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Lawyers, Guns & Money podcast — The Flash — Amanda Marcotte, Arturo Garcia & SEK



I grant you — no pun intended — that the image there is probably the least Flash-y image of Barry Allen I could find online, but I assure you that you’ll enjoy the hour-and-a-half Amanda, Arturo and I spent talking about the CW’s hit series. We covered all the angles as only the three of us could — meaning that Amanda and Arturo said very smart things about race and class and gender while I just cursed once in a while to remind people I exist and how I roll.

In all seriousness, though, I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we did producing it.

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  • stevepick

    Fun stuff, but come on, does it take a 56-year-old listener to remember Supergirl’s secret identity was Linda Danvers since like 1963?

  • Barry Freed

    I’m very much looking forward to listening to this later tonight.

  • nixnutz

    Only listened to the beginning because I was mostly interested whether you guys were on board with the consensus that this show is not terrible, which I find baffling. I’m watching and I wouldn’t call it hate-watching but the writing drives me absolutely nuts, they drive home every story beat like John Henry playing a taiko drum. Of course I watched nearly all of Smallville and that was worse in every respect but casting, certainly in their grasp of how to tell a sustained superhero story.

    Arturo compares it to Buffy & Angel and that might explain it; those were also mediocre shows written in a showy, belabored style, cast with minimal talent and mysteriously beloved by a lot of people.

    • rhino

      It’s certainly possible not to like Buffy, chacon son gout, but to call it mediocre is to announce clearly that there is no need to read you further.

  • David Hunt

    If they’re using Ras al Ghul’s Lazarus Pit, then they might be able to used that to bring back the Sarah Black Canary.

    • SEK

      They are — and that’s something I should’ve thought fo sooner.

  • Jhoosier

    So, I couldn’t make out what SEK was saying, but what’s the comic where the superheroes treat their powers like a burden? The example was the guy who’d count the seconds he could fly in between saving people.

    • SEK

      Kurt Busiek’s Astro City. Sorry for mumbling, esp. about a work that I wish more people would read.

      • Jhoosier

        No problem! I should have guessed Astro. For some reason I was hearing Asterisk.

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