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Houston edition.

“We came out here to protest against the NAACP and their failure in speaking out against the atrocities that organizations like Black Lives Matter and other pro-black organizations have caused the attack and killing of white police officers, the burning down of cities and things of that nature,” White Lives Matter member Ken Reed said. “If they’re going to be a civil rights organization and defend their people, they also need to hold their people accountable.”

This – or any other place in the article – would have been a fine place for the reporters to note that White Lives Matter is a white supremacy group and drop a quote from the NAACP. I guess they were so taken with Mr. Reed’s earnest demeanor they forgot Journalism 101. Besides which, residents did agree with the protestors, see?

Though area residents agreed with the message of equality that, at times, was shouted from the bull horn, some were taken aback by the Confederate flags and the presence of firearms.

This is excellence in reporting. Per the video, “area residents” is Quintina Richardson, the one resident they interviewed. To say she agreed is to twist fact until it shows stress fractures, but doesn’t break. However, she is also the person who was taken aback by the loser flags and guns.

At any rate, even when one doesn’t have the cooperation of the free press, few things say white supremacy like being able to stomp around while waving weapons and demand that black people act as though the lies one has made up about them are true. If the NAACP tells Mr. Reed to shove his White Lives Matter banner where the sun shineth not (or ignores him), it’s proof they’re in on the plot and grounds for more threatening behavior that is likely to escalate to acts of violence.

If by chance the NAACP makes any sort of placatory gesture, Reed and his gang can strut and preen a bit before they decide that’s not good enough and come back with more demands, threats and violence. Either way, what a rush!

And don’t forget the thrill that will be running up and down the legs of people who have regularly blamed Black Lives Matter for violence, and claimed the group is racist, but for one reason or another won’t be seen in public with WLM and the Aryan Resistance Society. Watching one’s all-volunteer and completely deniable cabal of thugs do the dirty work must be one of the finer things in the life of the influential white supremacist.

Pretending that violence and threats are self-defense because black people are the biggest threat to white people ever (as proven by this carefully curated collection of myths, urban legends and other lies) is another common example of supremacy.

The protest drew much attention as people took photos of the group which held assault rifles and “White Lives Matter” signs on the Third Ward block.

“We’re not out here to instigate or start any problems,” Reed said. “Obviously we’re exercising our Second Amendment rights but that’s because we have to defend ourselves. Their organizations and their people are shooting people based on the color of their skin. We’re not. We definitely will defend ourselves, but we’re not out here to start any problems.”

Does this waste of carbon really think Deray McKesson’s army of hired assassins are stalking him? Who cares? The message in these cases isn’t I, Joe Whiteman, am afraid of you, Joe Blackman. The message is Attention mud people: I’ll kill anyone of you who does anything threatening. And by the way, I’ve decided that anything you do is threatening.



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  • DrDick

    They know, just know, that white people are facing extinction and marginalization which, unless drastic actions are taken immediately, will happen any minute now. We can only wish it were true in their case.

    • Just heard a Trump supporter interviewed on NPR (channel for very gullible liberal people) explaining that the economy feels “flat” to him. No pushback of course, from the interviewer because why let facts get in the way of the white guy’s narrative.

      • When the last administration hit 5 percent unemployment they were talking about the “Bush Boom” and saying “See! Tax cuts work!”

        • ChrisS

          To be fair, liberals and democrats were countering by saying that the unemployment rate was inaccurate and miscounting the true number of under employed people.

          The arguments weren’t identical, but certainly similar.

          I’d counter both that unemployment is important ultimately irrelevant as wealth inequity continues to increase.

          • BiloSagdiyev

            To be fair, liberals and democrats were countering by saying that the unemployment rate was inaccurate and miscounting the true number of under employed people.

            Yes, but we were doing it in a detailed, fact-based nuance-bargling kind of way, not running around, waving our arms and screaming “42% UNEMPLOYMENT! OBAMCARE!”
            There’s a big difference.

      • N__B

        White guys like their economies augmented. Why do you think they’re so obsessed with Silicon Valley?

        • Cassiodorus

          They’re also the people who eat at Hooters and thinks the waitresses like them.

          • tsam

            Do you mean to tell me that strippers and Hooters servers fake liking me?

            • Keaaukane

              You, maybe. But they definitely like me for real.

            • BiloSagdiyev

              It depends on how much you’re tipping, perhaps.

              • advocatethis

                You’re supposed to tip?

                I guess that explains a lot.

      • MPAVictoria

        Well to be fair working peoples wages HAVE been flat for the last 40 years or so. And voting for Trump will probably change that.

        By sending everyone’s wages crashing down.

        • so-in-so

          As long as THOSE people’s wages crash faster, it’s all good (for some of these morons).

          • Pat

            This is a big part of it, I think. Imagine that you’re a white, straight, cis male in the 1970’s. Your group is ~40% of the population. Every worthwhile job would consider you as a candidate – maybe you’d have to get some education for it, but that was cheap and easy to get into.

            With all your heart, you believed that your access to success was due to your hard work and pluck.

            But today, the worthwhile jobs are harder to find, and the whole population can compete for them – women, minorities, openly gay dudes. So your sons are having to work their asses off, and there’s no obvious way onto the success ladder. Millennials have no margin for error: youthful mistakes are so much harder to recover from now.

            But to understand this, to really address it, you’d have to face the reality that you had unfair access to the ladder of success. It’s easier to hate than to face that. So these guys become Trumpers.

  • I knew the minute I saw the news about this that the media narrative would be to blame the NAACP and BLM, and to mostly avoid explaining anything about all the Nazi imagery on display.

    • Didn’t they just blame a black guy who got stabbed by a white guy (on behalf of police, supposedly) because BLM and Dallas made the white guy’s actions somehow make perfect sense? After the other recent incident in which the Florida cannibal white guy gnaws off someone’s face, while he’s wearing a trump cap, and still doesn’t get shot by police you really have to give up on anything making any sense except through a lens of white exceptionalism.

      • Cassiodorus

        Did they also take him to Burger King? That’s the one I’ll never get over.

        • rea

          I don’t know why. If you hold someone prisoner, you have to feed them (also, sometimes treating prisoners nicely gets them to talk). “Treat everyone equally badly” is not a solution to racism.

          • Pat

            Agreed, but how often do they ask the black guys they arrest if they’re hungry?

            • If you’re black and they just arrest you that means they positively love you.

          • (((Hogan)))

            The choices aren’t Burger King and starvation. Bologna sandwiches are pretty standard jail issue.

            • LosGatosCA

              Ketchup, too?

              • ExpatChad


  • Cassiodorus

    I wonder why they transitioned from “All lives matter” to “white lives matter.” Was it getting bored of the act of caring about others, or knowing they’re racist shits and not wanting their “respectable” brethren to get painted with the same brush?

    • Because they’ve transitioned from “mentioning race is divisive” to “we’re the real victims.”

    • elm

      The All Lives Matter people still exist and are different from the White Lives Matter people. The former run the gamut from blinkered, naive, ignorant folk who really don’t believe police are persecuting African Americans through racists who are a little ashamed of their racism and so hide it behind an inclusive slogan, to proud racists who think ALM is better messaging than WLM. The latter are avowed white supremacists and Neo-Nazis.

      In practice, this difference may not amount to much often enough, but I’d guess there are plenty of people who respond to Black Lives Matter with a self-satisfied, “No, all lives matter” who would do the same to the WLM people.

      • Incontinentia Buttocks

        Musn’t forget Blue Lives Matter when discussing dog-whistle-y XLM slogans.

        • so-in-so

          Not a reference to “Avatar” then?

          • Quaino

            Airbender Lives Matter.

          • The Yellow Submarine cartoon.

          • Jordan

            The semi-popular performance/music group, I think.

        • postmodulator

          Musn’t forget Blue Lives Matter

          Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna
          Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare

          • efgoldman

            Hare Krishna

            I thought the blue folks were Druids.

            • postmodulator

              If someone wants to try for a Smurf joke it’s still wide open.

        • DW

          The dangers of colloidal silver poisoning are vastly underreported in the media.

      • NeonTrotsky

        I’m not sure I’d give people going on about ALM the benefit of the doubt here.Colorblindness has a long history of being used for what are clearly racist ends.

        • Murc

          It also has a long history of being an explicit goal of anti-racists. The history of colorblindness as a political and social goal is rather complex.

        • Considering how often people explain that ALM is offensive/problematic/dumb, I’m certain I wouldn’t. It’s another version of “Why don’t we have a White History month?”

          • so-in-so

            Yes, I suspect the key difference between most “All Lives Matter” claimants and “White Lives Matter” the the former don’t want the racist stain and the latter don’t care or LIKE being called a racist (shows they aren’t “race traitors” or something).

            • ALM (and blueLM) as a fig leaf for racism makes sense.

          • elm

            I’m certain most ALM people are racists, but there are different degrees of racism. Not all racists are Klan members or support what the Klan advocates. Not all anti-Semites are Nazis. This in no way excuses the bigots, of course. I’m merely making the case that WLM hasn’t supplanted ALM. They exist side-by-side mostly made up of different flavors of racists.

          • JR in WV

            Why don’t we have a White History Month?

            I always thought it was because we have 12 of them…. all year long is white history month… Right?

            And I’m a white bread country boy (who likes big cities to visit, NYC, DC, Chicago, NOLA, San Fran… most of them so far).

      • Solar System Wolf

        I see an All Lives Matter sign when I travel down our local highway. It’s sponsored by the county GOP.

        • Burl, Charles, James M.—sure, why not? All Ives matter!

          • N__B

            All Ivies matter, except maybe Brown U…bringing the conversation full circle.

            • (((Hogan)))

              Dartmouth. Fuck those guys.

              • N__B

                Without them, we wouldn’t have Animal House.

        • I think I saw an All Lives Matter sticker on a pickup that also had: Boston Strong on a flag background, a flag on the antenna, Patriots, Celtics, a US flag, a UK flag, and a Canadian flag. I didn’t really understand the combination.

          I had to read the first sentence of the quote at least three times before I was sure I wasn’t just misunderstanding it.

          • so-in-so

            I’d have to say that was a really “white” pickup; regardless of the paint color.

          • Jordan

            Boston, everyone!

            • efgoldman

              Boston, everyone!

              Hey, there are assholes everywhere.

              • postmodulator

                He knows that, he’s just commenting on the clustering effect.


  • Bender

    I’d like to counter-protest those meatbags open-carrying a nuclear weapon and a “NO LIVES MATTER” sign.

    • i8kraft

      Or a nice bright orange END ROAD WORK.

    • rea

      There is already a t-shirt

      • Philip

        That shirt feels really douchy, which is unfortunate because it’s a great shirt

  • Amadan

    I always felt that the best counter to that sort of pompous protosimian posturing was to place a few loudspeakers somewhere adjacent and treat the neighborhood to The Teddy Bears’ Picnic for the duration.
    I once suggested this to a Belfast politician (for use when the Orange Heroes march their Traditional Route through a housing estate that’s younger than most of the marchers) but he just laughed. It would really suit the Illinois Nazis though

    • Or like the guy with the tuba following the Klan in South Carolina…

      • Pat

        Labor of love, that guy with the tuba.

        • Amadan

          Wouldn’t a Sad Trombone be more appropriate?

          • Karen24

            If you want the maximum annoyance then you should use bagpipes.

            • NonyNony

              I dunno – if your target is specifically white supremacists, I think a comical version of “Ride of the Valkyries” on a tuba might just beat that out.

              • leftwingfox

                That’s at 0:28 in the video.

                Although I kind of want to hear Ride of the Valkyries on bagpipe now…

                • Snarki, child of Loki

                  As Twain said about Wagner: “It’s better than it sounds”

                • DAS

                  I thought you could find anything on YouTube, but I cannot find a version of Ride of the Valkyries played on bagpipe.

            • Joseph Slater

              Hey, I like bagpipes and may or may not have played them earlier in my life.

            • efgoldman

              If you want the maximum annoyance then you should use bagpipes.

              I believe that’s an indictable offense.

          • Incontinentia Buttocks

            I nominate a saxophone playing Yakkety Sax.

            • Amadan

              On bagpipes? With a tuba obligato?

              Der Kreig ist verloren… Tun Sie, was Sie wollen.

              • Karen24

                We want to annoy them, not torture them.

            • Howlin Wolfe

              Bring out das Boots!

            • Bruce B.

              It turns out that plugging Yakety Sax plus a movie title will get you something for many, many titles. Like Yakety Sax and Ben Hur.

              • Origami Isopod

                And if you can’t find a particular clip already set to Yakety Sax, you can set it to Yakety Sax with the Benny Hillifier.

      • ArchTeryx

        That guy was awesome. That’s exactly the sort of thing that the University of Virginia Pep Band used to do to these sorts of lowlifes when they appeared on campus: Send in the Sousaphones.

        He even made sure his Ride of the Valkyries was off-key and s-l-o-w tempo to maximize the ridiculousness.

        Someone buy that guy a beer, stat!

        ETA: The only thing missing was for the guy to have “I suck, this blows” written on the inside of the sousaphone like the Pep Band used to.

    • CP

      I’ve been to a couple of WBC protests that had a ton of counter-protesters, and what actually happened was that the counter-protesters had SO many more people that the whole thing just turned into a sort of picnic event with all the counterprotesters hanging out with each other and chilling, and also one little cordoned off area with a half-dozen Baptists that people look at like animals in a zoo exhibit as they go by.

  • JL

    Dammit, the second attempt at my comment only had two links! That shouldn’t have gotten it flagged as spam! I was trying to tell a relevant story, with links, about an ABC affiliate in CA running a now-edited story about a group that was tying blue ribbons around things in support of police, and the group organizer that they quoted turned out to be an avowed neo-Nazi skinhead who was one of the people responsible for the stabbings in Sacramento a few months ago (stabbings which for some strange reason were called “self defense” by police – there used to be a video of this “self defense”, which I can no longer find).

  • BiloSagdiyev

    There’s always room for Jello!

    Also relevant: Goons of Hazard

    Local papers paint us up to be big heroes
    City fathers & Chamber of Commerce want us deputized
    The stoner gestapo keepin’ your town clean
    Get a shave, kid
    We’ll pay you as a strike-breaker
    Maybe you’ll make Tac Squad for the L.A.P.D.

  • Mike in DC

    The one public service provided by the Trump campaign is putting the lie to the conservative canard that “racism is dead.”
    Um, nope, doesn’t look like it, chief.

    • Right? And a Trump loss will be interpreted as such by the Very Serious Pundits.

    • John F

      Don’t know about the conservative canard in general, but no small number of conservative writer have actually taken note that contrary to what they previously believed, rightwing antisemitism still exists in this country…

      • Don’t know about the conservative canard in general

        Mallard Fillmore?

        • so-in-so

          The evidence for the supposition that conservative really don’t have a sense of humor.

        • Anna in PDX

          Le canard enchainé dans le camp de FEMA

        • ExpatChad

          Puget Sound Geocanard?

  • Owlbear1

    I guess it would be a lot less self-aggrandizing to march around a police station protesting the number of white guys regularly killed by police?

  • edwoof

    “We came out here to protest against the NAACP and their failure in speaking out against the atrocities that organizations like Black Lives Matter and other pro-black organizations have caused the attack and killing of white police officers, the burning down of cities and things of that nature,” group member Ken Reed, donning a ‘Donald Trump 16’ cap, told the Houston Chronicle. “If they’re going to be a civil rights organization and defend their people, they also need to hold their people accountable.”

    The above is from the Yahoo/Houston Chronicle I read which emphasized that the leader of the White Supremacist group had a Trump ’16 hat. This should always be noted everywhere, when discussing this “event.”

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