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Maher & Yiannopoulos – two garbage scows passing in the night

Here comes the garbage barge, by Jonah Winter
Here comes the garbage barge, by Jonah Winter

Milo Yiannopoulos’ appearance on Real Time went the way one would expect.

Despite a brief flare-up of controversy that preceded it, a conversation between Milo Yiannopoulos, the incendiary right-wing author and lecturer, and Bill Maher, the comedian and host of HBO’s “Real Time,” on that program Friday night was a largely docile, chummy affair. There was little conflict or cross-examination, as both men chided the political left for avoiding or drowning out Mr. Yiannopoulos’s views rather than engaging with them.

People do engage Yiannopoulos. It’s just that being told to shut the fuck up and hop on the 9:15 shuttle to hell isn’t what he wants to hear. Neo-cons want to live in the world where The Enemy are pre-demonized people of color in exotic places like Baltimore, who can be described as rioters whenever they protest in groups larger than one, and cry-baby liberals who whine a bit but don’t really do anything. Thanks in large part to tRump’s win, neo-cons and their fellow travelers being ushered into a world where people are so pissed and frightened they’re kind of scary. Unfair! as their new leader would Tweet.

Bill Maher, hyper-privileged prick that he is, sees this as a moment to yawn Ycantcha take a joke, libs? for probably the 253 zillionth time in his over-long career.

Describing himself as “a virtuous troll,” Mr. Yiannopolous said, “I hurt people for a reason.”

And that reason is he’s a mendacious piece of shit. Maher, who various people keep insisting is a wit who Challenges the B.S. of Bothsides, can’t bestir himself to ask his guest to elaborate on his reasons for hurting people.

He said people “want to police humor” because “they can’t control it.”

“Because the one thing that authoritarians hate is the sound of laughter,” Mr. Yiannopolous said.

Mr. Maher added, “And also, because when people laugh, they know it’s true.”

Which would mean that when people don’t laugh, they know it’s not true. But perhaps I’m overthinking the unoriginal noises coming the Maher2000 ClicheBot.

Speaking to his audience, Mr. Maher said, “Stop taking the bait, liberals,” and asked how they could be afraid of someone he described as “little, British, impish” and a slur for gay people. The two men shook hands, and Mr. Maher moved on to his panel discussion.

I wonder how much HBO pays for Maher to wrestle with poorly constructed straw men?

But in an online-only segment that ran after the HBO broadcast, Mr. Yiannopoulos said that transgender people were “vastly disproportionately involved in sex crime,” drawing jeers, boos and a shout of “liar” from Mr. Maher’s audience.

I wouldn’t be surprised if transgender people are vastly disproportionately the victims of all sorts of violent crimes. But that’s due in part to scamps and imps and whippersnappers like Yiannopolous who spew transphobic sewage all over the place. And of course, because cruds who have been dismissive of transgender rights in the past are happy to give him a platform to do so.

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  • CP

    Fuck Bill Maher.

    • Davis X. Machina

      IOW, the Skip Bayless of politics.

      • charles p pierce

        Jesus, that’s cold.

    • DrDick

      Not even with your chainsaw! Seriously, they are both major douche bros and always have been. Maher is also, I believe, s glibertarian. While occasionally says or does something funny, I have never had any use for him.

      • ΧΤΠΔ

        No he isn’t – sure, he self-identifies as one, but he pretty much uses it to mean “somewhat-conservative-friendly shithead;” his actual politics are far more in line with “assholish social democrat with Lindsey Graham’s views on Islam.” (Remember, Sen. Sanders’ greatest exposure pre-2016 was his frequent sympathetic appearances on Real Time with the SUPERGENIUS).

        • DrDick

          Ah yes, the inevitable “No true Scotsman” nonsense. This makes him no different from virtually every other “libertarian” in the real world. Since I have never watched Real Time, I have no idea what you are talking about, other than totally random Sanders bashing.

          • ΧΤΠΔ

            The fuck is your problem? I actually like Sanders, and was pointing out that Maher’s ideology – at least since the late 2000s – is more closely aligned with the left than the right (although on Islam he’s converged pretty closely with the hard right). I actually was a semi-regular viewer of the show for about nine years, for context.

            And I’ve been consistently critical of Maher on this blog, so I have no idea what you are talking about.

          • ΧΤΠΔ

            ETA: I was actually agreeing with the assessment that his libertarianism was at best nominal, albeit that he was using the labels to different ends from what is usual. “Libertarianism” as used by Republicans signals “Republican, but on drugs and possibly anti-carceral state;” to the extent that Maher identifies as a “libertarian” he uses it to signal “is sympathetic to Republicans on some cultural issues, especially Islam” – his actual views on policy lean much more to the left than to the right, and on economics he’s decidedly interventionist. I can sympathize with why you’ve never watched Real Time (I became an increasingly infrequent viewer of his since 2011, and stopped viewing him completely since last year) but I watched it semi-regularly for about a decade and was offering a factually-based correction to Maher being libertarian – which The Great God Pan has also done below; if you yourself admit you don’t know for sure and have no standing to judge, then shut the fuck up.

            Also, it’s a fact that Senator Sanders being a semi-frequent guest on the show during that time, at least since 2010. Saying that Real Time was his greatest amount of national exposure before his 2016 campaign might be an overstatement, but calling that statement Sanders-bashing is the sort of fucking childishness I would expect from Slothrop.

      • The Great God Pan

        He identified as a libertarian years ago, when he was on ABC. I think he now pretty squarely identifies as liberal. He’s the kind of liberal who supported same-sex marriage but couldn’t pass up the opportunity last night to call a gay man a “fag” on TV without fear of being slapped or verbally rebuked, which I’m half-convinced is the main reason he wanted Milo on the show.

      • The Lorax

        He’s not. He’s pretty liberal economically.

      • Maher has actually offered several spirited defences of socialism at given points, including suggestions of ways to improve its messaging issues. He’s a complete asshat on a large number of social issues, but his economics are pretty far to the left, particularly by American standards.

        • Abbey Bartlet

          So…a brocialist?

    • efgoldman

      Fuck Bill Maher.

      I found him insufferable and cringe-worthy in his stand up days. I don’t pay for HBO, so I’m never tempted to watch. He’s just another asshole who happened to impress the right suits at the right time.
      I think Milo is probably a criminal.

    • Docrailgun

      The man is insane.

    • Thom

      Several years back I had an HBO subscription and used to watch him regularly. Eventually the Islamophobia and anti-Asian racism got to me and I stopped watching.

      • brad

        His… “chummy” sexism, promotion of Ann Coulter, seemingly mainly due to a desire to bed her, and overall self righteous arrogance based solely on enjoying his own voice turned me off well before ABC canned him for his Bush era stopped clock moment.

        The man has nothing worth saying in him.

        • efgoldman

          promotion of Ann Coulter, seemingly mainly due to a desire to bed her


          • brad

            I really do think he’s that kind of scum, yes. His natural element is the Playboy Mansion, I’d bet he thinks about and misses it at least once a week, if not daily.

            • ΧΤΠΔ

              He’s actually been to the Playboy Mansion?

              Also: lol he literally looks like a dickhead

              • brad

                Well, it seems that according to Jenna Jameson, yes. And Bill did not show good behaviors there, either, by her telling.

                • ΧΤΠΔ

                  I saw Louise Mensch on the SUPERGENIUS’ show once, and she is a total asshat. Not doubting Jenna’s account, BTW.

          • No Longer Middle Aged Man

            Maher, Coulter, Kaus and a goat. Throw in Santorum and a box turtle. Film it and put it on every internet porn site as the modern equivalent of potash in the food in boys schools.

            • Origami Isopod

              Throw in Santorum and a box turtle.

              David Cameron and a dead pig wouldn’t hurt, either.

        • vic rattlehead

          I’m, like, 94% sure Maher and Coulter have banged. There’s something about their body language and chemistry when I’ve seen them on the air together.

          Also, fuck Ann Coulter for co-founding the Cornell Review. I believe their motto was “We Do Not Apologize.” Fucking children, thinking they’re edgy tell it like it is iconoclasts. I guess she never grew out of that.

      • The Lorax

        And the misogyny. And the shallow bashing of religious people who aren’t Muslims.

        • ΧΤΠΔ

          And the incomprehensibly awful views on health sciences even for alties.

    • wengler

      Bill Maher’s biggest fault is that he’s a lazy POS that doesn’t sufficiently research the topics on his own damn show.

      • Donna Gratehouse

        Bill Maher’s biggest fault is that he’s a lazy POS that doesn’t sufficiently research the topics on his own damn show.

        His biggest fault is being a bigoted misogynist POS but, yes, this too. A few years ago he lazily spouted the repeatedly debunked myth that lots of people fake disability to get SSDI. And what’s worse was he did it in the context of lecturing liberals to admit “problems on our side” in exchange for the right admitting theirs.

  • keta

    When I see two turds on the road I walk around them.

    The less attention paid those two the better.

  • Scott Lemieux

    I’m sure someone on the internets has already argued that the Principles of Free Speech require that 1)Bill Maher invite Milo on his show, 2)toss softballs at him, and 3)nobody should complain about it.

    • That’s what the First Amendment says, isn’t it?

      • efgoldman

        That’s what the First Amendment says, isn’t it?

        Well, corporations are people, so they have to allow anybody to say anything they want, all the time, right? Just ask Curt Schilling.

      • Tom in BK

        It also says that calling someone a racist when they’ve done racist things is worse than racism itself. It’s an amazing amendment.

        • efgoldman

          It also says that calling someone a racist when they’ve done racist things is worse than racism itself.

          I’d almost respect them more if they’d just plain admit to it, like the old line segregationists.
          Of course, fractionally greater than zero doesn’t have to be very much.

        • vic rattlehead

          You’re only a racist if you literally want to lynch black people. If you’ve just, say, think the The Bell Curve is the greatest book ever even after it’s been thoroughly discredited, or brand yourself a “race realist” well that’s different and how dare you accuse me of racism and also I thought liberals were supposed to be tolerant haha gotcha!

    • Dilan Esper

      I tend to think that if you are going to have Yiannopoulos on a show, you have to ask him tougher questions than Maher did.

      But having said that, it really isn’t a very smart argument to be always relying on the public-private distinction when discussing First Amendment values.

      In general, forums that are run by private parties but which present themselves as serious discussion SHOULD be welcome to divergent views, including sometimes hateful views, and that is very much a part of First Amendment values even though it isn’t legally required by the provision. Edward R. Murrow, for instance, did a ton for the values of the First Amendment when he did his See It Now shows on Joe McCarthy.

      Yiannopoulos should be permitted to speak, and he should not be shouted down. But he should be confronted, and exposed. He lives for being the man deemed by liberals to be too dangerous to hear. Don’t give him that.

      • pillsy

        Bill Maher has never invited me onto his show.

        Help, help! I’m being repressed!

        • Dilan Esper

          As I said, that’s kind of an unsophisticated way of looking at the values of the First Amendment.

          It isn’t that any particular person has to be invited onto shows. It’s that shows of this type (which feature a diversity of views) should, sometimes, welcome people on the show with hateful views, for much the same reason that such views are protected by the First Amendment– because sunlight is the best disinfectant.

          That isn’t REQUIRED by the First Amendment, but it does serve First Amendment values.

          • pillsy

            This implicitly declares that debates over the bounds of legitimate discourse and opinion are, themselves, illegitimate. This seems to be incredibly hard to square with any coherent picture of “First Amendment values”, perhaps because “First Amendment values” doesn’t and cannot refer to anything coherent.

            Appeals to them virtually always involve an insistence on civility norms, and a rejection of the idea that the proper remedy for bad speech is more speech. It always amounts to, “Oh, sure, you can protest against speech you find disagreeable, but not like that,” while cutting the legs out from under any reasonable standard for saying, “Not like that!”

            • Dilan Esper

              This implicitly declares that debates over the bounds of legitimate discourse and opinion are, themselves, illegitimate.

              Well, a certain type is illegitimate.

              One can legitimately set bounds such as “don’t say the n-word if you are white”. Perfectly appropriate.

              But on the other hand, “X’s views should never be discussed on television, even on a program that airs divergent views”, is basically wrong.

              And it has nothing to do with civility norms to me. You can be as confrontational as you want with Mr. Yiannopoulos and others with extreme, wrong views. Again, go back and look at what Murrow did to McCarthy. The non-starter is to refuse to air them, and then hide behind the public-private distinction, as if the fact that the First Amendment only applies to the government is the only applicable principle here.

              • pillsy

                You can discuss their views on television without actually inviting them onto their show.

                And of course, you can also not give their views a fair shake. What makes Milo’s views more worth than the tens of thousands of opinions that are routinely not aired on television?

                • efgoldman

                  What makes Milo’s views more worth than the tens of thousands of opinions that are routinely not aired on television?

                  Because Dilan said so.

      • libarbarian

        Yiannopoulos should be permitted to speak, and he should not be shouted down. But he should be confronted, and exposed. He lives for being the man deemed by liberals to be too dangerous to hear. Don’t give him that.

        I don’t understand why so many people react to him like they do.

        He is not dangerous or a criminal. He is just an asshole. There are lots of assholes in the world. Andrew Dice Clay was a bigger asshole and a bigger entertainer in his day. He didn’t get the reaction that this douchebag gets.

        I don’t get it.

        • vic rattlehead

          I don’t recall Dice Clay (for all his faults) being associated with far right asswipes like Breitbart. Was Dice an editor for a hard right hate outlet?

        • Ronan

          I dont see why people keep giving him the reaction he wants. At this stage most of his ‘career’ is built on the backlash he gets. Get rid of the backlash and he fades into (relative) obscurity.

        • Abbey Bartlet

          He is not dangerous or a criminal.

          He’s doxxed multiple trans people when visiting universities, leading to at least one of them dropping out of school from the ensuing harassment.

        • JMP

          Andrew Dice Clay never asked his followers to inundate people who dared to have opinions he disagrees with with death and rape threats.

        • JL

          Words have consequences. He sicced death/rape threat mobs on women and made their lives miserable. He outed a trans student at a school he was speaking at, and mocked her from the stage, and it was sufficiently bad that she dropped out of school. He encourages right-wing students to “purge illegals” by reporting classmates and neighbors to ICE, shows them how to do it, and doxes undocumented students for targeting. And he’s one of the star writers for the news outlet that was run by one of the president’s top advisors, and this top advisor helped make his career.

          The problem is not simply that he is an asshole.

          • Abbey Bartlet

            But he's so young!

      • vic rattlehead

        it really isn’t a very smart argument to be always relying on the public-private distinction when discussing First Amendment values.

        I tend to agree with this. But I also think it’s not really implicated here (yes I know you are responding to Scott) At least for me. I think it’s perfectly fine to not want a fascist rabble rouser to be given a forum and think that even if you are tough on him, giving him the forum at all is detrimental. I am not going to give you a smug public-private explanation or FREEZE PEACH. Just a pragmatic one that giving a guy like Milo any kind of forum, even a hostile one (or ESPECIALLY a hostile one, if he’s smart enough to know how to play that, which he didn’t appear to be), is counterproductive.

    • wengler

      If it’s any consolation, Larry Wilmore looked both uncomfortable and moments away from punching Milo in the face in the Aftershow.

    • Donna Gratehouse

      Don’t forget 4)support entities that give Milo platforms monetarily because boycotts are a slippery slope to…uh…something.

  • SoRefined

    Cherished college memory: seeing a large crowd of women boo Bill Maher off the stage, circa 2000.

  • Karen24

    This is one more example of the fact that too many liberal men dislike women more than they love a decent society.

  • Crusty

    If you are so inclined, I recommend watching the extra online segment, in particular for the fun of getting to see Larry Wilmer tell him to fuck off a few times.

    • Nobdy

      Wilmore’s show was canceled at precisely the wrong time. We need his voice more than ever now, and I think that he would have seen improved ratings under Trump (just like SNL has.)

      The problem with Wilmore’s show was that he is not a good interviewer and his panels were mostly poop. Even with interesting guests they were boring and shallow. He should have retooled to be more like the Daily Show, with him at a desk, some one on one interviews, and field pieces (some of the scripted work his show did was really good.) It’s a damned shame. He gave some really terrific monologues.

      • Tom in BK

        Yup. If he’d been given another six months to get his bearings he would be absolutely invaluable right now. Get rid of the panels and just give us Wilmore for half-an-hour, and it’s a success.


      • Jean-Michel

        Unfortunately I am 99% positive Comedy Central’s reaction to that idea (great as it is) would’ve been “we’re not having two Daily Shows hosted by black guys.”

      • Crusty

        How about a once a week show like Samantha bee’s show? And it could take the same time slot as her, just on another day of the week.

        • Tom in BK

          Sam Bee is the stuff of life. She’s been amazing.

          The Daily Show was never as good as Colbert, but credit where it’s due: Stewart assembled himself a whole mess of incredibly talented people who’ve gone on to do incredibly wonderful things.

      • nixnutz

        I think part of it is just that that panel format doesn’t work well. I can imagine that when Politically Incorrect was a concept it probably sounded like it would be good, but I never thought it worked. The politicians are too self-serving and pompous and the celebs are usually too ignorant. I can also understand trying again, maybe it would work without that tedious unfunny asshole, and with a more diverse panel… But Wilmore didn’t get particularly great panels IMO (I was bummed that Jean Grae was only on once and just to talk nerd stuff, I also hoped Imani Gandy might get a call, so probably niche opinions) and I think from the first episode with Cory Booker it was apparent that the format still had the same flaws as it did on Maher’s shows.

        • ΧΤΠΔ

          I would pay FOADIAF money for Real Time with Stephen Colbert or Sam Bee.

        • Richard Gadsden

          Panels need to be people who are reasonably knowledgeable and who aren’t purely self-serving. That means journalists and academics are your core members.

          You can live with one celeb, provided your host is capable of working around them on subjects they don’t know anything about.

          • ΧΤΠΔ

            Yeah, the staffing was a bigger problem for Wilmore than the staff.

      • vic rattlehead

        What was really really bad about the panels was how he’d constantly have writers and producers from his show on over and over. Mike Yard is funny, but you reach a point. I especially don’t need to hear Ricky Velez interrupting bona fide experts on interesting topics to pop off a half-assed joke.

        • ForkyMcSpoon

          Ricky Velez was definitely the worst panelist.

          I see why they shifted away from having a lot of people on the panels, because there wasn’t as much time as they have on Real Time… but they went too far in the other direction.

        • JL

          This. And celebrity buddies. I couldn’t figure out why he didn’t staff the panels with people who knew what they were talking about. The non-panel parts of the show were often great, though.

      • The panels were garbage, yes. If Wilmore had been given something with a similar format to Samantha Bee or John Oliver’s shows, I think he could’ve done something special with it. And I definitely agree that his voice is extremely valuable these days.

  • Joe_JP


    Milo Yiannopoulos (/jəˈnɒpᵿləs/;[1] born Milo Hanrahan on 18 October 1984[2]) is a British journalist, author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and senior editor for Breitbart News, a far-right news and opinion website based in the United States

    Oh. Maher btw is 61 and still making money doing this sort of thing. Yes, the guy from Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death.

  • McAllen

    It's so nice that, in these troubled times, fascists and white leftist dudes can unite over their shared hatred of trans women.

    • efgoldman

      fascists and white leftist dudes can unite over their shared hatred of trans women.

      ALL women, at least the mouthy broads, wouldn't you say?

      • Joan Rivers is supposed to be included in that, or did you fortunately not see the segment?

    • GeorgeBurnsWasRight

      In many cases the women don’t have to be trans, they’re equal opportunity haters.

      • McAllen

        To a certain extent, but open transmisogyny is in vogue among certain leftists in a way open misogyny really isn’t.

        • Tom in BK

          TERFs are a thing, after all.

        • I deleted a longer comment because I think all that needs to be said is that it’s very strange that anyone would honestly think “Michelle Obama is obvious a drag queen” is problematic because it’s transphobic or transmisogynist.

          • McAllen

            It’s not merely transmisogyny–there’s regular misogyny and misogynoir too. But you really find it strange that thinking that a woman you don’t like must actually be a man in disguise might be transmisogyny?

        • Origami Isopod
          • McAllen

            Those were exactly the two I was thinking of, in fact.

            • Abbey Bartlet

              I try not to think of them, myself.

    • IS

      I'm sure they love trans men, though.

      • vic rattlehead

        Of course! Women who want to be men - at least they have their heads screwed on straight.

      • JL

        They don’t, but transphobia directed at trans men manifests differently than transmisogyny does (and one of the ways that that’s the case is that trans women are hypervisiblized and heavily scrutinized, while trans men are often ignored).

  • Nobdy

    Engaging Yiannopoulos in conversation isn’t the problem; as you point out the issue is doing so in a respectful and chummy way. I would love to see Yiannopoulos go on Samantha Bee’s show. I think she would tear into him in a way that would be both satisfying and delegitimizing. I think he believes that too which is why he would only show up for a paper tiger like Maher, who can rip into (certain) people when he’s at a desk facing into a camera but has never been a tough interview in person.

    In a way Yiannopoulos is taking Maher’s “Politically Incorrect” truth-teller schtick to its logical extreme. Whereas Maher is willing to be an asshole to both sides, thus providing shock-jock type entertainment to a liberal crowd who can’t handle a true shock-jock, Yiannopoulos has gone all the way and says stuff so offensive that some portion of idiots thinks “He must be telling the truth, why else would he breaking so many taboos.”

    I do think Maher is sometimes genuinely funny and sometimes has a point, though, which is not true of Yiannopoulos.

    Let’s be honest, though. This isn’t new at all for Maher. He was always a comfortable place for Anne Coulter to go taunt liberals and what is Yiannopoulos if not a cruder, dumber, meaner, Coulter?

    • wengler

      It would have been great if Jim Jeffries would’ve been on Maher this week instead of last week. Seeing him cut through Piers Morgan’s bullshit was a delight, and a lot more effective than just getting angry at him.

      Both Milo and Morgan are people that are assholes that are perceptive enough to know how to push buttons and be destructive. They thrive on making people angry and then playing the victim while lighting more fires. It’s good to learn how to just call their bluff instead of being reactive.

      • vic rattlehead

        I’ve seen Jim Jeffries live a couple times – the first time he was great. The second time was his second show of the night – he was fucking blasted. Which I guess made it funny in a different way. He was distracted by this woman passed out in the front row, and eventually kicked her and like 5 of her friends out, which was hilarious.

  • ΧΤΠΔ

    William Maher SUPERGENIUS as Democratic presidential nominee is the absolute minimum at which I’d consider abstaining from the vote.

    • Little Chak

      There are actually a few Republicans I would vote for over Maher… because they are further to the left.

      Once you find yourself cheerleading for a neo-Nazi in his battle against the evil snowflake liberals, I place you squarely in the right-wing fucktard category. Maher’s seething hatred of Islam comes first for him, before every other political belief he has, and it allows him to find common cause with someone as full of hate as Milo. There really is no such thing to me as being “alt-right curious”.

      • ΧΤΠΔ

        I think he’s closer to one of those European herrenvolk-leftists than, say, Right National.

        The sad thing is that he’s somehow less Islamophobic than the other New Atheists – i.e., about as bad as Lindsey Graham. (And of some interest, IIRC I noticed that the shift from general antitheism to straight Islamophobia happened after the South Park “201” incident).

  • ΧΤΠΔ

    What Maher did here is functionally identical to the shtick interviews the New York Observer‘s Ryan Holiday has frequently done with alt-right wingnuts. Holiday nominally professes to oppose the viewpoints of his subjects, but the actual interviews are little more than gloating about how they’re so clever in gaming the LAMESTREAM MEDIA (and unlike even Maher, I haven’t seen anything from him that indicated sincere, fundamental disagreement with their ideology*). HamNo** & Carmon had him dead to rights when they said he could be rebutted with simply: “You’re not clever, you’re just an asshole.” (Holiday himself has a notoriously thin skin, and in response to these criticisms went on a holy war against Gawker Media, which culminated in him calling it literally the worst media outlet ever. That is more or less what he actually said, and when Jake Tapper called him out on it – by pointing out the yellow journalism papers were far worse– Ryan’s only response was “BUT THEY MADE JERBS, DURR.)”

    Also, Holiday wrote one of the most disgustingly misogynistic articles I have ever read in a supposedly respected periodical, so fuck him.

    • vic rattlehead

      It’s perhaps worth noting Holiday got his start working for Tucker Max (and then Dov Charney I think).

      I used to subscribe to his reading list – I found a few interesting books through him, but nothing that great. He basically seems like a dilettante who acts like he’s discovered some huge life hack by READING BOOKS!!! Lots of pretty bland middlebrow books. Nothing wrong with that, but you don’t see me building a brand off it. And he’s written a couple books on stoicism? I don’t get it. Aurelius is pretty easy to read. Epictetus and Seneca aren’t exactly Kant either.

      • ΧΤΠΔ

        He did; I wasn’t surprised that he had some issues with females women, just that the Cosby article was low even for a Tucker Max acolyte. And yes, he’s also amazingly pretentious.

  • Dilan Esper

    The Overtime segment that Maher did for youtube is much more interesting than the show itself. He tries to explain to Yiannopoulos (who is very young, btw, I didn’t realize that until now) that there’s a difference between being a Christopher Hitchens-style curmudgeon and calling out specific people who don’t deserve it for insults. The point flew right over Yiannopoulos’ head.

    • ΧΤΠΔ

      Then that’s how he should have conducted the actual interview.

    • Merkwürdigliebe

      I couldn’t get through the first minute. The “protection of women and children in bathrooms against trans people” shtick is veering on blood libel.

      The fact that Yiannopoulos himself cannot (or professes that he cannot) get through his skull that some people do not have gender identities matching the sex they were assigned at birth is really is somewhere between infuriating and frustrating to me.

      That said, I don’t think Maher should be faulted for inviting him. He just really should have been harder on him in the interview part. I suspect a bit of it was game recognizing game. Their entertainer/provocateur personalities resonate on some level. (I actually enjoy Maher for the most part.)

      • JL

        That said, I don’t think Maher should be faulted for inviting him.

        He either knows or should have known what Yiannopoulos is – a shitstain who doxes trans and undocumented students, encourages his audience to “purge” undocumented people by reporting them, sics mobs of people threatening death and rape on women (after all, his star really rose with Gamergate), sometimes wears an Iron Cross. Someone who already has a large platform, as a star for the news outlet that Bannon ran. There is no reason to give him more platform, to give him more legitimacy, any more than there would be with Richard Spencer. But Maher invited him on because on various issues (trans people, Muslims), Maher at least somewhat agrees with him.

    • He is the same age as Stephen Miller.

    • Abbey Bartlet

      who is very young, btw,


      Next you gonna tell us what a good lacrosse player he is?

    • Ronan

      “The point flew right over Yiannopoulos’ head.”

      Maybe it didnt fly over his head. Maybe he’s not aspiring towards being a ‘Christopher Hitchens-style curmudgeon’?

      “who is very young, btw, I didn’t realize that until now”

      He’s 33,which is not very young, particularly for a media personality (this seems to be roughly the age of his media peers, Yglesias, Klein etc)

      • Abbey Bartlet

        It’s not very young for anyone but a white male.

  • jroth95

    We own that book! The author is a dear friend, and we even have a recording of him reading it to our kids when they were little, complete with NY accents for the relevant characters.

    Jonah has also written kids biographies of, among many others: Obama, Hillary, Sotomayor, Benny Goodman, Sandy Koufax, Jellyroll Morton, and Ali. Plus, he did two books that were intended to be the baseball cards they never got for Negro League and Latino ballplayers.

    He’s also a serious poet, and was in the band Ed’s Redeeming Qualities, which wrote the song “Drivin’ on 9”, later covered by The Breeders.

    What I’m saying is, it’s really exciting to see this image attached to a post about garbage people.

  • fd2

    And today’s smug, disingenuous asshole of the day award goes to –


    If Maher banned Milo, no one would’ve seen @larrywilmore verbally kill him. Free speech works.

    Even if the sight of Wilmore losing his temper was worth Maher spending the whole show chummily normalizing Milo (it wasn’t), this ignores the fact that Wilmore’s smackdown is exclusively online and wasn’t part of the actual television program as aired.

  • Brad Nailer

    Wow, lots of Maher hate here. Too bad. He makes me laugh. And good on him for having Yiannopoulos on his show so I could see what a complete self-absorbed dick he is. Maybe our universities should take that cue and stop banning people liberals don’t like.

    • Lord Jesus Perm

      Wow, lots of Maher hate here

      Being a raging misogynist and anti-Arab bigot will do that.

    • tsam

      There are lots of ways to present forum where opposing views get discussed in some form of good faith. Giving that platform to rotten assholes like Milo and Coulter is about as far away from good faith as it gets. He might make you laugh, but he’s a rich white asshole who thinks racism, homophobia and sexism don’t hurt anybody because they don’t hurt him. He brought Milo on and let him snivel about people not liking his fascist messages. There’s an implicit acceptance of those messages when they go unchallenged.

    • sherm

      Agreed that the maher hate is largely misplaced. I had never actually heard this milo character speak before, and he came off as an empty-headed fraud. Good possibility that he used up 10 of his 15 minutes of fame Friday night.

      • Abbey Bartlet

        This is some naive bullshit.

      • JL

        Milo has been trying to ruin people’s lives, and sometimes succeeding, for years now. If you didn’t know that, okay, everybody can’t know everything, but it’s not some kind of big secret and his fame has unfortunately lasted a lot more than 15 minutes.

        A number of people in this thread don’t seem to understand who Milo actually is and what he does. They think he’s just some inconsequential bigoted asshole. But he hurts people. He wields hate mobs, he doxes trans and undocumented people, he explains to audiences how to target and ruin their immigrant neighbors. He ran a “gays for Trump” party at the RNC that had anti-Muslim extremists Pam Gellar and Geert Wilders headlining. Comments sections on his articles have basically been fascist and white nationalist organizing forums since he started rising to prominence, and he likes it that way, as you might expect from a guy who has posed with Hitler tomes and shown off his Iron Cross. And he’s close to the president’s top advisor (Bannon), having been a start writer for him.

    • veleda_k

      And good on him for having Yiannopoulos on his show so I could see what a complete self-absorbed dick he is

      If you knew of Yiannopoulos’s existence before this and didn’t realize that, then you’re beyond help. If you didn’t know he existed, how are you in any way made better by getting to hear him talk about himself?

      • Brad Nailer

        Let me school you, if I may. I knew there was a person named “Milo Yiannopoulos” who was employed by Brietbart News, and that the word was he is a complete asshole, which is to be expected given his employment. Much more than that I did not know, except for the fact that I know he has been turned down for a speaking engagement at a prestigious U.S. university (Berkeley?). Instead of ragging me for not knowing who this twit was beforehand, you should be patting me on the back for tuning in to find out.

        And I do not understand your comment that, had I not even known of his existence, tuning in wouldn’t have done me any good, well, what the fuck are you saying? That the only way to understand something is to have a priori knowledge of it? That’s impossible and illogical.

        Beyond help? You can teach an old dog new tricks, asshole, which I hope you discover when you get to be my age.

  • lambcannon

    Maher is only as funny as his writers, none of that material is his. I agree with all the comments here in that regard.

    Regarding the Milo-bite, I hate to speak an unpopular opinion here, but seeing Larry Wilmore as the august black man standing up for truth and the American Way was really inappropriate and made no impression. There’s a reason his show got cancelled, the writing was weak and he was better as an occasional correspondent than as a host. If the brothers/sisters liked his show, and WATCHED IT, it would still be on.

    What was needed was a QUEEN to DISH this PATHETIC EXCUSE of a professional homosexual; I believe he is quite simply a plant because no gay man would ever appear in public with such a miserable approach to accessorizing.

    Wasn’t RuPaul (at least) available, for fuck’s sake? Milo-binder is the equivalent of the old-school gay bar tradition of the snippy queen who sits at the end of the bar, and is always already there when you get off work, making tiresome attempts at verbally burning other patrons…Kissing her Kool or Marlboro Light and blowing the smoke out without inhaling. Any of the black queens I have known over the years would have eviscerated this dull little twerp in a heartbeat; that’s what was needed here. Even I could have done better than sadass Wilmore and his jutting lower lip.

    If it were me, I would have jumped over the table and slapped the fuck out of Maher when he compared this talentless little faux-fag to Chris Hitchens, who was if nothing else well-read and didn’t spend time trying to dish people with ‘go fuck yourself.’

    Seriously. I am, however, certain that little Milo will be completely forgotten, very very soon. The afore-described smarty-queens eventually wound up beaten seriously in the alleyway behind the bar, and it wasn’t done by the Christian Right.

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