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No. No NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Just Stop with This. Just Stop.


If you remember, in the run-up to election day we were subjected to what felt like thousands of gauzy, rose-tinted portraits of Trump voters. I thought that once President Snowflake won I wouldn’t have to read any more. I was wrong. Thanks, New York Times!


Jeffrey Medford, a small-business owner in South Carolina, voted reluctantly for Donald Trump. As a conservative, he felt the need to choose the Republican. But some things are making him feel uncomfortable — parts of Mr. Trump’s travel ban, for example, and the recurring theme of his apparent affinity for Russia.

Mr. Medford should be a natural ally for liberals trying to convince the country that Mr. Trump was a bad choice. But it is not working out that way. Every time Mr. Medford dips into the political debate — either with strangers on Facebook or friends in New York and Los Angeles — he comes away feeling battered by contempt and an attitude of moral superiority.

That poor man. He voted for a fascist and some people acted in a way that was completely commensurate–they crudely expressed their displeasure!

“We’re backed into a corner,” said Mr. Medford, 46, whose business teaches people to be filmmakers. “There are at least some things about Trump I find to be defensible. But they are saying: ‘Agree with us 100 percent or you are morally bankrupt. You’re an idiot if you support any part of Trump.’ ”

He added: “I didn’t choose a side. They put me on one.”

Actually, no. You chose a side when you voted for Trump. You very much chose a side.

Liberals may feel energized by a surge in political activism, and a unified stance against a president they see as irresponsible and even dangerous. But that momentum is provoking an equal and opposite reaction on the right.

But their reaction is more righteous…how?

Protests and righteous indignation on social media and in Hollywood may seem to liberals to be about policy and persuasion.

It’s not. I won’t speak for other libs, but I am not out to persuade Trump voters. Leaving aside how condescending the notion is that Trump voters need to be persuaded, they are not persuadable, period. Secondly, it is not my aim to work with these people; it is my aim to work around them.

He came out a few days before the election. On election night, a friend posted on Facebook, “You are a disgusting human being.”

“They were making me want to support him more with how irrational they were being,” Mr. Youngquist said.

This is the exact reasoning 17-year-old Gamergaters are using for becoming Nazis. (And they are!) These people are not gettable.

Yet many seemingly persuadable conservatives say that liberals are burning bridges rather than building them.

And that’s unreasonable because only liberals have the proud strong backs and buttocks it takes to do the hard work of bridge-building!

“I love Meryl Streep, but you know, she robbed me of that wonderful feeling when I go to the movies to be entertained,” she said. “I told my husband, I said, ‘Ed, we have to be a little more flexible, or we’re going to run out of movies!’ ”

As for the country, she is worried.

“Change doesn’t occur until you hit rock bottom, like an alcoholic, on his knees, begging for help,” she said. “I think we still have farther to go.”

No, we don’t, thanks to voters like you YOU FUCKING IDIOT.

[Great job, vacuumslayer. Now she’s never going to vote for the Democrats she was never going to vote for anyway.]

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  • GeorgeBurnsWasRight

    But they are saying: ‘Agree with us 100 percent or you are morally bankrupt. You’re an idiot if you support any part of Trump.’ ”

    He added: “I didn’t choose a side. They put me on one.”

    I’d like to challenge him to express less than 100% agreement with Trump on most conservative websites and see how accepting they are of his views.

    Of course most people have disagreements in some areas with the candidate they voted for. But VOTING IS CHOOSING A SIDE. Pretending you didn’t is just too precious for words.

    • Halloween Jack

      I was left wondering which parts of Trump were supportable, save for boilerplate populist stuff such as “TPP is bad mmkay kids” and the like that he has no real commitment to.

      • My thought exactly. I’d like to sit with this asshole for 5 minutes and find out what it was, exactly, he liked about Trump. I’m sure it was maybe one thing and the rest was SCARY HILLARY!!!

        • eh

          Or as I was told, “Hillary seems like a bitch.”

      • los

        which parts of Trump were supportable
        Trump isn’t an alcoholic (according to the Marketing Stream Media)
        But Trump’s solvents-snorting habit isn’t doing him any good.

        • los

          To the primary topic of Rightwhinge Victimhood…

          Jeffrey Medford is bad because society made him.

          Pull one of our “Good Trumpanzee Who Almost Tried” participation trophies out of the bin, plus two Trump Tower Grill happymeal coupons, for Jeffrey.

  • AlanInSF

    Meryl Streep criticized Trump’s psychopathic imitation of a disabled reporter, and noted that all different sorts of people contribute to America, and because of those words the woman quoted above will refuse to see any movies that Meryl Streep appears in. Yeah, these people are persuadable.

    • royko

      That struck me, too. Streep didn’t criticize Trump supporters, she criticized Trump. And she kept most of her criticism pretty specific to one atrocious thing he did, something conservatives should be willing to condemn.

      It’s not her fault if conservatives’ ability to overlook Trump’s worst behavior makes them look bad.

  • Donna Gratehouse

    Having worked on elections for years and having talked to thousands of voters of all stripes, these types of articles drive me nuts. No, Sabrina, a woman who is a registered Dem despite not having voted for one since 1996 and who hates immigrants is NOT “on the fence”. To use VAN (voter database) sorting terminology, she’s a 5 on a scale of 1-5 for how persuadable a voter is estimated to be. IOW, a waste of time who should not be contacted by the campaign again.

    One Comey letter leads to an Electoral College squeaker despite a popular vote victory by millions and now we have to disregard quantitative data completely while trusting the feels of people who want to coddle bigots. Nope.

    • so-in-so


    • royko


    • BiloSagdiyev

      Also, registered Dem where? In the South there’s a lot of weird traditionalism going on, or at least, inertia. The poles did flip, but it happened slowly in some ways.

  • FlaMark

    Superb post at the GOS:

    hopefully, I’m not breaking any LGM guidelines

    • Origami Isopod

      Nope, no guidelines broken.

      Did you mean to link to a subthread in the comments in which the tiresome kumbaya types are waggling their fingers?

  • Jean-Michel


    “The name calling from the left is crazy,” said Bryce Youngquist, 34, who works in sales for a tech start-up in Mountain View, Calif., a liberal enclave where admitting you voted for Mr. Trump is a little like saying in the 1950s that you were gay. “They are complaining that Trump calls people names, but they turned into some mean people.”


    Mr. Youngquist flew to Washington from California this week and was walking around the capital on Thursday with a friend, taking in the sights and watching as the police put up metal barricades.

    “When he started running, it felt like a joke. I got a T-shirt and hat. I thought, years from now, it will be amazing to have these. He said some very outlandish things, but the root of what he was saying, I could see the point he was trying to make. None of the other guys really spoke to me.


    “We knew what we were getting with Hillary. She’d be an extension of Obama. I voted for Romney. If Romney had had a little more spine, like Trump, he would have been a lot more successful. Now Trump is the leader of this country. He makes people cringe, but I don’t mind that. We need a tough guy up there.”

    It’s almost like these people are completely full of shit and the NYT thinks we’re all idiots.

    • ColBatGuano

      I love that it’s the same reporter on both articles.

      • so-in-so

        “I’ve already got these sources, why should I waste time looking for more?”

  • LeeEsq

    I can’t believe the leopards are eating faces said man who voted for the leopard eating faces party.

    • The original quote had it as “I never thought the leopards would eat my face”, which I think captures the idiocy of shitgibbon supporters better. They knew his policies would be destructive to others; they were just too stupid to realise that the destruction might also affect them. And to a certain extent, a lot of them didn’t care; they mostly voted based on Cleek’s Law. Perhaps we should start warning right-wingers that drinking Drāno is a terrible, terrible thing that no one should under any circumstance try doing. Some of them might try it out of spite.

  • MDrew

    Rarely have I wanted to reproduce a coment just for pure joy that it appeared here as I do the one by Murc I just read from early in the thread. I mean, like, maybe never.

    So I’m just going to go ahead and indulge myself.

    Reproduced for ❤️️ :

    Swing voters are an almost extinct species.

    This is just straight-up not true. A shit-ton of people in very important, must-win states went Bush->Obama->Trump, or Bush->Obama->Nothing. Swing voters do exist. They are persuadable. And they hold the political balance of power. Outreach is not just important, it is essential. “Voted Republican every election since they were old enough to do so” is grounds to not try (although you encounter flips of that sort in remarkable places) but “Voted for Obama, or doesn’t vote often, and then voted for Trump” CANNOT be grounds for “go fuck yourself, you fucking fucker, we don’t want you, LEAVE GET OUT.” That’s stupidly counter-productive.

    • MDrew

      I just also need to ask, what exactly is, “Leaving aside how condescending the notion is that Trump voters need to be persuaded…” supposed to mean, anyway?

      That the notion that Trump voters need to be persuaded is condescending (how condescending?) but the notion that other voters need to be persuaded isn’t? Or that the notion that any voters need to be persuaded is condescending (how condescending?)?

      Hey folks: do you want more people than are currently likely to do so to do something you want them to do in X amount of time? An idea: try persuasion. Choose not to give a shit whether it’s condescending, and just go ahead and try persuasion (if you’re willing to talk to them, that is, I guess).

      But on that point, another thought: perhaps deeming people not worth your efforts to persuade is actually more condescending (or, possibly, merely felt to be so by them) than in fact are efforts to persuade them, or than are the thinking and assumptions behind such efforts. I mean, just to think waaaayyy outside the box for a second.

      Anyway, who knows. I’m just spitballing here.

      • humanoid.panda

        I think there are 3 positions here:
        1. No persuasion is possible because all Trump voters are cool aid drinkers/racists, and our inferiors to boot.
        2. Liberals are forcing people to be Trump fans by being mean.
        3. The vast majority of people who voted Trump will vote for him again – the people cited in the Times story very much included. Still, breaking away marginal voters would guarantee future victory.

  • Ronan
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