbon emissions, and that dude was a Bernie Bro.

                Those are the facts and if you can’t process them then you have a problem, not us.

                • pillsy

                  OK, I guess forgetting it is not an option.

                  That guy was a literal fucking Nazi. Next you wanna tell me about how the Nazis were all a bunch of Bernie Bros, too, because they had “Socialist” right there in their name?

                  This is literally the oldest bit of fascist fraud in the book. We usually mock wingnuts for falling for it. When did that change?

                  (Also, wanna tell me how he’s actually a dipshit centrist because he whined about safe spaces in court?)

                • random

                  “That guy was a literal fucking Nazi. ”

                  He was also a Bernie Bro. Almost a textbook example actually.

                  “This is literally the oldest bit of fascist fraud in the book. We usually mock wingnuts for falling for it. When did that change?”

                  That’s not at all the point being made here, no. He was a male Bernie Sanders supporter who harangued and abused people who were not that. That’s what makes him a Bro. His Nazi-esque ideology isn’t what makes him a Bro. Nobody’s saying that.

                  Pointing out that Bernie’s immigration views were actually pretty appealing to xenophobic types is just an explanation of why these sorts of guys ended up in Broville.

                • djw

                  Is it really that controversial that “Bernie Bro” isn’t an ideologically coherent political identity? It describes a certain type who glomed onto him in obnoxious ways for a variety of reasons, most of whom internalized some slogans about neoliberalism and the establishment and so on, but it’s ideologically pretty vacant. (Your typical Sanders voter is considerably more ideologically coherent, but obviously that’s not who “Bernie bro” is meant to describe.

              • Ronan

                I wouldn’t bother pillsy, random and brien actually believe this dumb shit.

      • awarrens

        Granted, he’s not exactly…rational when it comes to Bernie (lotta personal history there, for better or worse), but he still has a lot of great, pragmatic things to say about effective organizing.

        • petesh

          I know nothing of their previous personal history but I generally agreed with Giordano’s assessment of the Sanders campaign, IIRC. Certainly I saw nothing to suggest that he had lost his mind.

          • Giordano seems to be making a point to tie Michael Tracey becoming unhinged to the Sanders campaign, but the “Jim Webb” link that Scott posted in the OP is from 2014. So, I think the whole thing has to be read in light of Giordano’s hatred for Sanders.

            • nemdam

              His point is Michael Tracy reflects a portion of Sander’s base which is undoubtedly true. I don’t understand why Bernie supporters refuse to recognize the toxic part of their base. The longer they let it goes unacknowledged, the harder it will be for Bernie to gain more support.

              • nadirehsa

                I don’t really care whether Bernie gains more support or not. He’s an ok-ish avatar for the Somewhat Further Left, but I’d love to see new faces and names picking up that mantle.

                But that said, some alleged “leftists” on Twitter/ Internet don’t make a base. They don’t even make a part of a base. The LGM comment section regularly engages in this nonsense, but it’s simply not accurate. I’m not denying there are some assholes who like Bernie; I’m simply pointing out that there are loud assholes who like every politician, and these assholes are only “representative” of politicians people don’t like. The assholes who like your (not specifically you, nemdam, the general you) politician are never reflective of anything.

                I was at an AHCA Die-in today outside Tom MacArthur’s office; the crowd was 60+ strong, and most were Bernie supporters. Lots of Our Revolution pins and Bernie 2016 bumper stickers. Nary a soul meets your definition of a part of his base. In fact, I’ve never met anyone in real life who resembles the LGM caricature. It’s time to step back from the Keyboard Wars for a while. Loud Assholes On The Internet (LAOTI) are not representative of much of anything.

                • pillsy

                  I’m going to demur somewhat. The loud assholes who like Trump are representative of Trump, because he actively courts loud assholes, and actively provokes those loud assholes to be louder and assholier.

                  Also, he’s totally a loud asshole himself.

                • nemdam

                  I disagree with your characterization that Bernie’s toxic portion of his base is like any other politician’s (I can’t think of anyone on the left in recent history who had this problem), but because it’s rehashing old ground, we’ll just get bored so I’ll pass.

                  But the reason I point this out about Bernie is because I 100% agree with your below statement. I have no problem with pushing the party further to the left. But there are better people to do it with.

                  I don’t really care whether Bernie gains more support or not. He’s an ok-ish avatar for the Somewhat Further Left, but I’d love to see new faces and names picking up that mantle.

                • Spider-Dan

                  Yes, there are also assholes who like other lefty politicians. Remember Darragh Murphy and the PUMAs?

                  Somehow, I doubt the people who strenuously object to the calling out of the BernieBros have the same high-minded aversion to dumping on PUMAs. But to me, they are one and the same.

    • Scott Lemieux

      Decline from what?

      • Q.E.Dumbass

        Presumably from the baseline of “not a sociopath/credibility black hole for any news organization he’s a part of.”

  • wjts

    Come and see the violence inherent in Maxine Waters’ neoliberal system!

    • busker type


    • brad

      Really, how long will we let black women push white men around like this?

  • cpinva

    “*I honestly can’t decide what’s funnier — that Tracey sees Webb as a Real Leftist Alternative to Hillary Clinton, or that he thought Webb was a serious candidate to win the nomination.”

    i think you have an actual, rarely seen, “Both sides do it” here.

    • efgoldman

      i think you have an actual, rarely seen, “Both sides do it” here.

      But it’s both sides of the SAME KLOWN!

  • pillsy

    Really how fucking pathetic do you have to be to whine about “physical contact” when a septuagenarian half your size brushes your mic aside? What kind of grownup doesn’t have the minimal self-respect to, you know, not do that?

    • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

      What kind of grownup doesn’t have the minimal self-respect to, you know, not do that?

      I think I see the problem . . . .

    • Dilan Esper

      I am paying for this microphone, Mr. Green!

      Oh, wait.

    • Origami Isopod

      Well, that’s kind of l’essence de Right Wing Nut Job. Your lessers are supposed to tolerate any and all indignities and atrocities you dish out, but any sign on their part that they’re not going to take it anymore is immensely threatening. There are lots of examples of this; the one that comes most readily to my mind is men accusing women disagreeing with them of being shrill, hysterical, screeching, etc.

  • tsam

    Hold on now. If you’ll recall, Jim Webb was tossed a cream puff closing question in a debate and what came to his mind was to brag about killing a guy and crack a movie villain grin. Fucking explain to me how this guy didn’t run away with the nomination, libtards.

    • As someone that never liked that infamous vote for the authorization of the use of force in Iraq in 2002, I thought that Webb was the guy that could point out that out to Hillary during the debates and that could say that during rallies. He could not win, but he could use his campaign to advance his positions.

      But he was too lazy for that. His opposition to the Iran Nuclear Deal did not help.

      • Warren Terra

        Webb was a pretty interesting figure when he emerged as a Democratic politician in the context of a rather supine Democratic party in 2006 (2004?), with a sort of muscular anti-Iraq stance and some good things to say about Prison Reform.

        But then he didn’t exactly buckle down in the Senate, and quit, and ran in 2016 as George Wallace for the 21st Century, which was just icky. Screw him.

      • nemdam

        I think Bernie had that covered. That was his whole foreign policy pitch.

        • I’m not that pacifist, but some Foreign Policy positions from Bernie(Like demanding Qatar and Saudi Arabia to go after ISIS) were horrible.

          The Jim Webb that wrote that Washington Post op-ed in 2002 was missing in that debates.

          • Q.E.Dumbass

            KING ABDULLAH. That is all.

  • If what Rep. Waters did to Tracey is a “shove” then what Trump did to the President of Montenegro was attempted murder.

  • McAllen

    Tracey seems chronically incurious about why he’s so uniformly loathed.

    • wjts

      Because he’s a brave truth-teller, obviously. No one likes them. Just ask Socrates.

      • twbb

        Or Liz Spayd.

      • tsam

        Had a Facebook fight with one of his acolytes. He feels sorry for me because I believe there was Russian interference in the election. Also because I supported Clinton, who is obviously as bad as Trump and I’d know that if I weren’t so gosh-darn stupid. HOW DID I GET SO STUPID???

        • efgoldman

          HOW DID I GET SO STUPID???

          From hanging around with the likes of us?

          [Way to tee up a softball, he said, mixing bad sports metaphors]

    • nemdam

      I doubt he cares. He just wants the clicks, and by that measure, he is a success.

  • The Great God Pan

    Someone on Twitter pointed out that in 2009 Tracey claimed to be the victim of police brutality while being arrested at an Ann Coulter book signing. A video that surfaced apparently did not back up his claim.

    • sharonT

      Ah, but he was arrested for refusing to leave the stage where Coulter was sitting and signing books. He was trying to get her to sign her autograph on a sheet of paper and Coulter told him no, she was only signing copies of her book. Tracey, after being told to leave kept trying to approach the stage. Finally, the cops grabbed him and were taking him out of the auditorium, when Tracey broke free and made another run at the stage, not sure how he ended up on the ground, but boy, does he whine.

    • Hogan

      Yes, he has form as both a winger and a flopper.

      • N__B

        This is a ‘merkin comment section. None of that commie soccer crap here.

        • Hogan
          • N__B

            You should see a doctor about that cough.

            • Hogan

              My plan doesn’t cover sports injuries.

              • N__B

                “Billiards is not a sport. But pool might be, because when you see a guy walking down the street with a pool cue jammed up his ass, that’s almost certainly a sports-related injury.”

  • pillsy

    Oh man Tracey released a statement about what happened and it makes him look like even more of a toolbag.

    • royko

      If you have “initiated unwarranted physical contact” on your scorecard, you have to drink. Many, many times.

      • petesh

        I saw him shoving him mic at her, such that he was blocking her exit. Which is more than a little inconsistent with his own recollection of the incident. Perhaps it’s not only Trump who thinks that seeing is not believing.

      • In Tracey’s defense, it was the first time a woman had initiated physical contact with him and it kind of rattled him.

    • Hogan

      Apparently Waters is required to talk to him until he’s finished. “Don’t you walk away from me!”

  • Warren Terra

    I want to point out that, while Tracey is rightly getting mocked for this all over the internet (many mock obituaries, many denunciations of the cartoonish levels of violence Waters unleashed upon him), he’s not the only person at fault here. He tweeted an interview with his camera man, who backed his story and was similarly outraged at Waters’s bloodthirsty rampage.

    Tracey being a tool one can at least dismiss as narcissistic self-promotion. I don’t understand what his camera dude’s excuse could be.

    • rea

      Tracey being a tool one can at least dismiss as narcissistic self-promotion. I don’t understand what his camera dude’s excuse could be.

      Well, he works for Tracey.

    • Spider-Dan

      He is fulfilling his function as a shield from claims of racism.

      Lest my point be misunderstood: if Tracey’s cameraman that day happened not to be black, rest assured we would not be seeing his opinion on the matter.

  • Roger Ailes

    Call it the Tracey Flick.

    • muddy


  • twbb

    Speaking of both sides do it, if you ever wondered why the Republicans became deranged climate change deniers, the elite journalists of the New York Times have figured it out: “Democratic hubris”


    That is a verbatim quote. In a “news” article, not a Bret Stephens op-ed piece.

    • efgoldman

      That is a verbatim quote. In a “news” article

      Why any supposedly sentient being still pays for that rag is a mystery.
      And for the “But the PUZZle…” crowd, Amazon lists over 500 books of them.

      • Tom in BK

        You can subscribe to the puzzle for $40/year.

        (And you can share a username/PW, too. Not that I would ever do that.)

      • wjts

        But I’ve already done those puzzles.

    • royko

      Damn, that’s a crappy article. It’s amazing how it uses one McCain campaign ad in 2008 to establish the Republicans’ apparently long-standing interest in stopping global warming. Only after that imperious Obama was elected did conservatives turn away from their environmentalist roots.

      • Matt McIrvin

        Nothing in there about the general suppression of climate science under the George W. Bush administration, or the astroturf attacks on people like Stephen Schneider going back to the 1980s.

    • tsam

      The corollary to Cleek’s law. We do what we do to piss you off, and it’s because you MAKE us do it

      • But of course. What else are the media going to do? Act like Republicans (or the media themselves, for that matter) have agency? Surely you can't be serious.

        (…and don’t call me Shirley.)

        • tsam

          agency? Liberal. That’s NOT how it works. Liberals threaten their way of life. The American way, as it was written by our Holy Father, St Marion, John of Wayne, so shall it be done.

  • Brien Jackson

    Related: The Young Turks is clearly a ratfucking grift operation at this point. Full stop. AND literally funded by Russian money.

    • kvs

      And yet there are people who think the The Young Turks are too pro-establishment.

      Are we the Judean People’s Front or the People’s Front of Judea today?

    • nemdam

      Wait, has it been confirmed that they are funded by Russian money? I have my suspicions as they fit the exact profile (and The Intercept) of someone Russia would fund on “the left”.

  • stonetools

    The Intercept and TYT are simply Russian and Republican front disinformation and ratfucking operations and should be identified as such by liberals.
    I’m keeping an open mind on the folks at Jacobin mag and Matt Stoller.

    • Origami Isopod

      Jacobin strikes me as a mixed bag. I’m loath to give them any more page hits because of their worst offenses, but there seem to remain some people on staff who aren’t that bad. No opinion on Stoller, whom I don’t read at all.

      • nemdam

        All I need to know about Jacobin is their editor and publisher said it was OK to not vote for Hillary. Hard to take it seriously after that.

  • Harkov311

    As someone who was once represented by Webb, I find it pretty funny that anyone could possibly think he was some paragon of leftist virtue. He was a fairly average western Virginia Democrat in most respects (good on most issues, a little defense-happy, bad on coal but he’s from there, wasn’t expecting much in that area). He was a bit of a formalist on executive powers, but that was really the only remarkable thing about him, aside from his strong remarks in favor of prison reforms.

    Just what qualities does Tracey imagine he has, I wonder?

    • Bitter Scribe

      He was the Democrat for White Men™. That never got him very far politically but apparently it was enough for some people.

      • Harkov311

        If that is the reason, tyhen Tracey is even dumber than I thought. Had he bothered to look at the 2006 VA senate race returns, he’d have noticed that all the areas that voted for Webb were also areas that supported Kaine for governor the year before, and most of them had also backed Kerry for president the year before that.

        The people voting for him were, mostly, the same people that voted for every Democrat in the state. And as noted,he mostly voted like an average moderate Democrat on the issues. He was really very average.

        But I guess he didn’t like Hillary, and that was all Tracey had to hear.

  • pseudalicious

    Are my eyeballs broken? I watched the video and she literally doesn’t touch him. It looks like she’s giving him The Hand.

  • sk7326

    A completely delightful thread discussing this https://twitter.com/PFTompkins/status/871233905000448001

    • Spider-Dan

      High comedy.

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