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Also You Can Punch David Brooks in the Face



The women’s marches were a phenomenal success and an important cultural moment. Most everybody came back uplifted and empowered. Many said they felt hopeful for the first time since Election Day. But these marches can never be an effective opposition to Donald Trump.

In the first place, this movement focuses on the wrong issues.

I don’t have words.

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  • Can we add David Brooks to the “Backpfeifengesicht” list from the previous thread? We can, can’t we?

    • so-in-so

      I’m beginning to think everybody who supports the GOP deserves to be on this list. Including otherwise sweet old grandparents.

      • DrDick

        “Beginning to think”??!?!?!

        What took you so long?

        • Ordinarily, the idea of punching grandparents in the face offends my sensibilities somewhat. If they’re supporting an overt white supremacist and self-admitted serial sex criminal, however, that definitely reduces my ambivalence about the issue.

          • Whatever happened to the good, old-fashioned dope slap?

            • A salient question. I definitely concur with whoever suggested bringing back pies to the face, too. There needs to be a lot more of that.

              • Taylor

                After that fucking idiot threw a pie in Murdoch’s face while he was testifying before House of Commons, I have to disagree. Murdoch was home free after that stupid stunt.

                • There’s a time and a place for a pie in the face, and a testimony in the House of Commons is clearly neither the time or the place. In the right circumstances, I could see it being quite effective, though.

            • Snarki, child of Loki

              “Whatever happened to the good, old-fashioned dope slap?”

              I prefer something more like a “lumber massage”.

              • rhino

                ‘Nothing like a nice piece of hickory’

                –My grandfather, decades before the movie ‘Pale Rider’.

                • Hogan

                  Certainly, in the topsy-turvy world of heavy rock, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is often useful.

          • searcher

            How about just worrying loudly about how unsure you are where you’ll find money for a good nursing home once Trump guts Medicaid?

          • efgoldman

            Ordinarily, the idea of punching grandparents in the face offends my sensibilities somewhat.

            As a grandparent, I appreciate the sentiment. But anybody that voted for Apricot Asshole or any other RWNJ Republiklown isn’t worth wasting a punch. My preferred method of persuasion is a 2×4 upside the head.

            • DrDick

              As another grandparent, I concur.

            • This is a fair point. You might hurt your fist throwing a punch. Not worth the risk.

    • cdevine

      Ha! Backpfeifengesicht was the first thing I said when I read the post. More automatic than Gesundheit these days.

  • Rob in CT

    On the contrary. I find that entirely believable.

    David Brooks is scum.

    • There are a few go-to columns you can link to undermine these assholes to your friend.

      There’s the correction to Thomas Friedman’s column that clarifies that Turkey (the subject of the column) “is to the east of Europe, not the west of Europe as was originally stated.” It’s really the whole Friedman in one correction.

      For Brooks, it’s the “say what you will about the wildly anti-Semitic 19th C. protestant leadership of the U.S., they sure knew how to get things done” column.

      • postmodulator

        There’s the correction to Thomas Friedman’s column that clarifies that Turkey (the subject of the column) “is to the east of Europe, not the west of Europe as was originally stated.”

        In Friedman’s defense, his globe is flat.

        • That’s worse. At least on a globe, Turkey is eventually west of Europe.

        • Also in Friedman’s defence, if you go far enough west from Europe you do eventually end up in Turkey. It’s a pretty roundabout way to get there, though. Literally.

          E: goddomot, too slow. That’s what I get for posting on a mobile.

  • MPAVictoria

    David Brooks is fucking awful. I never got what Obama saw in his work.

    • Warren Terra

      I am rather tired of hearing this complaint. Brooks is a tool, but he’s a tool with a column on the New York Times opinion page and regular appearances on NPR and PBS. His schtick is to be the voice of Moderate Conservatives, an audience that his media appearances gives him strong access to and one that few others in our polarized world purport to represent, or even acknowledge exists. To the extent it does exist, this is an audience Obama very much wanted to court; it’s certainly an audience far closer ideologically and temperamentally to Obama and the median Democrat than it is to today’s radicalized Tea Party controlled Republicans. So, Obama courted Brooks. It would have been odd if he hadn’t.

    • Origami Isopod

      Playing politics. As one does in the White House.

  • Abbey Bartlet

    I can’t wait for the concern trolls.

    • MPAVictoria

      “If you bunch David Brooks you are just as bad as Nazis for some reason I cannot intelligently describe.”

      /There hopefully they will read that and move on.

    • Philip

      Which is ironic since Brooks himself is like an alchemical distillation of concern troll.

      The biggest problem with identity politics is that its categories don’t explain what is going on now. Trump carried a majority of white women. He won the votes of a shocking number of Hispanics.

      The central challenge today is not how to celebrate difference. The central threat is not the patriarchy. The central challenge is to rebind a functioning polity and to modernize a binding American idea.

      I loathed Trump’s inaugural: It offered a zero-sum, ethnically pure, backward-looking brutalistic nationalism. But it was a coherent vision, and he is rallying a true and fervent love of our home.

      If the anti-Trump forces are to have a chance, they have to offer a better nationalism, with diversity cohering around a central mission, building a nation that balances the dynamism of capitalism with biblical morality.

      The march didn’t come close. Hint: The musical “Hamilton” is a lot closer.

      Christ, what an asshole.

      • j_doc

        The biggest problem with identity politics is that its categories don’t explain what is going on now.

        I loathed Trump’s inaugural: It offered a zero-sum, ethnically pure, backward-looking brutalistic nationalism.

        Does he even read his own words?

        • Junipermo

          Nope, he doesn’t. This is one of the most brain-dead, tone-deaf things I’ve ever read in my life.

          What is going on now, David Brooks, is that millions of women, people of color, LGBT folks, Muslims, and others are being threatened by the elevation of Trump and his hatreds to the White House. The fact that millions of people marched to take a stand against these things and for equality, justice, anti-racism, etc., very clearly explains what’s going on now. What you’re bitching about, Brooks, is that your priorities aren’t being given the deference and attention you think they deserve.

          The stupid, it burns.

          • It is also worth mentioning that millions of people voted for Clinton. I expect that the Venn Diagram of those voters and those who marched have a substantial overlap; indeed, everyone I know who marched fits into that overlap. To me what this suggests is that the election failed to account for the will of the majority of the voting population, and that the outcome of the election is purely a result of an 18th Century political compromise which has next to no ongoing purpose today. I’m preaching to the choir here, I know, but we have to keep saying this.

            Also, David Brooks’ head is stuffed with straw

            • bizarroMike

              Also, David Brooks’ head is stuffed with straw


            • Helmets stuffed with straw? All ass.

            • Abbey Bartlet

              an 18th Century political compromise which has next to no ongoing purpose today.

              It has the exact same purpose: giving Southern and/or rural white men power over the women and the coloreds and the Northern and/or city folk.

              It does its job beautifully.

      • Buggy Ding Dong

        And the way to rebind a functioning polity and to modernize a binding American idea clearly is to cut taxes, eliminate abortion, privatize everything, slash entitlements and roll back health care options.

        Hey David, there is a group of people who already do that. They just don’t have to march to be heard and slobbered on by human sharts such as yourself.

      • David,

        building a nation that balances the dynamism of capitalism


        with biblical morality

        Nope again.
        Keep your savage ‘winner takes all’ vision of economics and cram it up your ass with your bronze age superstitions that you’re using instead of ethics and morality.

        • Tehanu

          If the anti-Trump forces are to have a chance, they have to offer a better nationalism, with diversity cohering around a central mission, building a nation that balances the dynamism of capitalism with biblical morality.

          You CAN’T “balance the dynamism of capitalism” with biblical morality, and I’m not talking about the Bronze Age superstitious stuff that got into the Bible. I’m talking about the endless righteous rants of the prophets, including Jesus, about justice and charity and caring for the poor, the hungry and helpless, the widow and orphan, the stranger at your door, the prisoner. Capitalism doesn’t give a damn about any of that unless you force capitalists to do so. That’s what laws and regulations are about, and if I hear any goddam libertarians talking about how immoral laws and regulations are, because they depend on guns and punishment, I will personally exercise my 2nd Amendment rights on them. They’d all applaud that, wouldn’t they?

          BTW Fred Clark at slacktivist is much better on this than I am, so go over there if you want this put eloquently.

          • JMP

            The meaning of “biblical morality” is that all of us atheists, Muslims, Jewish people, Hindus, Buddhist, pagans and other non-Christians must bow down before the Christians and admit that we are inferior and not fully human.

          • ColBatGuano

            By balancing, Brooks meant not doing anything to restrain capitalism.

          • bender

            The Biblical Kingdom of Israel, when it was an independent country, had a rudimentary social safety net: widows and orphans had the right to glean in any field after the harvest, and farmers were forbidden to harvest so thoroughly that nothing was left for the poor to glean. The prophets advocated labor legislation in the form of a requirement that day laborers be paid at the end of the day’s work so they would have the means to buy food for themselves and their families. There was a year of debt cancellation on a regular basis to prevent families from being sold into debt slavery. The Hebrew prophets also called for land reform. They even had a concern for animal rights: “Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth the corn.”

        • Origami Isopod

          cram it up your ass with your bronze age superstitions

          Nobody had a fainting spell at this? Most of our concern trolls must have had to take today off, poor dears, having chafed themselves to the point of blood loss yesterday.

          • rm

            No — as you can see, both religious and non-religious people are equally disgusted and appalled at Brooks’s idiotic barbaric masturbatory sentiment.

        • Jake the antisoshul soshulist

          My feeling exactly. Two things we will have to rid the world of if humans are to survive.

      • eclare

        If the anti-Trump forces are to have a chance, they have to offer a better nationalism, with diversity cohering around a central mission, building a nation that balances the dynamism of capitalism with biblical morality

        In other words, you must actively endorse my preferred philosophies, even though many of you actually reject them outright.

        I’ll say this much for David Brooks: people on both the left and right find him smug, obtuse, and condescending. He’s a uniter!

    • efgoldman

      I can’t wait for the concern trolls.

      I’m concerned, but I lost my lease under the bridge.

  • Can we just turn this into a regular feature like “This Day in Labor History” or “Erik Visits an American Grave?”

    I suggest, “bspencer punches an American face.”

    • MPAVictoria

      I’d read that!

      • Abbey Bartlet

        I’d print that out and tape it to my fridge!

        • postmodulator

          For once, I am in unreserved agreement with you.

        • N__B

          I’d print that out and tape it to my fridge punching bag!


    • so-in-so

      Does bspencer actually have to punch the face, or is intention god enough? Her knuckles might not take the strain, maybe “An American Face BSpencer longs to punch” would be good enough?

      • Surely this is what boxing gloves are for. (It’s one case where I would consider them to be an unreserved good, too; bare-knuckle boxing is far less injurious to its participants over the long run, but since we wouldn’t, presumably, be punching these people repeatedly, it’s less of an issue.)

        • so-in-so

          but since we wouldn’t, presumably, be punching these people repeatedly, it’s less of an issue.

          You need to expand your thinking. Most of these people demand repeated punching!

          • I’m not necessarily opposing this on principle, but bspencer presumably only has so much time in a day for punching people in the face. We may have to pitch in ourselves, and get inventive. Are elbows to the face acceptable? This is what was done to Richard Spencer the other day, after all.

            I do have to say that if David Brooks sustains damage from being punched repeatedly with boxing gloves, I won’t lose much sleep over it. Would it really impact his writing in any noticeable way?

            • tsam

              Clearly you people haven’t seen Moe smack both the other Stooges in one swipe. THAT’S HOW AN EFFICIENT WORKER GETS SHIT DONE, PEOPLE.

              • In a previous thread, someone suggested using one of those cartoon contraptions that repeatedly punches someone in the face. Constructing one of these may be a worthwhile use of our time. Surely it would save time in the long run.

                • David Allan Poe

                  Surely technology has advanced far enough that we can attach a boxing nun to a Roomba and reprogram it to find Nazis to punch?

                • DocAmazing

                  Rube Goldberg, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you…

        • Origami Isopod

          Surely this is what boxing gloves are for.

          Brass knuckles.

          • N__B

            Boxing gloves with horseshoes inside.

            Am I the only one who cares about American tradition?

        • rhino

          Boxing gloves limit damage. Brass knuckles are more what we want here.

          • Hogan

            Boxing gloves limit damage to hands, not to heads.

  • wjts

    the first place, this movement focuses on the wrong issues.

    For once, I think Brooks has a point. I didn’t see a single sign saying, “Start Making the Kind of Socks wjts Likes Again”.

    • MPAVictoria

      I know! And not a single person was advocating forcing Hollywood to finally make the long awaited sequel to Dude Where’s My Car?

      • wjts

        Also why can’t I get Heinz baked beans in Pittsburgh?

        • Scott Lemieux

          I didn’t see a single “Make the Seahwaks Offensive Line Great Again” sign. This kind of neoliberalism will never beat Trump.

          • tsam

            Bring back Walter Jones!!

        • Lost Left Coaster

          Why can’t I get any Tang around here?

          • MyNameIsZweig

            Dammit, just ten minutes too late.

      • postmodulator

        One of my favorite jokes from the old Slashdot days: “Western civilization officially ends when filming begins on No, Seriously, Dude, Where’s My Car?

    • tsam

      “Why is guacamole extra at Chipotle?”

      • so-in-so

        You think that bacteria comes for free?

      • wjts

        I don’t like guacamole, so this is clearly the kind of pointless exercise in identity politics that makes Democrats lose elections.

        • tsam

          No we lose because elitists are condiment punching.

          • Warren Terra

            I’m not sure you’re into the spirit of this. We lose because elitists are punching the wrong condiments.

            The Republicans, meanwhile, are punching tahini with great success, or would be if they knew what it was.

            • Lost Left Coaster

              Flavor sauce!

        • Origami Isopod

          Guacamole is identity politics. However, pico de gallo is an critical plank of the party platform.

          • wjts

            Salsa verde is a critical plank of the party platform. Only BernOuts and/or $hillbots care about pico de gallo.

    • There were A LOT of signs. It might’ve been out there.

    • ColBatGuano

      Remember, to David Brooks, climate change is identity politics.

  • tsam

    More NYT shots fired!

    Spicer affirms that Trump believes the lie of illegal voters

    Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, confirmed on Tuesday that President Trump has long believed that millions of undocumented immigrants voted illegally in the 2016 election, furthering a false claim from the podium of the West Wing briefing room and refusing to rule out an investigation down the road.

    If this is where the Times is going, I’ll follow them there.

  • PotemkinMetropolitanRegion

    These are all important matters, and they tend to be voting issues for many upper-middle-class voters in university towns and coastal cities.

    To be fair, no woman outside of Los Angeles, Ann Arbor, or New York City has ever needed birth control at any point in their lives.

    • lizzie

      Right. Also, no woman outside of those cities attended any of the marches.

    • j_doc

      Also, too, white [women] voting for Trump despite his obvious anti-[woman] rhetoric and policies has nothing at all to do with identity politics.

      Remix and replace [] as needed.

      • Philip

        “motherfuckers?” “shitbags?”

    • bizarroMike

      And except for some coastal enclaves, women’s lives have been free of violence, sexual assault, and even unequal pay. Man, those coastal enclaves suck. I don’t know why so many people live there.

    • JMP

      Also apparently there are no black or brown people who live outside of university towns and coastal cities. No gay people either.

  • Jay B

    If only Brooks had some kind of platform to lay out the issues he finds important! Then maybe he could get people to coalesce around these IMPORTANT ISSUES. But he doesn’t. Such a pity.

    [I know this is wrong, but I want to kick him in the balls]

    • If kicking David Brooks in the balls is wrong, maybe being right is overrated.

      • Philip

        Discourse is right, but kicking David Brooks in the balls is left.

        • In the immortal words of Ron Nasty, left is right and right is wrong.

    • is there a consensus that David Brooks still has his balls?

      • MyNameIsZweig

        He keeps them in a jar, in his locker at the club.

      • And, if not, whose does he have? And why??

  • Hercules Mulligan

    Any Jonathan Chait can write that identity politics will doom the march before it happens.

    It takes a David Brooks to make the same argument after the march.

    • aturner339

      “Largest demonstration in US history too exclusive”

      • petesh

        + between 3,505,608 and 5,105,739 (details here)

        • rm

          But if you discount the millions of fake marchers, it was small.

    • JMP

      Look, if the Democratic Party stopped supporting equal rights for all, the issues that motivate the vast majority of progressive voters and which are broadly popular with the general electorate, then magically poor white bigots would all vote Democratic and we would be sure to win! Even though in reality without “identity politics” the Democratic Party would never win another election again.

      • Look, if the Democratic Party isn't willing to take advice from David Brooks, then what is even their purpose?

        On a serious note, as has been said several times on this blog, all politics is identity politics.

  • solidcitizen

    “All the big things that were once taken for granted are now under assault: globalization, capitalism, adherence to the Constitution, the American-led global order. If you’re not engaging these issues first, you’re not going to be in the main arena of national life.”

    Right, we should have been marching to protect capitalism. Or globalization. Or the American-led global order. Well, to tell the truth, I had made a “NATO NOW!” sign, but ended up shelving it.

    It’s almost like Brooks thinks the things he stands for are the things everyone should be standing for.

    • solidcitizen

      It gets worse, “If the anti-Trump forces are to have a chance, they have to offer a better nationalism, with diversity cohering around a central mission, building a nation that balances the dynamism of capitalism with biblical morality.”

      Christ, what an asshole.

      • Buggy Ding Dong

        In other words, they have to march and organize around David Brooks’ views and prejudices.

        Hack is too nice a word for this Pudzer.

    • bizarroMike

      To be fair, no women’s movement has ever been told to go to the back of the line while the more important issues are sorted out. Nope. Never in all of history and forever.

  • celticdragonchick

    Rod Dreher has been tightening the cilice er scourging himself uh concern trolling everybody that all those wimminz at the marches are libertine hussy sluts and that punching a Nazi makes all liberals Nazis.

    Yeah, he went there.

    • West

      Yeah, I for some reason succumbed to the morbid urge to check out his site this afternoon. Holy effing crap do I ever question my web-surfing decisions sometimes….

      • Origami Isopod

        Reading rotten.com (yes, they’re still around) is healthier than reading Rod Dreher.

    • Junipermo

      It gets worse. Rod Dreher, in one of his replies to a commenter, actually said that Richard Spencer’s call for “peaceful ethnic cleansing” is bad, but not as bad a call for genocide because he’s not calling for the wholesale murder of people. Yes, he actually said that.

      I have to stop hate-reading him. There is something so profoundly wrong there that it defies description.

      • I think he’s been getting worse.

        • humanoid.panda

          one if my sources of solace in these dark times is that the growing panic of folks like Dreher indicates they know their victory was a fluke

          • so-in-so

            We keep waiting for him to “go Benedict”. And waiting…

            • DocAmazing

              What, recline on an English muffin and cover himself with hollandaise sauce?

  • Buggy Ding Dong

    Because David Brooks is THE authority on both protest movements and constructing a winning policy agenda.

    @Jay B: no, it is not wrong. He and people like Chris Cizzilla are a big reason we are in this sad state of affairs. Hacks of the highest order who contribute nothing real to the public discourse and never, ever offer real solutions or ideas.

    They suck and deserve both a punch in the face and a knee to the balls as ridicule and shaming has not worked a whit with these two fucksticks.

    • ΧΤΠΔ

      Same goes for Jack Shafer and Dick Lowry, AKA “Allen and VandeHei’s spiritual successors” (who, not at all incidentally, also deserve to be dickpunched to death).

  • Lizzy L

    Because women don’t know anything about politics and they really, really need the help of a wise man (me) to tell them what to do. That’s all right, girls, you can thank me later.

    I wonder if Brooks has ever encountered the term “mansplaining.” I would guess not.

    I don’t even have the energy to get irritated. I mean, who reads David Brooks?

    • Origami Isopod

      Don’t underestimate how many dumb people there are who think that if it appears in the New York Times, it must be S-M-R-T. There are 1600 or so comments on the piece right now. Granted, from the little I saw, they were mostly telling him what an idiot he is, but he regularly gets hundreds of comments.

    • Hogan

      Fish have probably never encountered the term “water.”

      • petesh

        I shall borrow that line, of course with attribution; original with you?

        • Hogan

          An adaptation from Terry Pratchett’s Small Gods:

          “Slave is an Ephebian word. In Om we have no word for slave,” said Vorbis.

          “So I understand,” said the Tyrant. “I imagine that fish have no word for water.”

          • One of the greatest works of literature ever, and one of the few books I usually read about once a year. Fuck, I miss him.

            • Philip

              +infinity. I was a pretty lonely kid, so I grew up on Discworld in a very real way. Apart from reading Shepherd’s Crown, I haven’t touched any of the books since he died because it still hurts. I’ve read a few (Night Watch, Lords and Ladies, Small Gods, Jingo) 10+ times.

              • Night Watch is one of the best in the series, too, and another one I revisit regularly. The other ones I’ve re-read the most often are Guards! Guards! and Going Postal.

          • petesh

            Doh! OK, time to reread that one

        • Philip

          The dearly-missed Terry Pratchett for this particular formulation, I think.

          EDIT: Yeah, what Hogan said

    • GeorgeBurnsWasRight

      He’s taken it to a new level called “Brooksplaining”.

  • twointimeofwar

    It’s significant that as marching and movements have risen, the actual power of the parties has collapsed.

    Assuming this is true, is it at all possible that this might be a good thing? Breaking down the power of these particular parties (Dems & Repubs in their current iteration) could lead to changes in their platforms to attract some of these useless marchers?

    there was too big a gap between Saturday’s marches and the Democratic and Republican Parties

    Again, this is sort of the point, right? “Hey, fuckers, listen to us” is sort of the point of any march…?

    Well, if marching isn’t going to do it, I guess we will sit back and what for the right (of course, white and male) leader to bestow on us the things we want.

    As regards every whiny ass criticism of Saturday’s march, I have been consistently chanting, “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

    • “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

      It’s certainly a shame that the left seems to need to keep relearning this lesson every sixteen years or so.

      • so-in-so

        Sixteen? Try two – we lose every midterm.

  • DrDick

    Funny how Brooks never finds progressive issues to be right ones.

    • Buggy Ding Dong


  • I wonder if Brooks wants to be punched in the face. Like, he gets all tingly while he’s writing this crap because he’s convinced THIS will be the one that causes someone to give him alt-five right on the chin.

    • West

      I think you’re close. I think he gets off on knowing that people want to punch him, and also wanting them to want to punch him, but also being pretty confident that he’s got himself cloistered into his upscale lifestyle well enough that it’s pretty damn unlikely to happen.

      Note to self: consult with German wife this evening, there must be a word in German for this particular brand of smugness (and cowardice). Backpfeifengesicht comes close but it’s a bit distinct from that.

      • If such a word does not exist, it must be invented. Please report back to us. My German knowledge is no longer anywhere near sufficient to invent one myself, and no other language really seems sufficient for a term of this nature.

        • West

          will do.

        • Philip

          I humbly submit that we already have such a term, and it is “Ted Cruz.”

      • DocAmazing

        I want you to punch me
        I need you to knee me
        I’d love you to slug me
        I’m beggin’ you to slag me

        I’ll shine up my old jackboots
        I’ll put on a new brown shirt
        I’ll crank out eight hundred words
        If you’ll say that you’ll punch me

        • Didn’t I, didn’t I, didn’t I see your fists a-flying?
          Oh, didn’t I, didn’t I, didn’t I see your fists a-flying?
          Beating my face right in until I feel like dying,
          Oh, didn’t I, didn’t I, didn’t I see your fists a-flying?

          • In all seriousness, someone should record this. I wish I had the vocal range to sing Robin Zander’s part without using my rather questionable falsetto, but alas, I can’t help with that. I doubt a piano part would be much help for that arrangement, either.

    • Mellano

      I’m certain this is the case. The only question is whether it’s psychological or financial (because he seems constitutionally unable to write any other way, now, if he ever did in the past).

      It’s the simplest way to come up with his columns: “What could I say about [X] that is so scolding, fallacious, and obvious, while looking superficially like an outreach across partisan lines, that right-thinking people want to jump into their cars, hit the gas, and not stop until they’re outside the D.C. bureau parking lot, where they will wait for me to emerge so they can ball up their fists and sock me in the face?</em."

      McArdle's similar – didn't they both write at the Atlantic? I can't remember, I've boycotted both of them for years.

  • libarbarian

    If you punch David Brooks you are just as bad as Gargamel.

  • Peterr

    I don’t have words.

    Ashley Judd had a few, that she borrowed (with permission) from a young woman in Tennessee:

    I am a nasty woman.

    Not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in Cheeto dust,
    a man whose words are a dis to America,
    Electoral College-sanctioned hate speech contaminating this national anthem . . .

    Yeah I’m nasty
    like the struggle of women still beating equality into the world,
    because our rights have been beaten out of us for too long.
    And our fight will continue to embody our nastiness.
    I’m nasty like red, white, and blue bruises.
    Nasty like Elizabeth, Amelia, Rosa, Eleanor, Condoleezza, Sonia, Malala, Michelle.
    Our mothers, our sisters, us sisters are all nasty like history
    And our pussies
    ain’t for grabbing
    They’re for reminding you that our walls are stronger than America’s ever will be.
    They’re for birthing new generations of
    Nasty women.
    So if you a nasty woman
    say hell yeah.

    I have a hunch you could borrow these yourself.

    • econoclast

      Ashley Judd should punch David Brooks in the face as a way of announcing her candidacy for President in 2020.

  • Docrailgun

    So, instead of racially-based fascism, we should have a Christian capitalist fascism?
    Sign me up!

    “If the anti-Trump forces are to have a chance, they have to offer a better nationalism, with diversity cohering around a central mission, building a nation that balances the dynamism of capitalism with biblical morality.”

    • so-in-so

      The Bible says the rich man must give away all his belonging to get into heaven. I’d go along with that kind of biblical morality; don’t think Brooks is up for it.

      • Jake the antisoshul soshulist

        My feeling exactly. Two things we will have to rid the world of if humans are to survive.

  • Lord Jesus Perm

    Wanting to punch David Brooks in the face is why Trump won.

  • sam

    I’ll repeat something I noted on the twitters (but with more words because you can do that here!). I particularly liked* the part where he cited Lilla’s idiotic column on identity politics and used as a metric of its rightness the fact that it was read a lot:

    Soon after the Trump victory, Prof. Mark Lilla of Columbia wrote a piece on how identity politics was dooming progressive politics. Times readers loved that piece and it vaulted to the top of the most-read charts.

    as I noted in response to this genius**, “most-read” and “liked” are not the same thing. After all, I read Brook’s column and I think he’s a moron.

    **not genius

    • JMP

      That “logic” must mean that Rebeca Black’s ‘Friday’ must be one of the best and most loved songs ever to play on Youtube.

      • To be fair, it is loved by a certain audience, but presumably not for the reasons its creators intended.

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  • jim, some guy in iowa

    what, Brooks aged out of swirlys and wedgies and the like? He’ll be so *proud*

  • Philip

    The brave doomed soul who was tweeting about climate change from the Badlands National Park twitter account got purged.

    • econoclast

      He or she went down swinging. May we all have the same courage when our time comes.

      • Little Chak

        @NASAClimate is still at it…for the time being.

        • sam

          and @goldengateNPS was also taking up the cause last night

    • Origami Isopod

      This Sagan quote is in the replies. Chilling.

    • Brett

      It looks like unofficial resistance accounts have been cropping up to leak information. Thank goodness, and I wish there was more I could do to help them.

      • It sure is a shame there isn’t some website devoted to leaks from U.S. government whistleblowers. It could be set up in the form of a wiki. Wiki…leaks? That could be a good name for a website. Unfortunately, the one website I know of that uses these ideas devotes most of its time to publishing emails from low-level Democratic Party operatives. It is a missed opportunity.

        • Philip

          As is morally necessary every time that site is mentioned (because they hate it) , I will point out: “and it’s not even a wiki!”

  • kped

    It’s good that you have no words Beth, because unfortunately, they would be the wrong words. David Brooks told me so. ;)

    • I guarantee you Brooks would not be a fan of my rhetorical…flair.

  • If any of you are interested, In the Presence of My Idol (my latest) is up.

    • Origami Isopod

      Very nice.

    • N__B

      Who let you into the secret NYT editorial chamber?

  • JMP

    There’s amazing irony and projection in this statement which Brooks approvingly quotes:

    “The fixation on diversity in our schools and in the press has produced a generation of liberals and progressives narcissistically unaware of conditions outside their self-defined groups, and indifferent to the task of reaching out to Americans in every walk of life.”

    Liberals and progressives need to stop caring about diversity, so they can pay attention to conditions outside of their own groups. This is all part of one single self-contradictory thought. It makes no logical sense whatsoever.

    • Forget it, Jake. It’s Brookstown.

    • Jake the antisoshul soshulist

      How can someone get to Brooks’ age and never exhibiting the slightest bit of self-awareness.

    • ColBatGuano

      If you’re not reaching out to the racists then you’re a failure.

      • If you’re not reaching out to the racists that makes you the real racist.

  • 4jkb4ia

    I wasn’t there because I was not going to break my neck to get to the 7:30 hashkama minyan in order to make a 9:00 march which was outside the eruv anyhow. However, the Jewish Light did report that NCJW had an action fair afterwards where the ACLU was present, which I would have been delighted to go to as I have been desperate to volunteer with the ACLU since 2010. They never have anything for me to do. But by the time I knew about it it was all over. So one organization in one city was thinking about mobilizing people on large-scale issues.

    (The Forward reported that some other people would have difficulty getting a hotel in DC where you could walk to the march, but encouraged attendance at local marches for this reason)

    (I am glad the “What do we want? [Science] When do we want it? [After peer review]” sign went viral.)

    I’ll agree that that column was not David Brooks’s finest hour. When he wrote that these issues may move people in university towns and coastal cities that was worth an entire groan because it shows he has learned nothing since 2005 in some ways.

  • 4jkb4ia

    Also the day before I made an actual cake. I am too lazy to link to the recipe but it was the apple-persimmon cake from Fatfree Vegan Kitchen. No sugar at all.

  • BiloSagdiyev

    I just stumbled across/was reminded of this quote by Frederick Douglass.

    If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters.

    Perhaps somebody could carve that on a coconut and gently tap it up Bobo’s rectum.

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