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Moving this comment from Epidemiologist to the top, regarding the arrests of disabled people by the Capitol police:

This is a friendly reminder to share this stuff widely.

Personally my FB is still really mixed and is not blowing up nearly enough about this bill being released and the treatment of protestors. You can help change all that! You can also help the ADAPT members’ civil disobedience and the abuse they received in response have the greatest possible impact to actually save lives by making sure people see it and know about it. This is a great example of a really powerful moment, complete with images, that crystallizes the issues and that no one should get to not know about by the end of today.

Everyone here is someone’s smart friend or their political junkie acquaintance. You have credibility with people around you that you may not even know about. You should spend that social capital now to try to fight evil and save lives. Words like “unAmerican”, “evil”, and “murder” are not hyperbole here. Personally my favorite hashtag is #cowardcaucus. How helpful of the Republicans to make it relevant again the day they released this bill by refusing to look people with disabilities in the face.

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  • S. Oelek

    A dozen white dudes in a room trying to figure out how best to kill more people than the terror attacks of Sept. 11 — all for a tax cut for people who don’t need it.

    • Mike in DC

      No. All for an even more massive tax cut for the wealthy and for corporations, and to begin the war to dismantle the American social safety net.

      • so-in-so

        Coming soon:

        “Mister we could use a man like Robespierre again!”

    • cpinva

      “A dozen white dudes in a room trying to figure out how best to kill more people than the terror attacks of Sept. 11 — all for a tax cut for people who don’t need it.”

      it seems to me that just putting together, and letting loose, death squads would be a lot cheaper and faster. people just “disappear”, never to be seen or heard from again. conveniently, they also happen to use a lot of health services, so them being gone is an economic “benefit” to the country, and can help fund those tax cuts.

      • Origami Isopod

        They don’t think they could get away with it yet.

        • rm

          But they do admire their Central American dictators who were devoutly Christian while committing genocide, killing priests, and raping nuns. Someday, they dream, we’ll achieve that vision here.

  • epidemiologist

    Wow! Thank you. And here I was worried I was nagging.

    My partner and I are trying to make a point to post more cat pictures and fun stuff the rest of the time to increase the odds less political friends will still be following us for future screeds.

    • lizzie

      Lulling with cat pictures—I like it!

    • Karen24

      I used fashion jokes and kid stories. Also music videos.

    • personwhoreads

      I’ve gone one step further than nagging, and I suggest everyone do the same. Go on your facebook page and search “friends in Arizona”, “friends in Alaska” etc. Find your facebook friends who live in states with key GOP swing votes and contact them with a direct personal message. I contacted 22 people who I rarely speak to, some whom I hardly know–just facebook friends I picked up over the years from college, etc. I said, “Hi, it’s been a while.” and then explained that I was contacting them out of the blue because their senator was a key vote in the bill and that we only needed to flip 3 senators, and then a short, simple blurb about why the bill is bad. I got 6 of the 22 to agree to call and no hate mail back. I also got the opportunity to chat with people and catch up. All and all, worth it.

  • CP

    I remember the moment when I decided Mitt Romney was a fucking asshole (completely independently of his politics): it was about ten years ago, during his first run for president, when at a townhall meeting a guy in a wheelchair tries to talk to him about medical marijuana and he just sort of listens absent-mindedly for twenty seconds and then is like “uh yeah okay thanks but I gotta go bye.”

    But at least he had the good grace to remove himself from the guy’s presence and not have his goon squad make it the other way around, like McConnell’s doing right now.

    For a party of old cranks, the GOP sure does do badly with people in wheelchairs.

    • Phil Perspective

      That’s not the goon squad per se, isn’t it the Capitol Police?

      • Sahuarita

        Whatever you think of the police, they serve ultimately the powers that be.

        • Colin Day

          The Cossacks work for the tsar.

      • wjts

        They’re making such progress now that you can hardly tell.

    • cpinva

      “For a party of old cranks, the GOP sure does do badly with people in wheelchairs.”

      if they would have the decency to be rich people in wheelchairs, none of this would have happened. but nooooooooooooo, they just had to be regular, not obscenely wealthy people (only just barely qualifying as people, per Jr.), and go bothering the Sanhedrin, who have much more important, and profitable, things to do, then deal with the peasants.

  • Slothrop2

    The savage cuts to Medicaid won’t seem to kick in until 2024, at the end of Donald Trump’s second term. So, it looks like I have eight years to make some money, and then sweet sweet suicide. HCBS and the Medicaid buy-in and the rest of the waivers are history.

    Well, you just need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, that is if you have feet and/or arms.

    • humanoid.panda

      1. The cuts begin in 2020, and a lot of states have laws that shut down the expansion immediately.
      2. The gall of someone like you making this comment (and I dont’ for a second believe you are telling the truth here) is astonishing.

      • Just_Dropping_By

        I read that as morbid sarcasm. I can’t recall anyone suggesting Slothrop2 is a troll before.

        • Malaclypse

          I can’t recall anyone suggesting Slothrop2 is a troll before.

          Is this sarcasm? Isn’t he Slothrop2 as a result of being banned as Slothrop?

          • wjts

            I believe he lost his login ID but couldn’t figure out how to use the “edit my profile” function.

            • Slothrop2

              If you voted for Clinton in the primaries, the least you could do is blow your brains out with a shotgun.

          • As far as I know, he’s never been banned, but this is also the first time I’ve ever seen anyone who didn’t think he was a troll.

            • Origami Isopod

              Just_Dropping_Turds is, of course, another troll.

            • Slothrop2

              meh. You talk to the wind; but, the wind does not hear.

  • The optics of this whole thing is just do bad I really have to wonder what’s going through McConnell’s mind.

    • ema

      “After all that has happened at the Executive and Legislative levels people, a majority of them, are still voting Republican. We’re good to go with maximum carnage!”

    • one of the blue

      “The optics of this whole thing is just so bad I really have to wonder what’s going through McConnell’s mind.”

      He’s thinking, “I got away with everything else. I’ll get away with this one, too,”

      • Or “I’m going to get away with as much as I can by 2018 and then we’ll see what happens.”

        • King Goat

          2018 is so lopsided structurally for the GOP re: the Senate that I think McConnell rightly fears the GOP base more than losing the Senate in the general.

          • GeorgeBurnsWasRight

            Well, that spoils my day.

            I actually agree with something you posted.

      • Hondo

        But, why? What does he really gain by causing so much misery?

        • GeorgeBurnsWasRight

          Some people are just mean and filled with hatred.

        • Malaclypse


          • MAJeff

            Exactly. It’s completely about the will to power.

    • King Goat

      I think there’s a widely felt fatigue or cynicism about protests that exists in recent times and McConnell’s counting on that.

      • OliversArmy

        If only it were white, male, able bodied, neuronormative people who were leading the protests! Then we would get somewhere, eh Goatse?

        • Just_Dropping_By

          Where did he say the demographics of the protesters have any relevance to the degree of fatigue?

          • King Goat

            Shouting ‘racist’ at anyone that disagrees with anything, even if it’s ‘what I hope the public will do, but I have no good reason to think so’ is just the go to reaction now for so many.

            And people wonder why pointing to actual racism doesn’t excite the expected response.

          • jam

            Goatse has recently been overt in claiming progressive politics can only work by embracing white supremacy.

            • King Goat

              It’s equal parts sad and funny that’s that how you find you need to characterize what I actually said.

              • jam

                “I think we could significantly cut our losses there by things that don’t cost much at all. Trade racial affirmative action for class or geographic. Cut back on overly provocative things like BLM. Don’t frame things in racial ways so much (you can talk about Flint as terrible government, police abuse that affects whites and blacks, etc).”

                “Flint can be sold as ‘government poisons people’ or ‘government poisons black people.’ If 1 works better let’s run with that.”

                White supremacists should dictate the terms progressive politics use. Erase black people from your rhetoric.

                • King Goat

                  So you really think 1. toss racial preferences for class or geographic ones and 2. describe government screwing of citizens that are black as ‘government failure of citizens’ instead of ‘government failure of black citizens’ = ‘white supremacy?’

                  God help you if you actually ever encounter an actual white supremacist (I grew up in the South and did). You’ll likely explode or something.

                • jam

                  Your position is clear: we should pander to white supremacists. Not for your sake, of course, but merely because you have an abundance of concern.

                • King Goat

                  Do you really think only a ‘white supremacist’ could favor class/geographic preferences over racial ones, or think the tragedy in Flint is better framed as a failure of government competence as opposed to racism? Jesus, what silly Manicheanism.

                • Gator90

                  King Goat — disappearing black people from public discourse is either white supremacy or useful idiocy in service of white supremacy.

                • King Goat

                  gator-that’s ridiculous. White supremacy is about something far, far worse than ‘disappearing black people from public discourse.’

                • jam

                  @Gator90, that would be the first time someone has found him useful!

                  He also wants to jettison Nancy Pelosi, so it’s not just black people.

                  Ooh, we’re into the definitions round of “argue by exhaustion”! I love the definitions round!

                • King Goat

                  It’s interesting, gator and jam seem to be making arguments from ‘righteousness.’ It would be ‘wrong’ to not make our pitches racially based or to drop Pelosi as speaker.

                  That proves my point: this is politics. If we don’t get elected, we don’t get to do anything ‘righteous.’ Can you make an argument about how it’s wise *politically* to case our approaches racially or to keep Pelosi?

                • Gator90

                  KG — whom do you suppose comprises the most reliable Dem voting bloc? Pretending that black people and their legitimate concerns don’t exist strikes me as very unwise, politically.

                • King Goat

                  gator-black people are a very reliable source of Democratic votes. I’m not in any way advocating ignoring their concerns. I’m just saying we can help them more by not framing their concerns as ‘black concerns.’ If we replace ‘racial preferences’ for ‘geographic/income preferences’ or Flint’s misdeeds as ‘government failure’ vs. ‘racism’ their concerns still get addressed. But addressing them in racial terms is a proven loser, for the Democrats, and, of course, then for blacks. Why keep doing that?

                • “gator-that’s ridiculous. White supremacy is about something far, far worse than ‘disappearing black people from public discourse.’”

                  Actually, KG, you are the one who is being ridiculous. You are presenting a false dichotomy that is so absurd as to be laughable- or worth crying over. Disappearing black people from public discourse further entrenches white supremacy. If we cannot even name the injustice, we cannot fight it. It’s really that simple, and I find it hard to believe that you do not understand that.

                  “black people are a very reliable source of Democratic votes. I’m not in any way advocating ignoring their concerns. I’m just saying we can help them more by not framing their concerns as ‘black concerns.’”

                  In other words, “We can help black people in a racist society most by pretending their problems have nothing to do with racism”. So much for us belonging to the “reality based community”. Also, if you seriously think this is going to fool anyone you are the fool. If African-American voters stick with us despite the ruse, it will be because they are not fooled. And republicans and their supporters won’t be fooled either. Because the thing you don’t seem to understand is this: these people are not being racist because we are bringing attention to racism.

    • The Lorax

      Our both-sides-do-it media will blame both sides and responsibility never will be pinned on the GOP.

    • Hondo

      I’m having trouble understanding these recent events and what possibly could be going through McConnell’s head. Some say that it’s all about power for him. But, he’s a majority leader in the Senate. In the grand scheme of things, how important is that really? How many Senate majority leaders are remembered 50 years after they leave office? At this rate, he will be remembered more than any other, but that will be for his destruction of the social safety net, and the death of thousands. I truly don’t understand what the republicans think they are doing. I understand that evil exists in the world, I am not that naïve, but I have never seen it like this before in our own country.
      I can understand a corporate board shutting down a factory, putting a few thousand out of work so investors can realize a short term profit. But, to bring such a great deal of immediate harm to millions for what amounts to another fistful of dollars thrown on top of your already huge pile, I thought would be beyond the willingness of all but the most evil.

      • rm

        What’s puzzling you is the nature of Mitch’s game. Me too.

        • applecor

          Well played.

          • Hondo

            Yes it was.

      • King Goat

        “I’m having trouble understanding these recent events and what possibly could be going through McConnell’s head. ”

        Really? I mean, you have to keep up with the other side’s politics.

        In 2018 most Senate seats up are ‘safe Republican.’ That means 1. he’s not worried about Democrats or the general, but 2. he’s worried about primaries.

        The GOP has been railing against Obamacare for so long and ‘working’ to repeal it, that if they don’t deliver they’re going to get primaried. He’s got to deliver this. It’s simple, as a political matter.

        • Hondo

          Those are the typical considerations made in the course of politics. I understand that. Winners and losers, right? I get that. But, I thought that there would be a line McConnell wouldn’t cross, and most republicans would stop when their actions would directly lead to the actual death of potentially thousands of children who will die of curable diseases because their medical insurance was taken from them in order to further enrich the already filthy rich.
          I’m having trouble believing that republicans in congress are ok with causing all this misery, but can justify it by the fact they their seat in congress is safe. I know they are ok with some misery, but this is more
          Oh fuck it. Goodbye.

          • King Goat

            They want their seats, and they convince themselves that the tax credits will help people as much as what they’re gutting. It’s silly, but a lot of motivated thinking is.

      • JMV Pyro

        McConnell, and really the entire conservative movement that he is a part of, are on a power high. They’ve spent the past couple of decades breaking norms and getting more and more brazen about it and have not been punished for a real length of time. They pretty much figure that they can do what they want at this point and no one will stop them.

    • Brad Nailer

      1. 800,000 Kentuckians elected him, and Republicans always vote for Republicans. His seat is safe. (http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/news/a55768/why-ossoff-lost/)

      2. The Medicaid cuts won’t kick in for several years, giving everybody plausible deniability.

      3. Anything bad that happens will be blamed, successfully, on the Democrats.

      4. A lot of people believe that trickle-down economics works to improve the national economy, that it’s good to give rich people more money, especially when they themselves think they’ll be getting more money, too. And also that it’s good to deprive the undeserving poor of their unearned benefits.

      Smooth sailing, baby.

      The man is nothing if not a dark genius. He got his Supreme Court justice–when’s the last time we heard a peep from the news media about that?–and he’s going to get his Obamacare repeal and replace, using means nobody would have thought possible before two weeks ago. We on the left might fume in rage, but Mitch McConnell’s fan base is intact.

      • Brad Nailer

        McConnell’s the best friend since Roy Cohn that Trump has ever had. But I wouldn’t trust him any farther than I could throw him. We call him a turtle, but that’s too cute by far. He’s a fucking rattlesnake.

  • Zagarna_84

    Speaking of protests, can someone explain to me why every single Democratic congressperson is not out on the streets leading mass rallies against this shit? I mean, what exactly are they doing right now? Where have they BEEN for the past three months?

    And more generally… the threat of this legislation should be causing paralyzing general strikes, even with our ostensible leaders hiding in a bunker somewhere. How can people be so apathetic about this?

    Perhaps this is unfair– and it’s certainly a bit hypocritical, since I’m not currently out there waving a sign either– but I just don’t get how people can be staring down the literal threat of death/bankruptcy/both and not figure that they have nothing to lose.

    • Hondo

      Well, speaking for myself, I just had $275,000 worth of back surgery. Going on strike would surely get me fired, losing medical coverage for both of us. Plus, I would lose my pension. For what? A protest that isn’t going to change anything. You think that after what we are seeing, they respond to protests?
      I don’t know what to do, I am depressed and angry and have been that way for a while, but losing my job is not a prudent course of action and won’t accomplish anything.

    • farin

      In addition to the fact that those most negatively affected are also least able to take to the streets, I think this bill is bad enough to be in Big Lie territory. I mean, a bill that deliberately demolishes the private insurance market, takes hundreds of billions of dollars from states and absolutely fails to help anyone get coverage? That’s too awful to possibly be real, right?

    • Steve LaBonne

      Some of them are too busy trying to knife Pelosi in the back.

      • King Goat

        Pelosi is unpopular. Politics is largely based on popularity. Why do you resist this?

        • farin

          Holy shit, they’re going to impeach Trump now? Not even wait for the midterms?

          • King Goat

            If I were a Republican, given Trump’s unpopularity, I’d love to drop him. We’re going to hang Trump on many a candidate.

            The problem is how popular he is with their base.

            Does our base need Pelosi like that?

            • Steve LaBonne

              FOAD, troll.

            • What an unfortunate coincidence that the two senior Democratic leaders who we most need to go away are both women.


              • King Goat

                Hillary and Pelosi’s unfavourables are really low.

                Do you deny this? Of do you just want the Democrats to deny this reality for your ideological reasons?

                • jim, some guy in iowa


                • N__B

                  You remember, Jim: Kevin Costner and Sean Connery chasing after Hillary Clinton in 1930s Chicago…

            • rlc

              Um, that doesn’t make any sense, given the numbers. This person is getting wearisome. Oddly, I agree that trading racial for class preferences for *some* things would be a good idea. What this person doesn’t seem to understand (curious that, no?) is that institutions with membership gated by insiders are often strangely impermeable to class based remedies.

              The idea that “we’re going to hang Trump on many a candidate” is… improbable. If one were an advocate for a class based strategy, it seems reasonable to suppose that one would focus on the actual damage that actual laws passed by actual legislators to hang on the Republican lawmakers in question. SCOTUS included, in the cases coming down. It’s the process competency that is damaging, not the buffoon conveniently providing media distraction.

              • King Goat

                “If one were an advocate for a class based strategy, it seems reasonable to suppose that one would focus on the actual damage that actual laws passed by actual legislators to hang on the Republican lawmakers in question.”

                In politics, the sitting President is often a proxy for that.

                • rlc

                  Sitting at the foot of the Buddha. How does that work with Trump, exactly? You seem to have insights into the interior minds of the swingers that I need to understand.

                • King Goat

                  In mid-term elections, the President is often a proxy for his party (and/or vice versa)

                • rlc

                  Trump the Populist primaried the Republican Party, verbally repudiating many of its cherished dreams (mean healthcare, anyone?). The Deep State attacked Trump and made him beholden to his Party for basic family safety. How can he be to blame?

                  (Yeah I know, I’m having too much fun on a singularly bad day for social justice.)

        • Morse Code for J

          Pelosi is hated by Republicans. She’s very popular with Democrats for largely the same reasons.

          • King Goat

            Who cares? What matters is, does she swing elections that would otherwise favor us?

            • I have seen no evidence to suggest that she does.

              • prognostication

                In fact, I don’t feel like digging it up, but on Wednesday somebody compiled a Twitter post of political scientists expressing skepticism that she does anything of the sort.

          • wjts

            Look, if we don’t do what the Republicans want, the Republicans will never vote for us. Or something.

            • King Goat

              For wjts, everyone is Republicans or Democrats.

              Wait, no, it’s ‘sociopaths’ and ‘not sociopaths.’

              That kind of Manichean worldviews works *so well* politically!

              • If you are suggesting that Pelosi has cost the Democrats a single seat in Congress by repelling “swing voters”, now would be a good time to back that suggestion with some plausible reason for believing that Pelosi has personally had that kind of impact, instead of attacking the world views of your interlocutors.

                Perhaps you will turn to the attack ads associating Ossof with Pelosi. But that’s simply associating the local candidate with the national leadership, in other words, saying…he’s a Democrat, and we don’t like Democrats here.

                So it’s not just about Pelosi. You would have to argue for a different kind of Democratixc leadership altogether – one that Republicans could not smear as being scary liberal Demy-crats. If you have a positive suggestion to make here, now would be a good time.

                Otherwise, all you’re left is is exactly what wjts said: that we can’t be associated with anyone that Republicans can tar as being “Democrats”, because if we do we are doomed!!!!! In which case, we may as well surrender right now. How about it? I’m sure many of us could do with a rest.

                No? Then how about some positive suggestions for a change, instead of always going on about what you think other people are doing wrong? If you think the main problem with Democrats is that they are Democrats and too many people don’t like Democrats, I think you may be in the wrong party.

                • farin

                  If you are suggesting that Pelosi has cost the Democrats a single seat in Congress by repelling “swing voters”, now would be a good time to

                  …just leave and never come back?

        • If there’s an expert on unpopularity, it’s definitely King Goat. Even capybaras can’t stand to be around him.

          • King Goat

            Yes! Unpopularity at a given website dominated by devoted Clinton fans is a sure sign of general unpopularity.

            This is why Clinton is now the POTUS, and her coat tails led to a Dem Senate!

            • But if you were more popular, we’d all be Bernie Bros. But we’re not, because no one likes you, and no one wants to be like you.

              (Interestingly, if Bernie were more popular, maybe he wouldn’t have lost the primaries by 3.5 million votes.)

              • Why can’t these unpopular loser candidates just go away and stop taking all the oxygen out of the room? If their endorsements can’t bring their candidates any wins, why don’t they resign and stop bringing the party down?

              • King Goat


                • jim, some guy in iowa

                  by your own logic your own message would actually go over here- if someone other than you was promoting it

            • Karen24

              Will you ever complaint about a male politician?

            • KG, seriously.

              Firstly, I’m not a devoted Clinton fan. Never was, really.

              Seriously, I only supported Clinton in the election because she was the Democratic candidate.

              Even when I argued against you about Clinton, it was not because I thought she was a great candidate, but because the general thrust of your criticisms was resolutely non-constructive, given that you had no plausible alternative options to present to how things actually unfolded during the Democratic primary, let alone after that, when the alternative to Clinton was Trump.

              Beyond that, there are a multitude of other reasons to dislike your comments besides Clinton worship. For one thing, you have diversified your concern-trolling into such doozies as “The problem with protests is that they upset too many people, not like in the good old days of civil rights when everyone in this great land of ours united behind the uplifting message of Dr. King, aside from a few mean southern sheriffs and segregationist governors—and the guy who murdered him”, “Black people should vote but should not be seen or heard as Black people, lest White people get offended”, and the closely related regurgitation of the old chestnut “Racism would be less of a problem if we just stopped saying it’s a problem”.

              A lot of people here feel pretty strongly about racism, and the fact that you archly dismiss such concerns as mere self-righteousness hardly helps matters.

  • sylvainsylvain

    Yes! Unpopularity at a given website dominated by devoted Clinton fans is a sure sign of general unpopularity.

    This is why Clinton is now the POTUS, and her coat tails led to a Dem Senate!


    Maybe I’m just tired from a long, hot day. Maybe I can’t recognize a generic troll vs a paid Russian one.

    Or maybe you’re serious. Serious that Pelosi is “unpopular”.

    May I ask, if you don’t mind…exactly WHO is Pelosi unpopular with? You? A given website with devoted (someone) fans? Republicans? Or someone else?

    Or maybe the better question is, what EXACTLY is the point you’re trying to make? That the circular firing squad you insist we make is the only way we can beat Republicans? That we need to ignore (or even better, take for granted) women and minorities, so that BernieBros get their precious feefees massaged?

    Isn’t the point to WIN??

    Don’t you get it? All this purity pony bullshit gets you is more Republican (mis)rule. We need women, minorities, BernieBros, WWC, and everyone else. And if you think getting rid of Pelosi on your say so is a winning move, then I’ve got to question if we’re really on the same side.

    And if we’re not both committed to flipping the House and Senate in ’18, then we’re not on the same side.

    Wait, I know what the problem is.

    Yep, you’re a troll.

    Go away.

  • At this point I’m ready to call any member of the disabled community who is still voting for Republicans a quisling.

  • Nick056

    Serious question: what stops SS privatization from passing with similar tactics? I know that SS is not the ACA (although technically the ACA amended a bunch of stuff in the SS Act) but I worry that the dynamic from 2005 no longer obtains.

    • Nick056

      NM: I’m just remembering that privatization probably could not be passed via reconciliation.

      • humanoid.panda

        Social Security was a vastly more popular program than the ACA + Bush didn’t breathe a word about privatizing it during the election.

        • Well, Trump campaigned on not cutting Medicaid, too, and “covering everyone” with “great health care”.

      • Lurking Canadian

        I’m pretty sure the filibuster is dead. There are elements in AHCA that seem to be the kind of thing you can’t pass with reconciliation. They’re going to do it anyway.

  • e.a.foster

    of course the wealthy need tax cuts. they need more wealth. they are the job creators. what have all those sick disabled people ever done? Those sick and disabled people think they are entitled to live, while we the wealthy support these people.

    Getting rid of medical services to the disabled and sick will be a service to the country. Just look at old Mitch there. Some one should ask him why he should live and the young woman in the wheel chair should die.

    This bill will pass, unfortunately, the tax cuts will be tossed around. People will become sicker, there will be a greater drain on the economy, and more people will die. You’d almost think those politicians had purchased stock in funeral homes.

    People who need the ACA are not in the majority and the rest don’t care about them. Welcome to the American way. Its not even about the money. Its an attitude that has been present in the U.S.A since the beginning. Survival of the fittest.

    Until people wise up and start voting and the rest start voting for their own interests instead of those who are vastly more wealthy than they are, things aren’t going to change.

    What is so unfortunate about all of this is children, who can’t work, don’t have the right to vote, will die because of trumpcare. When a nation doesn’t care about its own children, its a nation in true decline, with a few more toys.

  • Chetsky

    Jesus H. Christ, KG, could you restrict yourself to hijacking only -one- thread per post? Shit man, some people actually like to read this blog.

    • I seem to remember repeated threadjacking being deemed a banworthy offence in the past.

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