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Republican Sext

Can’t take credit for this amazing image; one of my awesome tweeps showed it to me.

You up?

 for disenfranchising voters


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  • heckblazer

    That issue of Batman had a lot of boners in it.

    • wjts

      Thank you, Mr. Mayor. Let’s hope we’ve the last of things [sic] like boners – and Jokers!

      Why is middle-aged, tenured, sweaty-palmed, cantankerous dad jean model/neckbeard Batman so obsessed with someone who is, after all, just a humble graduate student nobody with a humble WordPress blog?

      • ChrisTS

        I love you, forever.

  • efgoldman

    IANAL, but I’d guess that’s not admissible in a suit.

    • tsam

      I feel that I look pretty sharp in one, though.

      • efgoldman

        I look pretty sharp in one, though.

        Aw, Tsnidely! The tstring tie makes the tsuit.

  • Pseudonym

    For the love of all that is good do not use TurboTax this year?

    • Why not (he asks desparately)?

      • efgoldman

        Why not (he asks desparately)?

        Why indeed. My refund’s been in the bank for weeks.

    • brettvk

      Too late.

    • ChrisTS

      Can anyone tell me if Jane Sanders said she does or does not use Turbo Tax. And whether, either way, that explains why she can’t find their older [full] returns?

      Our apartment building in NYC burned … not down, but badly, and we just paid IRS some money for all our previous returns.

      • N__B

        Our apartment building in NYC burned

        Academic lightning?

  • It appears the link I copied was to some mobile version of the site, so it kept linking to the wrong thing. I’ve fixed it now.

It is main inner container footer text