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If you think Brock Osweiler is having a better season than Russell Wilson, then ESPN’s QBR numbers provide just the analysis you need!

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  • Jordan

    I don’t understand, the link shows Wilson at 21 and Osweiler at 24 in total qbr.

    • Jordan

      Ohhh, nm. Last week/this week.

  • Rob Patterson

    It ranks the Bills’ Tyrod Taylor 7th, which is ridiculous.

    • efgoldman

      It ranks the Bills’ Tyrod Taylor 7th, which is ridiculous.

      It’s that Sexy Rexy magick!

  • Scott Lemieux

    I haven’t always found these critiques persuasive — sometimes they involve complaints about low ratings given to good QBs having off years who don’t rank well in those years in any system, for example. But the Osweiler things seems dispositively damning. He’s obviously been terrible. His raw stats are terrible. The NFL rating and DVOA rate him as terrible. It’s hard to argue that a good system would produce this result, and I’m sure that ESPN won’t let the only person on its staff who could explain it (Barnwell) write about it.

    • ColBatGuano

      Fitzgerald, Gabbert and Winston are all ranked higher than Wilson as well. Hilarious.

  • Joe_JP

    Congrats to Canada. Maybe, the Blue Jays will win another round and we will have a real “World” Series … well, international.

  • Ahenobarbus

    Wikipedia provides the classic Rogers vs Tebow comparison.

    Further controversy erupted when the Total QBR system gave the Denver Broncos’ Tim Tebow a higher rating than the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers in their respective Week 5 contests in 2011. Noting that Rodgers completed 26 of 39 passes for 396 yards and two touchdowns in a win over the Atlanta Falcons, while Tebow completed four of 10 passes for 79 yards and a touchdown, and six rushes for 38 yards and a touchdown

  • Avattoir

    I think Erik misses the point entirely. Osweiler’s $72m contract is because he’s a “Winner”, and a “Celebrity”. Not like those losers on the Vikings:

    1. Adam Thielen, local dude, undrafted, signed by the Vikes out of a promotional exercise called a “rookie try-out camp”; cut; re-signed for the Vikes’ practice squad, then re-signed for re-assignment to the suicide squad, then re-signed from year to year to reflect assignment to various special teams & as a back up receiver.
    Yesterday: 7 catches, 127 yards, scored opening touchdown.
    Currently playing under a single season contract at, & also capped at, $600, or ~3% of Osweiler.

    2. Matt Asiata, undrafted, signed by the Vikings as a free agent for their practice squad; cut; played briefly in the USFL on game-to-game contracts; sat out the next year from all football; then re-signed by the Vikes to play on special teams & as a third-string back-up running back. Yesterday: 17 “touches” (runs or catches), 101 catches, scored Minnesota’s second touchdown.
    Currently playing under a single season contract at $760k, plus bonuses capped out at another %80k, total $840k, or under 5% of Osweiler.

    3. Marc Sherels, undrafted, signed by Vikes as a free-agent, waived, re-resigned for their practice squad; from 2011, variously signed as reserve, special teams, & third string excess defensive back; curently in 6th year as punt & kick-off return, special teams coverage, back-up nickel formation defensive back.
    Yesterday: 79 yard punt return touchdown, Minnesota’s third touchdown of the first half, Sherel’s second PRTD of 2016 and 5th PRTD of his career.
    Currently playing under year 1 of a 2-year $4m contract with $1.5m guaranteed, capped at $2m for 2016, or 11% of Otweiler at most.

    Total: 3 TDs at $3.44m/yr (max), or 19% Otweiler, whose Houstons scored 5 pts less than the total of these 3 Vikings losers.

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