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Government by Uday and Qusay Trump



Cathy McMorris Rodgers was originally tapped to run Trump’s Interior Department. But then Uday and Qusay intervened because they bonded with Ryan Zinke over hunting stories.

Donald Trump Jr. helped vet and interview candidates for the interior secretary position, a source familiar with the process confirmed, and Eric Trump was present for at least one meeting for secretary of state between his father and Mitt Romney.

CNN reported last week that Trump Jr. was heavily involved in the opening at Interior, in large part due to his hunting passion. He has played a heavy role in picking that nominee, which is Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke, transition sources confirm.

The pick was expected to be a western state politician given Trump Jr.’s background. He is part of a conservationist hunting club called the Boone and Crockett Club, based in Montana, which Zinke represents. Trump Jr. and the transition have also gotten input from Montana Republican Sen. Steve Daines, who has been hunting with Trump Jr. and his son. A transition source said the Trump children’s natural inclination toward conservation was weighed heavily in the search, balanced against other traditional Republican priorities of small government and less federal control of public lands.

The real difference between Rodgers and Zinke in terms of running Interior is probably not much. They are both right-wing westerners. And given Zinke probably would have run against Jon Tester for the Senate in 2018, for Democrats this might be better. But it shows two things. First, that the two most important factors in being close to Trump are being white and having a penis. Second, this is pure government by cronyism in a way we have not seen since the Harding administration.

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  • Boots Day

    As an aside, this is kind of ludicrous:

    The pick was expected to be a western state politician given Trump Jr.’s background.

    The Secretary of the Interior has been exclusively a western state politician for decades. But I guess we can’t expect CNN to know that.

    • The last Interior Secretary not from the West was in the Nixon administration

      • tsam

        Who was the fella who wore the cowboy hat out in public?

        • Most of them, probably.

          • tsam

            It’s Salazar–I found him. That guy’s face always cracked me up for some reason. He looked like a potato with John Wayne’s movie prop hat on.

            • Ronan

              he certainly does

            • efgoldman

              He looked like a potato with John Wayne’s movie prop hat on.

              Hey! Spuds have a useful place. You can fry them and eat them with ketchup.

              • tsam

                Idaho is famous for them. However, it should be noted that Washington outproduces Idaho in potatoes. SUCK IT, IDAHO.

                Ketchup is pretty fancy for this area, though. Lately we put Sriracha on everything, now that Chipotle has become passe.

              • Colin Day

                And you can wash them down with vodka!

  • AMK

    I look forward to Trump Jr. stocking the West with Cape Buffaloes after he’s done shooting all the American ones.

    • XTPD

      Obligatory link.

    • trollhattan

      Won’t somebody rid us of these pesky cape buffalo? Oh, hey, thanks! Now, about these giraffes….


  • Nixonlandia

    Ah, yes. Conservation is obviously the reason behind choosing someone with a lifetime 3% approval rating from the League of Conservation Voters.

    • rea

      a conservationist hunting club called the Boone and Crockett Club

      They hunt conservationists, don’t they?

      • dl


    • Warren Terra

      I’ll bet he regrets whatever aberration kept him from getting a perfect score of 0%.

      • Nixonlandia

        He’s made a big deal out of opposing the transfer of public land back to the states, but that’s just to better facilitate his plans for massive fossil fuel extraction in national parks and forests.

  • charluckles

    I know many people don’t care for it, but I have some great times hunting, and I really enjoy a lot of wild game. I don’t understand this kind of rich man’s trophy hunting at all. It’s taken the challenge, and the connection to nature, and the idea of stocking your own freezer, and a lot of the camaraderie and stripped it out of hunting. All that seems left is that you find joy in killing things, and elitism.

    • J Alfred Press

      You answered your own question quite eloquently, I think.

    • tsam

      It’s satisfying a kill boner. There’s no other explanation for it. It’s always had an element of tough-guy, manly man bullshit to it. Living in the aforementioned McMorris-Rodgers’ district (WA-05/Spokane area), most of hunting here has become strictly that sort of thing. It’s paired up with gun humpers of all stripes and turned into a nauseating spectacle of camouflage in public (also camo underneath hunter orange WTF), and jacked up trucks with trucknuts and other assorted redneckity shenanigans.

      • Caepan

        OT: “Redneckity Shenanigans” sounds like it could have been a lost Jerry Reed album.

        But as a reluctant resident (born ‘n’ raised too, also) of Pennsyltucky, I always get a laugh out of the Great White Hunters that parade around in their flame orange camo. Jeez, do you guys really believe that the deer are as stupid as your fellow hunters out in the woods?

        • When you’re hot, you’re hot.

        • so-in-so

          Isn’t it based on the theory that the animals don’t see color, so only the pattern matters to them (and the orange tries to keep you from getting Cheneyed – shot by your fellow hunter).

          But, yeah, I think trophy hunters and all hunters who do dump shit like going to a “hunting lodge” where they pot deer from the hot tub should be invited into a live staging of “Most Dangerous Game”. I expect they’d do less well than the protagonist of that story.

          • tsam

            You’re supposed to wear “hunter orange” to avoid getting shot (though one or three gets shot every year in this area), and the camo orange is just a fashion thing. Deer can see, hear and smell you long before your clothing makes any kind of impact on the situation.

          • Warren Terra

            If that were the theory (and it sounds suspect to me), why would “hunter orange” vests be so monochrome? I could see a “camo pattern” of different shades and intensities of bright orange that would be highly noticeable to anyone perceiving color (and interpreting it as “hunter!”) but would effectively resemble camouflage to an observer that didn’t see color (or didn’t remark on its importance).

            In fact, even if a significant number of people adhered to that theory, true or false, you’d expect to see vests of variegated bright-orange camo patterns …

        • osceola

          Lost Jerry Reed album? I was thinking that title sounds more Ray Stevens.

  • tsam

    That’s OK. My district already has the distinction of electing Cathy McMorris-Rodgers. I’d prefer to not have the added distinction of having a Trump cabinet secretary. NO THANK YOU

    • Yeah, but I figure that district would find someone even worse if she was gone.

      • tsam

        Well–yeah, probably.

      • Linnaeus

        Whereas here in WA-07 (aka Sodom on Puget Sound) we elected an Indian-American woman Democrat over a gay male Latino Democrat who accused each other during the campaign of not being progressive enough.

        • tsam

          I thank my lucky stars every day for all you liberal weenies over there.

          • Linnaeus

            You’re very welcome. We do our best, although things get weird here, too.

            • tsam
              • Linnaeus

                No, probably not…

                • tsam

                  Shea is also one of those Redoubt movement creeps–there is a growing movement to make eastern WA into the 51st state. Fucking morons.

                • Richard Gadsden

                  Tell them they can fuck off, they’re not getting two more Senators. They can join Idaho, if they’re that bothered.

  • cpinva

    “Second, this is pure government by cronyism in a way we have not seen since the Harding administration.”

    on some other thread I said the Trump administration will make the Harding & Grant administrations, combined, pale by comparison, as far as corruption goes. I stand by that.

    never got into hunting. I grew up in areas where a lot of people did, especially deer. you could tell it was deer season, because half the businesses were closed. the other half closed during trout season.

    • XTPD

      Harding & Grant is thinking too small.

      A Trump administration, at the very least, will be a combination of Khorloogiin Choibalsan, Ferdinand Marcos & Saparmurat Niyazov.

      Most likely, a combo between Botha, Mobutu & Berlusconi.

      Worst-case scenario: Slobodan Milošević, Suharto, & Francisco Macías Nguema.

  • Grocer

    Is this guy in favor of public lands or not? Is there still a chance of staving off the sell off?

    • Not really, he’s pretty terrible.

    • LeeEsq

      A Trump crony seems more likely to rent out public lands at high prices and have the money mystically and magically disappear somewhere.

    • tsam

      These western Republicans are the original Sagebrush Rebels. They HATE HATE HATE HATE the idea of public lands and restricting usage to recreational, or that you can’t building a fucking condominium right on the banks of the Columbia River. Seriously, they never shut the fuck up about DC bureaucrats telling them they can’t tear the land to pieces with their fucking ATVs and snowmobiles or start fires wherever they want, or pollute the water they fish in, or plow under the forests they hunt. They love to fish for salmon, and scream bloody murder about the quotas the game departments put on them so that a few will be left to reproduce next year.

      They are horrible, disgusting people. The lot of them.

      • RW Force

        But keep the federal funding for roads, firefighting, and below-cost timber sales coming. And, thanks to the “Secure Rural Schools” money, we can keep our property taxes a fraction of what the urban counties have to pay.

        • tsam

          Oh yeah–and make the incorporated parts of counties pay for brand new fire stations in the middle of nowhere for the 20 or so houses out in the sticks. Also pave roads to two or three houses–all on the county dime…Yeah, they’ve had all their freedom stoled by those big city liberals, for sure.

          They’re rugged individualists, see?

  • LeeEsq

    That picture screams Afrikaner.

  • royko

    When we used to watch them on Celebrity Apprentice, my wife and I would refer to Don Jr as “Fredo” and Eric as “Semifredo”.

    My terror of these two having any input into who runs our executive agencies would be remarkable if it weren’t dwarfed by the terror that their moronic father is going to be in charge of it all.

    • tsam


      HAHA! Nice

  • Morbo

    Mutassim and Hannibal (along with Ayesha) would have probably worked better; leaves room for little Khamis.

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