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But seriously folks…


Looks like Ruborg’s finally getting the hang of this humor thing.

I, like you probably, hoped and believed that our fellow Americans would see his cons for what they are, that slogans, celebrity, and tough-talking insults are not enough.

But here’s the truth: Americans are scared and angry. And in far too many cases, Donald Trump has been preying on their fears and their insecurities, successfully.


How bad is it?

In just the last few days, Trump has refused to condemn white supremacism and the Ku Klux Klan, praised dictators Saddam Hussein and Moammar Qaddafi, and proposed infringing upon the First Amendment of our Constitution. That’s all after he made fun of disabled people, said China was too soft on dissidents, demeaned women, and insulted war heroes.

Trump doesn’t take many clear policy positions, but when he does, they’re just as scary.

Trump proudly champions Planned Parenthood. He refuses to stand by Israel against the forces of terror. And Trump thinks the individual mandate — the foundation of the massive government expansion called Obamacare — is actually a good thing.

Ha ha ha ha! A Tea Party candidate crying foul on someone for running a con and preying on the anger and fears of angry, fearful whites. That’s almost as funny as a Teahddi fave chiding Trump for paling around with racist goons. But claiming the fact that Trump
won’t say that Planned Parenthood is double Hitler is a negative – what a knee slapper!

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