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Today in False Equivalence

[ 108 ] December 8, 2016 |


I am beginning to wonder why I subscribe to the New York Times. In today’s NYT false equivalence operation, colleges are unsafe overly politicized spaces and it truly affects both sides. You see some students feel physically threatened because they are Muslim and have been verbally threatened. And other students have the sads because some say they are racist.

Bias incidents on both sides have been reported. A student walking near campus was threatened with being lit on fire because she wore a hijab. Other students were accused of being racist for supporting Mr. Trump, according to a campuswide message from Mark Schlissel, the university’s president.

Yeah, pretty much the same thing. Why are those liberal students so mean!


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  1. MAJeff says:

    Let us not let the useless UMich President off the hook on this.

  2. veleda_k says:

    “I am beginning to wonder why I subscribe to the New York Times.”


    • howard says:

      i gave my subscription up after the pathetic post-election letter, which was the final straw.

      however, according to news reports about digital subscriptions at the times, i’m the minority, more people are subscribing….

      • monoglot says:

        That’s when I ditched mine, too, after far too many comments on the Public Editor’s page to complain about the use of editorial language in news stories.

        I miss Charles Blow, but the NYT will not be getting my money anymore.

  3. Manju says:

    To be fair, at least its not like the ones being called racist are the same ones threatening to light Muslims on fire…as far as we know.

    • DrDick says:

      And of course we would not want to jump to conclusions, just because someone openly supports and presumably voted for a candidate who ran a blatantly racist and xenophobic campaign, because Robert Byrd!

  4. Domino says:

    I don’t, I can’t even, I mean…

    I have no words. A child would believe that, but a grown adult honestly stated being threatened to be set on fire is equivalent to being called a racist.

    Boy, am I sure glad Liz Spayed went on to Tucker Carlson’s show and said a few NY Times reporter’s tweets critical of Trump were out of line. Really got their priorities right!

  5. BartletForGallifrey says:

    I am beginning to wonder why I subscribe to the New York Times.

    Pro tip.

  6. SatanicPanic says:

    Conservative students who voted for Mr. Trump say that even though their candidate won, their views are not respected. Some are adopting the language of the left, saying they need a “safe space” to express their opinions — a twist resented by left-leaning protesters.

    Is there something preventing her from making one? I get that undereducated conservatives don’t get what safe spaces are, but are there seriously college kids who don’t know what this means? These college Republicans can’t figure out how to sit in a circle in the quad and tell everyone who bugs them to go away? WTF

    • sam says:

      when I was in college, all of the college groups, including the college republicans and college democrats, had office space and could reserve rooms for meetings too. Not really understanding why these students can’t do the same thing.

      or are these special snowflakes saying that they are entitled to the ENTIRE CAMPUS as their “safe space”, where they should be free from ever being confronted by anything that challenges or upsets them?

      Because I’m beginning to think it might be the latter.

      • SatanicPanic says:

        I’m thinking it’s the latter, or I’d volunteer to go handhold these fools and say… look, here’s an empty classroom, go here and talk. It’s safe there.

        • Nobdy says:

          What if some liberal wrote an anti-racist statement on the blackboard, or one of the conservatives is triggered by a thoughtful comment someone made in the same classroom?

          When your worldview requires you to hide from obvious moral truths AND objective reality the only safe space is a totally controlled environment.

      • (((max))) says:

        or are these special snowflakes saying that they are entitled to the ENTIRE CAMPUS as their “safe space”, where they should be free from ever being confronted by anything that challenges or upsets them?

        Yes. Being conservative they have VERY sensitive moral which might start crying if people are just walking around not beating up transgender people. It’s all so very very sad. Emo, even.

        [‘Maybe we should call it Breitbartgazer.’]

    • Roger Ailes says:

      The one between their ears isn’t being used currently.

    • PotemkinMetropolitanRegion says:

      Also love the dig at resentful leftists for wanting safe spaces to discuss real problems, like race, sexual assault, etc.

    • JustRuss says:

      I’m guessing I know the answer, but did they actually name a left-leaning protester who “resented” their desire for a safe space?

    • Hogan says:

      They have one. It’s called Phi Delta Gamma.

    • DrDick says:

      Last I heard there were college Republican organizations on all or most campuses.

    • rea says:

      Naturally, when Conservatives say they want a “safe space,” what they mean is that they want to take control of an area and expel everyone that disagrees with them.

      • DrDick says:

        For all values of “an area”=”the whole world”.

      • Mellano says:

        Or, “Naturally, when Conservatives say they want a ‘safe space,’ what they mean is that they want to take control of an area and pay everyone that disagrees with them a pittance to grin, laugh, provide services, and provide edifying examples of how the free market sorts out the other 99%. But hey, MAGA!”

  7. njorl says:

    Calling out both-sides-do-it-ism is my new fetish. It doesn’t just cost Democrats elections, it creates incentives for Republicans to be even worse than they would be otherwise. There is no political price to pay. Whatever you do, both parties get blamed for it, so what the hell.

    And the ignorant cynicism of the smug know-it-alls who make the complaint is just disgusting.

  8. Steve LaBonne says:

    I get called out around here every time I say that I wouldn’t wipe my ass with the Times. Sorry people, it has become so bad that the Washington Post is a beacon of journalistic excellence by comparison. Read that, the Grauniad, and Talking Points Memo and you’ll be far better informed than if you depend on the Times.

    • Origami Isopod says:

      Most people who still believe the NYT is relevant are probably not paying attention. Anyone here who’d give you grief for saying you wouldn’t wipe your ass with it does not have that excuse.

      • efgoldman says:

        Most people who still believe the NYT is relevant are probably not paying attention.

        People I know who keep their subs do it for the puzzles and the arts sections.

        • Origami Isopod says:

          I can see that. Some people are still really into the whole “Sunday morning on the couch with coffee, brunch, and the NYT” experience.

        • howard says:

          i actually think the paper is better than ever (yes, even with the high-income-pursuing special sections and stuff counted against them), with one glaring exception: i think the national news desk is a disaster.

          and that’s why i’ve had it with the times, but i still respect many of their writers in other sections.

          • efgoldman says:

            i actually think the paper is better than ever

            Don’t you live in NY? Because I can see it for wanting muni, state, and international news.

            • Linnaeus says:

              IIRC, howard is a fellow denizen of the Emerald City.

            • sam says:

              yeah – as an actual new yorker, I still read it for the local reporting, which can be really great.

              I also don’t pay for it, so that helps.

              – I piggyback off of my parents’ paper subscription, since they’re luddites and don’t use both of the digital sign-ins their paper subscription entitles them to – as a bonus, my stepmom’s paper subscription is through the school she works for, so her “educational” discount means she’s paying a pretty significant discount off the normal rate in the first place. Even though we’re doing everything perfectly within the rules, I always feel like we’re getting away with something.

              That being said, I did go out of my way to pay for a subscription to the WPost this year, largely due to reporting by folks like Fahrenthold, and I’ve made a point of writing to them to say so.

        • No Longer Middle Aged Man says:

          The puzzles cost extra. I have a digital subscription, costs ~$7.50 per month. So I get a long email two weeks ago from the publisher:

          Dear Times subscriber,

          As publisher, I’d like to voice my deep appreciation for your subscription, which helps support the mission and vision of The New York Times.

          My great-grandfather, Adolph Ochs, declared that The Times would cover the news without fear or favor. That pledge remains the backbone of our institution: to serve as a watchdog to the powerful and to hold mighty institutions accountable.

          Your loyalty is essential to the original independent journalism and hardearned reporting we champion and create each day. Your print subscription makes you a prized member of the Times community, granting you full access to our digital report, where we tell stories in video, virtual reality, animated graphics and audio.

          We innovate constantly so that your experience of the printed newspaper and our digital report is the very best it can be. We commit ourselves daily to improving the quality, clarity and highly considered design for which The New York Times is known.

          Work of this caliber and breadth can be found nowhere but The Times, and it comes at a considerable cost.

          at which point they finally tell me about the coming price increase for my home delivery subscription, which of course I don’t have. They can’t even make a straightforward statement that “our costs have risen, we’re making a price increase.” Instead it has to come wrapped in some pathetic ostensibly high-minded self-infatuated (“nowhere but The Times”) babble. Some of the journalists there may still be good, but they truly have awful leadership.

      • XTPD says:

        I use it as paper for my monkey’s crap, although I already used old copies for that purpose before the chickenfucking – at this point the only escalation of disrespect would be texting Liz Spayd pictures.

      • Nobdy says:

        The Times still does some good reporting (there was a recent piece on the Phillipines under Duterte that was excellent) and they publish Krugman and Blow (who, though he can be boring, has been a very strong anti-Trump voice.)

        It has always been a mixed bag, but it has institutional usefulness.

        Let’s not forget who published the Trump hasn’t paid tax for 20 years story.

    • Crusty says:

      I wouldn’t wipe my ass with the Times because I think that would be very uncomfortable.

    • Solar System Wolf says:

      I got a little fed up with the Guardian after its umpteenth, “Let’s try to understand the Trump supporter!” article during the election.

  9. Mike in DC says:

    Tim Wise has a good piece up at rawstory about the genocidal implications of “white nationalism” and the lengths its leaders go to avoid addressing that directly.

    • medrawt says:

      Reading the piece right now, encountered the most incredible clickbait link I’ve ever seen on the right hand column:

      “Progressives Attack Jennifer Lawrence for Scratching Her Butt on So…”

  10. Roger Ailes says:

    I am wondering why I blow past the paywall.

  11. rm says:

    “. . . even though their candidate won . . .”

    It’s almost as if facts and expertise are valued more than who won the election at these institutions.

  12. Shakezula says:

    I can’t wait until the NYT picks up on the white supremacist “Whites are the real people of color” nonsense I saw on Twitter a while ago.

  13. BartletForGallifrey says:

    Interesting. When I read that this morning the title was “Political Divide On Campuses Hardens After Trump’s Victory”; now it’s “On Campus, Trump Fans Say They Need ‘Safe Spaces.'”

    Someone at the Times getting a little snippy?

  14. Dateline 1933 Berlin: Bias incidents on both sides have been reported. A student walking near campus was threatened with being lit on fire because she was Jewish. Other students were accused of being anti semites for supporting Mr Hitler.

  15. Pyramid Scheme says:

    As a Michigan grad, I can say with 100% certainty that UM conservatives are the worst of the worst. Smug dandies that fashion themselves as William F. Buckley Jr. types, fighting the good fight against the evil forces of political correctness. The Michigan Review was a particularly odious rag in this regard. They seem to exist solely to “challenge our perceptions” or whatever bullshit they tell themselves.

  16. Baron Von McArgleBargle says:

    Liberals: The NY Times is terrible. It focused too much on the Hillary emails. It helped Dubya sell the Iraq War.

    NY Times: Money please.

    Liberals: Here you go.


    All that money is going to pay for David Brooks, Dungcap, people who write this article, etc.


  17. efgoldman says:

    wrong place

  18. Thom says:

    Meanwhile, the parade of horrible appointments is truly amazing. Are these normal Republican appointments that we should expect in 2016, or is there a Trump factor? You know, climate change denier for EPA, person against justice for Justice, etc.

  19. smott999 says:

    I bailed on The Slime in 2004 after the run-up to Iraq.
    I recall yelling at someone over the phone and telling them I didn’t need any more cat litter box liners lol.

    Anyway, never regretted it or looked back, and after this campaign, cannot understand how anybody could defend them.

    Baquet and Spayd will be studied in future generations, when Free Press is remembered as a quaint notion.

  20. Nobdy says:

    Conservatives can not or WILL not understand the difference between being judged for who you are (Muslim, which is both a religious identity and often tied to one of several ethnic identities) and being judged for what you have done. The idea just doesn’t register with them. I guess it ties into the Jack Chick theology that anyone who isn’t Christian is just willfully deciding to ignore the gospel of Christ or something.

    Regardless, there is also the fact that conservatives harassing liberals often brandish guns, physically intimidate or assault, and use nasty degrading names, while liberals who provide pushback against conservatives almost always just accurately hold them account for their actions (You voted for a racist, that makes you a racist.)

    • libarbarian says:

      conservatives harassing liberals often brandish guns,

      You know, we can buy them too. Facing a tide of hostility but many of us have disarmed themselves and rely on the government to protect them from nazis….only now the government is recruiting the nazis into the police…..

  21. Dr. Waffle says:

    Meanwhile, Zaid Jilani wants everyone to know who the real victims of racism are:

    • BartletForGallifrey says:

      He’s so fucking obnoxious and superficial.

      Spot the “why this is a stupid fucking tweet” (besides the use of “neoliberal”).

      • Dr. Waffle says:

        I’m guessing it’s the “obsession with skin-level identity” bit. He’s . . . not bright.

        • BartletForGallifrey says:

          Well, that too, but I was specifically thinking about the fact that even if “neoliberals” did have an “obsession with skin-level identity,” the reason they “ignore” the [“plight of the” is implied here] Palestinians has nothing to do with them being Palestinian specifically. They ignore the Palestinians because they’re not American.

          They ignore the plight of lots of people. They ignore the plight of people who have it way way worse than the Palestinians. Because those people aren’t their constituents. My congresswoman ignores how awful things are for women in Texas. This is not because she’s sexist. It’s because they’re not her constituents, and it’s not her job.

          Like…this is politics 101, dude.

  22. ASV says:

    What’s so incredible about this is, even if you accept the idea that “racist” is as bad an epithet for white people as real racial epithets are for non-whites, being threatened with immolation is worse than being called an epithet.

  23. Bruce Vail says:

    Seriously? You’re going to whine about an innocuous NYT story like this?

    Leave the useless complaining about the NYT to Scott, he specializes in it.

    • XTPD says:

      How, exactly, is it “innocuous” for a major media outlet to say being called a racist and being threatened with immolation due to your religion>

      • Bruce Vail says:

        Ummm, I think you need to take a deep breath, read the entire article, and have a cup of tea.

        The article is merely a level-headed report on the reactions to the election on several different campuses. It’s not an endorsement of racism nor, as Erik rather excitedly expects, a terrible example of the dreaded NYT false equivalence.

        • ColBatGuano says:

          Ummm, I think you need to take a deep breath, read the entire article, and have a cup of tea.

          Nice concern trolling there. They asked a simple question about the quoted statement. Please explain how it is “level-headed”.

      • strategery says:

        The article doesn’t describe them as equivalent. It just refers to both examples as ‘bias incidents.’ One is weak tea, but if the reader needs the NYT to point that out, the problem here isn’t with the NYT.

    • JMP says:

      Seriously? You’re going to whine about an innocuous story about vacuous false equivalence in the New York Times like this?

      Leave the useless complaining about the contributors here having different opinions from yours to Dilan, he specializes in it.

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