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Abstinence only sexual education works great.

A small Texas high school has notified parents that it was dealing with a chlamydia outbreak.

Officials from the Crane Independent School District confirmed to KWES that the state health department was sending a letter to Crane High School parents informing that at least 20 cases had been reported. The school has an enrollment of about 300 students.

While chlamydia can be cured, it can cause permanent damage to the reproductive system if left untreated.

According to the Crane Independent School District Student Handbook for 2014-2015, the district “does not offer a curriculum in human sexuality.” In 2012, the district’s School Health Advisory Committee had recommended Scott & White’s “Worth the Wait” Abstinence Plus curriculum if a sexual education policy was adopted.

In fact, Texas state law requires any sex-ed course to devote more attention to abstinence than any other behavior. And students must be taught that abstinence until marriage is the best way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

No doubt all those young sluts are to blame, infecting those good clean boys just looking to blow off some steam.

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  • Pat

    You’ve got to compare this to the comprehensive sexual education that is now in place in California (see link). California’s teen pregnancy rate has gone down dramatically while Texas girls have babies.

    Of course, I think this is a feature, not a bug, to Republicans. High school kids from working families are less supervised, and thanks to religious influences on government, far more likely to get pregnant in Texas than in California. Keeps them from competing with middle class kids.

    • liberal

      Yeah, but causality isn’t so clear. I can easily imagine that both the availability of sex ed and a relatively high teen pregnancy rate are both effects, the cause being “living in a right-wing shithole.”

    • MAJeff

      Philip Cohen had an interesting post on declining birthrates among teens.


      His basic argument: it’s not sex education so much as a general trend among all women delaying childbirth that’s been driving down rates.

      Of course, adequate education helps delay pregnancy/childbirth….

      • weirdnoise

        Well, either (1) kids aren’t fucking as much or (2) kids have somehow learned how to fuck while avoiding pregnancy. I don’t think there is much evidence for (1), which leaves us only to argue over just how they are achieving (2). If in-school education has no effect, then I’d have to assume that education is occurring in some other context. The internet? Television? Lipstick parties?

        Cohen’s article seems more focused on the delayed marriage question than sex ed, and I don’t see much strength in his claims concerning the latter. See the comments for some better suggestions on sources, such as Guttmacher.

        • LeeEsq

          I found it really easy not to fuck as a teenager.

          • Pat


  • Bitter Scribe

    Abstinence-only sex ed is working exactly as intended in this instance. STDs, along with pregnancy, are viewed as deterrents, and any efforts to alleviate or prevent them are seen as enabling illicit sex.

    • Captain_Subtext

      It’s as if they want these girls to get pregnant to continue the abortion “debate.” What’s clear is that the Abstinence only education fails consistently. They would be better off handing out condoms, but that would reveal that they are against any form of contraception and that wouldn’t play well with the general public.

      As I read the above, I realize that it’s not “as if” they want the girls to get pregnant. They do.

      • Lee Rudolph

        Fuck them all; God will impregnate his own.

        • DAS

          Clearly abstinence only education is working. All those extra pregnancies? Virgin births! Also virgin chlamydia cases …

          • Hayden Arse

            Virgin chlamydia… would that be the sound of one hand clapping?

            • MAJeff

              Wouldn’t that be virgin gonorrhea?

    • Origami Isopod

      At the first house hearing on the measure, Rep. Kathleen Conti (R-Littleton) asked, “Are we communicating anything in that message [of providing contraception] that says ‘you don’t have to worry, you’re covered’? Does that allow a lot of young ladies to go out there and look for love in all the wrong places, as the old song goes?”

      Young men, naturally, are never mentioned.

      • Hogan

        Hey, she mentioned “all the wrong places.”

        • Origami Isopod

          Supposedly women who have sex exclusively with women have the lowest rates of STIs, but somehow I don’t think Rep. Conti would approve of that solution.

          • postmodulator

            The rather bitter rejoinder we used to make in the 90s, when people claimed that AIDS was God’s wrath, was “Making lesbians God’s chosen people?”

    • tsam

      Not exactly, they intend for it to stop sexual behavior. It never has an never will, but that doesn’t stop right wing freakazoids from trying it again and again.

      We all want our teens to be abstinent. But a big percentage of them aren’t. Responsible parents try to guard against pregnancy and STDs with condoms and other types of birth control–along with life coaching that doesn’t involve trying to scare the shit out of them or threatening abandonment.

      • rea

        We all want our teens to be abstinent.

        I want my teens to be careful. Abstinence I don’t particularly care about.

        • tsam

          I want mine to avoid pregnancy and STDs. Abstinence cuts the hit rate of those to zero. But all three of them are on birth control. So yeah, I want them to be careful–the more careful the better. That’s just the dad of daughters talking.

          • ema

            Abstinence cuts the hit rate of those to zero.

            Not really. The typical-use efficacy of abstinence is unknown.

          • Warren Terra

            Abstinence cuts the incidence to zero.

            Abstinence advocacy demonstrably doesn’t. The data show that, at best, it might not do any harm. It certainly doesn’t reduce incidence of pregnancy or of STDs.

            And it’s not as if conventional sex-ed doesn’t encourage the kids to take their time and exercise maximal judgment before becoming intimate …

            • tsam

              I said I’d rather my daughters DIDN’T have sex (outside of a committed and monogamous relationship) to help avoid STDs and cut the chances of pregnancy (since I believe ground rules about birth control are more easily laid down in a committed relationship).
              One is gay, so the worry is cut in half, the other two are on birth control without any interference or lecturing from me.

              Advocacy for abstinence from me came in the following form:
              1) Remember, masturbation is abstinence and there isn’t a single thing wrong with it.
              2) You make your own decisions–just be smart about them. Sex can be a great thing, but it can lead to some big problems, ones that last a lifetime, so if YOU DECIDE you want to have sex, use birth control. Double up–pill and condom.
              3) don’t you EVER let anyone dictate the terms of sex to you. You own your body and are in 100% control of it. If a guy says he doesn’t want to use a condom, then tell him to go fuck himself.
              4) Don’t be afraid to talk to me about whatever you want–no judgement, no lectures, no bullshit.

        • DrDick

          Exactly. Teach them to respect themselves and others, tell them to take their time and not rush things, and always use rubbers and/or other birth control (I know from personal experience that rubbers can fail).

      • matt w

        I think they intend to punish girls and women who have sex; if it keeps other girls and women from having sex that’s just a bonus.

        When I was at Texas Tech a (male) student wrote an op-ed complaining about abortion and contraception and saying something along the lines of “we can’t let women have a reset button for their uterus.” That seemed like saying the quiet part loud.

        • tsam

          Yes, the poor dears cannot be trusted with their own uterus’ (uteri? WHATEVER). We must take control of them and ALL THE UTERI WILL BE OURS! FOREVER! MUAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

          Seriously, pretty sure that line of thought goes through their obsessive little brains.

          • efgoldman


            If they want all the goddamned uteri, let them have surgery!
            (It’s elective.)

          • U TERI.

            Me Chad.

            • tsam

              Me Hungry
              U Gimmebagel

        • Pat

          I believe that women and girls who feel punished for having sex are far more likely to become right-wing crazy religious types when they get older.

  • Hogan

    Once Obama orders martial law in Texas, it’ll all be cool.

    • postmodulator

      Once again, if only Obama really were the ruthless dictator they seem him as…

    • rea

      maybe he should just do to Texas what he did to Charleston.

      • Hogan

        It’s about fucking time someone did that to Charleston.

        (Just kidding, Charleston! My sister’s a big fan.)

      • tsam

        Whoa. The comments. I don’t even….wow.

        I’ll be rocking in the fetal position if you need me.

        • Hogan

          Reading the comments is like staring at the sun. It’s too risky! Just get a sense of it and look away!

          • Malaclypse

            as an american, i don’t need any paper to see something isn’t right here. there was a rumor that if you fold your money the right way, you could see the twin towers burning down. coincedence? maybe. fold the new $100 bill the same way tho, you get a nuke going into a dam and a city being destroyed by a wave of water, hmmmm…fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. open your eyes, pay attention to what’s going on around you, stop trusting everything you read and see, use your brain and question things, figure out why things are the way they are and open your mind because the world you think you live in is only an illusion to hide the monster of reality. by the way, i’m 20 years old, if a 20 year old “knuckle dragger” can see that, why can’t you?

            • wjts

              If that commenter is an American, why is there a picture of the Norwegian flag next to his user name? Just how deep does the conspiracy go?

              • efgoldman

                Just how deep does the conspiracy go?

                All the way to the edge of the flat earth, Katie.

                • Malaclypse

                  Don’t be silly. The Earth is hollow, not flat.

                • wjts

                  What kind of newsrag will report on the Hollow Earth but not on the Deros who live within it? A newsrag in the pocket of Big Deros, that’s what kind of newsrag.

                • jim, some guy in iowa

                  the earth could be both hollow *and* flat, yes?

              • Malaclypse

                I’d assume it is a Anders Behring Breivik reference.

                • wjts

                  Except all the commenters’ names have little flag images next to them, and on the two pages I looked at all but three (Norway, Philippines, Canada) are the American flag.

            • Hogan

              I thought that might appeal to a Robert Anton Wilson fan like you. Kick out the JAMS!

            • tsam

              stop trusting everything you read and see, use your brain and question things,

              That’s good advice from someone who just mentioned that folding money a certain way is meaningful outside of being a cool trick to show your friends.

      • matt w

        …God help me, I saw the headline in the URL and thought it was an Onionesque.

      • allium

        I thought I saw something on the news about it back in 1983.

    • wjts

      The wily Nobama has been illegally smuggling federal forces into the Republic of Texas for nearly 75 years.

  • DrDick

    Of course, this is completely in line with all the research on the impacts of abstinence only curricula: higher rates of sex, teen birth, and STDs.

  • witlesschum

    A chlamydia outbreak is regrettable, of course, but it is far less serious than an outbreak of the idea that it’s not that big a deal who you have sex with, especially if you’re female. We’re talking about a contagion that can lead to dire consequences, versus just a sexually transmitted disease.

    (Yes, this is meant to be satirical. Yes, I feel this disclaimer is necessary.)

  • Mike G

    The Texas state motto:
    Ignorance is Bliss

    • efgoldman

      Texas: Ignorance is Bliss

      Texas: Bliss is Army base.

  • Malaclypse

    God willing, we will prevail, in peace and freedom from fear, and in true health, through the purity and essence of our natural… fluids. God bless you all.

    • Gwen

      “SO SAY WE ALL.”

      Seriously, how long until this gets blamed on gay marriage?

      Because the last thing that will happen will be to acknowledge the facts about sex ed.

      CLAP LOUDER! (literally and figuratively!)

    • Keaaukane

      Strength through Purity.
      Purity through Faith.

      • efgoldman

        Strength through Purity.
        Purity through Faith.

        Faith through idiocy.

        • Keaaukane

          Not necessary, but it helps.

      • Turangalila

        Actually it’s Peace on Earth through Purity of Essence. You’ll never recall the bombers your way…

        • Keaaukane

          No, I was doing “V for Vendetta”, not “Strangelove” but I guess quote fail.

          • Keaaukane

            England prevails!

  • ShorterComplete conservative sex education philosophy:
    “Sex is for making babies & it makes your body ugly afterward & let’s not talk about it, O.K.?”

    • MAJeff

      I always read their basic message as, “Sex is dirty; save it for someone you love.”

  • Origami Isopod

    From the original article:

    “I mean I have a kid, honestly I don’t want my kid growing up in an area where nasty stuff like that happens,” Edward Martinez said.

    Where even to begin with a comment like this.

    • tsam

      With a response comment: “Let’s go burn down the observatory so this (a meteor nearly wiping out Springfield) never happens again!”

      • Nubby

        Abstinence-only astronomy classes are the next step.

        • Latverian Diplomat

          Astronomy leads to astrology leads to witchcraft.

          Math leads to numerology leads to witchcraft.

          Chemistry leads to alchemy leads to witchcraft.

          Abstain from knowledge to save your soul.

        • Pat

          Astronomy majors are always too busy at night to have sex.

  • Nobdy

    It is truly inexcusable the way these children have failed this school. They were told not to have sex and they did it anyway. They have nobody but themselves to blame and hopefully the sexual transmitted diseases will teach them all a lesson.

    Since when have we expected adults and teachers especially to guide and help children? That sounds like communism to me.

    • They should have been studying for their standardized tests instead of fucking.

      • Warren Terra

        A lot of the standardized test hysteria is about teachers’ pay and career prospects being determined by their students test scores, even though the tests suck and even though the teachers are but one small influence on outcomes.

        And yet: consider the parallel for sex ed. Obviously, it’s similarly the case that the teachers have limited ability to control their students, who encounter so many other influences. But: at least the tests don’t suck. Unwanted, unplanned pregnancies are real and verifiable, as is Chlamydia. Indeed, if we really want to start outcomes-based pay schemes with good metrics, Sex Ed is a far better place to start than anything currently on a standardized test.

        At least making that change might do away with Abstinence-Only!

  • tsam

    My favorite response to these is “WHERE WERE THE PARENTS???? BARGLE!”

    Um, same place your parents were when you were fucking your boyfriend/girlfriend on their bed, ya moran.

    • Warren Terra

      Apparently before tradition was destroyed by the hippies, yippies, and whatever else might rhyme, parents would directly supervise their children’s making of whoopie? I never knew that! You can just imagine: “slow down there, son!”

      • sparks

        Oh jeez, another thing I saw in an anime. A mother was going to stage direct her daughter’s first sex so the guy would have a better chance to get her pregnant. Daughter objected, of course.

        • tsam

          Daughter objected, of course.

          Clearly this brat is too entitled.

          • sparks

            I wish I could remember what anime it was, but I can’t. The scene was pretty humorous.

  • efgoldman

    Honest to FSM, I learned more by sneaking the “marriage manual” out of my dad’s sock drawer, ca. 1960, than they’re teaching these poor, ignorant kids.

    • sparks

      In the ’70s we had hardcore porn mags. I knew everything I needed to know before I needed to know it.

      • Turangalila

        As far as I know, even Texas has the internet, so I don’t think these kids are suffering any porn shortage. But neither modern porn nor our purloined copies of Hustler is great for teaching how to avoid either pregnancy or the clap.

        This is precisely the problem – the two rival messages these kids get about sex are 1) deep dark secret! musn’t learn or prepare!; and 2) consequence-free fun!

        • sparks

          No, but the nearby bowling alley had condoms in the men’s room. We knew what they were for. In the early ’70s we weren’t likely to find a girl of our age on birth control.

      • John Revolta

        You can see those pictures in any magazine
        But what’s the use of looking if you don’t know what they mean?

  • Warren Terra

    I blame Philip Larkin.

    • matt w

      Thought that was going to be this one.

      • rea

        Or even this one . . .

        • Hogan

          They fuck you up, your poets laureate
          They do not mean to, but they do
          They glare at stuff their dads thought prurient
          And add some extra just for you

  • Rugosa

    Everyone who asked their parents’ permission/approval to have sex, please raise your hands.

    Young people have the right to know about their bodies and how to take care of themselves. Their bodies do not belong to their parents. If your values system says abstinence until marriage is best, fine, teach that to your kids. But let them have the tools they need to deal with their changing bodies and emerging sexuality. That includes discussion of relationships and their dynamics, setting boundaries, and valuing yourself (whether male or female) enough not to fall into abusive or exploitative relationships.

  • advocatethis

    In one of my high school classrooms in the 70s was a copy of “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” available for anybody who wanted to do so to pick up and peruse. When I first heard about abstinence-only sex-ed a decade or so later I literally thought it was a really stupid joke. It was inconceivable to me that parts of our society could have gone backwards that far, or even have failed to catch up. Now I see such things all around me every day and I despair for our future.

    • Lurker

      In Finland, the sex ed is pretty decent. In eighties, the French cartoon Il etat une fois … La vie was shown on TV. It includes a very nice episode about the human reproduction. The library also had good children’s books on human anatomy in general and sexuality in particular, and neither my parents nor librarians had any qualms about a six-year old checking them out.

      The school sex-ed started at age 11, focusing on the importance of using condom and the understanding of reproductive system, and this was re-studied a couple of times later in. On ninth grade, the symptoms of most common STDs, availability of abortion and human hereditary properties were discussed in more detail. This was complemented with an information package that the ministry of health and social services mailed to home.

      The only time I heard abstinence discussed was when our religion teacher quipped that trousers were the most reliable method of pregnancy prevention. No one took that seriously.

      The responsibility aspect was discussed however. It was noted that any method of contraception was unreliable and that a boy who engaged in sex could never trust that the girl was on pill. Thus, a prudent youngster would use condom, and even then, understand that there was a non-zero risk of becoming a father. Abortion was discussed as a tragedy that was, however, readily available without cost, though a responsible girl should not rely on it as a contraception method.

      Nowadays, the education gives more weight on non-cis, non-hetero relationships. We were only cautioned to use condom in homosexual intercourse as well as in heterosexual (on fifth grade) and otherwise, such aspects were only mentioned in passing.

      This works well. The amount of teenage pregnancies in Finland is very low.

  • WabacMachinist

    Yes. There was a time (50 years ago) when the notion of humans riding around on dinosaurs was a cartoon joke(Willllmaaaa!). Now it’s serious science in some quarters.

    • allium

      Quarters with George Washingstone’s profile on them?

      • Warren Terra

        Well, we had the 50 State Quarters, and then the America The Beautiful Quarters. The Riding-Dinos image probably can’t be on the America The Beautiful quarters, but they can do a Science series that has Jesus atop a Brontosaurus, a denial of Climate Change, the Laffer Curve (simplified version), etcetera

    • Malaclypse

      The first Fantasia had a segment featuring the extinction of the dinosaurs. The second recapped Noah’s Ark.

  • SamInMpls

    Here’s my question: Is there any possible outcome for these 300 students that would have caused the Crane Independent School District to replace abstinence-only with comprehensive sexual education?

    • Warren Terra

      It’s more likely they’ll double down on the abstinence-only, but give these kids a failing grade in Sex Ed and make them retake the abstinence-only class.

      • sparks

        Probably only the girls.

        • Woodrowfan

          well of course the girls, it’s not like the boys got knocked up!

  • JR in WV


    I’m listening to WV Public Radio, which has a program discussing New York City and its trash, including dead horses.

    Right now they’re discussing getting garbage-men to go through an individual’s household trash, in order to get evidence enough to get a search warrant to go into that person’s home and look for evidence to accuse the home owner of criminal drug sales.

    They also covered where dead horses went, mostly into free-range pigs at first.

    We thought of you immediately!! So here is your tip off – public radio is covering your favorite [well, one of them!] topic, dead horses.

    Now they’re discussing the privacy of stuff a person gives to another person, like a garbage collector, regarding criminal search warrants. So not just dead horses, pieces of household junk contaminated with cocaine, or other illegal substances. “Back Story” is the name of the show….

  • Shakezula

    Would anyone like to bet Alex Jones WON’T blame this on Jade Helm 15?


    Damn. So much for early retirement.

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