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Artists in the Mist


Hey, folks, I don’t think we’ve ever done a formal “artists in our midst” thread, so I wanted to do one today. Show us your photography, paintings, pics, poetry, plays, etchings, or dinosaur erotica. Do we have artists in our midst? Don’t be shy–show us your stuff.

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  • rea

    My blog comments are my art . . .

  • Eric Schneider
  • Vance Maverick

    I’m not an artist (at least, not currently arting), but I’d like to recommend a book, Sarah Thornton’s Seven Days in the Art World. I got it because of a review of her more recent book, but it turns out the old one is better — really intelligently balances detached observation and sympathetic participation in the various forms of the big art world (Cal Arts, an auction house, a museum, etc.). Plus she writes well. The best book I’ve read recently, by far.

    (In the second, she appears to have been coopted by the system. It’s quite striking, and itself offers a lesson as strong as any section of the first.)

  • esc

    I’m not much of a commenter, but do cross stitch. It’s at my user name.

    • Ronan

      Nice.The one with the futurama dude (cant remember his name) is amazing.

      edit: ‘The North’ is my favourite so far. for sure

    • Barry Freed

      These are great!

    • carolannie

      I look your work, and cupcakes too. Super cupcakes!

  • Eric S.

    I’ve never thought of myself as an artist or artiste but I do like to take pictures on occassion.

    • jim, some guy in iowa

      the window washers pic is cool. and the schwinn bike seat- my second bike, after the sears one with the banana seat, was like that- weighed about 500#, single speed, as uncool as could be- but if i’d taken any care of it, would have lasted forever

    • carolannie

      Me for the squirrel!

  • There was a young man from Nantucket
    Who tired of his name being muckëd
    He chose to stand proud
    And said, very loud,
    “Limerick convention, let’s buck it.”

    • efgoldman

      The artist, now living under a bridge, formerly known as Bear.

  • DrDick

    I do not know how much of an artist I am, but I like to photograph the scenery around here.

    • Bruce Leroy

      I have an urge to move to Montana now.

      • jim, some guy in iowa

        same here

        • UncleEbeneezer

          Or at least a nice long visit. Really spectacular stuff. Love the Glacier Trail shot.

          • DrDick

            Glacier is absolutely one of my favorite places on earth and only a few hours from here.

            • UncleEbeneezer

              It’s probably #1 on our (me and my wife) bucket list for places to visit (at least in the US.) Also have heard great things about the Badlands.

      • njorl

        Gonna be a dennil floss tycoon?

    • carolannie

      Not often enough, I see!

  • busker type

    Well it’s not dinosaur erotica, but here’s a video of me (with the guitar) performing in LA a couple years ago. http://vimeo.com/69353387

    • StuckinOz

      +1000 LOVE

      • busker type


    • rea

      it’s not dinosaur erotica

      Don’t under-rate yourself!

    • brewmn

      Very nice.

    • carolannie


  • cpinva

    my dinosaur erotica is a very personal, private thing.

    • No PDDE for you!

    • Aaron Baker

      As is mine, as is mine.

  • AstroBio

    I’m not really an artist, but I like to borrow the art I find in the field.

    • carolannie

      nice album

  • Aaron Baker

    Well, I’ve published a number of poems. This one I’ve haven’t; nor am I sure I’m completely happy with it, but it’s what I’ve been working on lately.


    The wind that drove the rank dark grass

    Was cool, not chilly, and a sky of equal blue

    Forever barred the storm.

    I dreamt you spoke,

    But dreaming like a rotted thread dissunders,

    Flies until no snare of thought can catch it.

    If I rejoin you on that hill of heaven,

    I may this time remember what you say.

    Will you answer my profoundest questions

    Or strain to laugh when I laugh at my jokes?

    Will you, dearest, tell me you forgive me

    That unbelieving I await the end?

    It’s actually in 3 paragraphs, and is less disjointed in that form, but posting it here completely screws up the spacing.

    • carolannie

      Great imagery

      • Aaron Baker


  • AstroBio

    I’m kind of partial to Cthulhu erotica. Anyone…?

  • Larrry


    Not sure it’s art, but it’s fun to do and see when done. Did over 100 of them (they’re ‘art’ aquariums). Had one in the 1st ‘Spy Kids’ movie, in Nieman Marcus catalogs, and in lots of restaurants and gracious people’s homes, plus had 2 in Bush’s Texas Governor’s office for 3 years, before the Supreme Court elevated him to his own personal madhouse.

    Laura Bush was nice enough to let my pieces in. She hung paintings by real Texas artists on the walls. Obviously they hadn’t vetted me politically by that time! I’d hoped they’d take one to the White House so I could summarily jerk it outa there in protest of the first stupid thing he did. I dreaded to see what that would be, and thought in toto the stupid thing would amount to his entire tenure, and I was right but hadn’t guessed he’d lay the entire country and half the world so bloodily low.

    Regarding my consorting with future war criminals, Professor Peter Dale Scott replied kindly with the following thought to my emailed question regarding vicarious guilt: “And it’s also art’s merit to cross over the trench-lines like a piece of thistledown”. (I had been doing a tiny bit of research for him, btw.) There wasn’t any real consorting anyway. Just monthly trips to the State Capitol to maintain the aquariums.

    I only saw George once, when I installed the first piece, and he looked and sounded like a Pre-Owned car salesperson walking around among the suckers. No offense to car salespersons, who work hard to retain their inner dignity. I still think George might have been a decent Crawford school board member, if he voted like Laura told him to.

    Jealous bantamweights should never be given any serious punching power. They can’t help but get in over their heads and flail away to everyone’s detriment. He really was the Forrest Gump of presidents and the biggest stupid coated nut in the entire box of stupid coated nuts. He was even a runner (before he was a bicyclist). Sorta like he was a compassionate conservative (not really) before he was a historic mass-murdering war criminal and ruiner of both eastern and western civilizations.

    • carolannie

      Very fun!

      • Larrry

        Thanks much!

  • My website has a few things


    • carolannie

      Interesting site, good photos

  • jazzbumpa

    Since busker broke the sound barrier, here’s a song I wrote and arranged.

    Blues For Nate.

    • carolannie


  • AlanInSF

    A brief excerpt from Wrestling with Girls, yours for less than a buck at the evil Amazon borg, or for reals at Folio Books in Noe Valley.

    Everyone says D.C.’s a third-rate town, and I would not disagree. Always has been, always will be. And I’m not comparing it here to New York or Detroit or Chicago, but look at it. Wilmington, Hartford, Buffalo, those are real cities with real class. D.C.’s a swamp. Why would anyone choose this place as the capital? You had founding fathers living in great cities and beautiful country estates up and down the coast, someone said, “Hey, let’s all get together and have a congress in the worst place we can find.” Go figure, as Mortie says.

    But I don’t mean to dump on our Nation’s Capital; that’s not my point. Me and the government, we’re in the same racket – shaking down the rubes and making them pay to see it. My point is it’s off the main circuit, even off the bush league circuit. It’s a third-rate world of its own. No one there has the least idea what’s going on in the rest of the country, let alone the rest of the world. No one cares. You think wrestling’s fixed, that it’s just a show? Try Democrats vs. Republicans.

    It was Spooky McCracken who first told me. “I’ll tell you the secret of D.C.,” he said, “but it’ll cost you.”

    I bought him a drink, the house gin. Spooky worked cheap. He wrestled some out of Detroit, but preferred the carny circuit. He got his name because he had lost an eye in a knife fight. Instead of getting a glass eye, or wearing an eye patch, he just had the flesh sewn shut over it. So he had an eye on one side and blank face on the other. It looked plenty spooky, especially when he stared at you with that blank flesh eye.

    • carolannie

      Shades of Chandler!

  • mccallco

    Hmmm….I’m not, but my wife is:


    Does that count?

    She made great dinosaur dishes for our kids when they were little, too (needless to say, no dinosaur erotica, unfortunately).

    • carolannie

      Nice work!

    • James Gary

      That is some *really* beautiful work!

    • STH


  • carolannie

    Took a while to get this one right, does that make it art?

    • carolannie

      i say this because my parents (both artists) said that art takes more than a few minutes of time. This put, in my mind, some sort of minimum time to create real art (but I have never figured out what that was!).

  • EEEEEEEEEE! I’m so happy I did this thread! *claps excitedly*

    • Lt. Condition

      Yeah, thanks for that. It’s always interesting to see what smart commenters are doing outside of well-crafted snark.

  • UncleEbeneezer

    I’m a musician. I play drums and guitar (making strange faces while doing both.)

    • carolannie

      I like these.

  • The Dark Avenger

    Here’s my Flickr album of my best work.

    • UncleEbeneezer

      Gorgeous stuff. I love the ones with the wooden wagons.

      I may have to hit you up for camping suggestions for your area. We typically do the Eastern Sierras but are thinking of doing the other side for a change this summer. Have heard great stuff about Balch Park, which I believe is not to far from you.

      • The Dark Avenger

        You are correct, sir. There’s the Hollow Log, that was used as a warehouse, there are fishing ponds there, and some archeological sites. I can show you and your family a acorn grinding rock which is where I took some of the sunset pictures, as I live less than 2 miles as the crow flies from State Hwy 190

        You go east on 190 and take Balch Park Rd. to get there if you’re coming from the southern end of the state. Otherwise, you take State 198 from I-5 and go thru Visalia to Lindsay and Yokhol Valley road. That’s a very scenic route, and you remind me that I have to upload some pictures that I took driving through there on an errand a few months ago.

        The wagons were from a student film project, the foothills and oaks substituting for a 14th Century English background, and I was an extra for two days for snacks, soda, down time to read in the sun or take pictures, and, of course, immortal glory, same as the rest of us.

        Ask one of the admins here for my e-mail addy and I can go into more detail and stuff.

        • UncleEbeneezer

          Hey DA, we finally got up there to Shake Campground last weekend. Absolutely stunning!! So cool to be right in amongst the Sequoias (even more so than my trip to SNP.) And it was in low-mid 80’s which was a nice change from the heat we’ve been dealing with recently. Only downsides were 1.) 1-2 hours of mosquito activity (though I’ve experienced MUCH worse) and 2.) yokels firing guns in the distance, wrecking the silence and making everyone a little nervous (but that was only on one of the days.)

    • DrDick


      • The Dark Avenger


    • carolannie

      Some great skies there

  • Lt. Condition

    I’m a fiction writer, just self-published my first novel after having someone hold onto the rights for five years (so it’s very Bush-era-y)


  • Sarcastro The Munificient

    I work in warm glass, but all I have online is this shitty Facebook page. Sorry about that.

    • carolannie

      Those are very interesting plaques. Is that hat at the top glass too or a piece of photo art? I especially liked it

    • STH

      This is very cool stuff. Thanks for sharing it!

  • cosmichorror

    Not an artist as such, but I do take photographs.

    • Aaron Baker

      I think they’re all good, but I like the wheels the best.

    • KmCO

      I like ’em. Cute critters.

    • carolannie

      Lots of interesting photos here. Art is finding something and defining it your way.

  • When I show these to people, I usually say: “I will leave for 15 minutes so you can be free to hate these if you want to.”


    • carolannie

      You have a lot of style. Why do you think that people will hate these? They are excellent

  • KmCO

    Here is a sampling of some of my photos that I’ve taken over the last decade, most of which come from my travels.

    ETA: That didn’t work, try here: http://postimg.org/gallery/2wsbt6h2k/868f08dc/

    • carolannie

      I like the pointillism or slightly surreal style in these

  • BlueLoom

    I play with string:


    • carolannie

      Great products, nice clear colors in your weaving

  • duck-billed placelot

    I do video/animation work (remotely, too: contact me for fun collaboration! duckbilledplacelot at the gmail) but I think of photography as the most artsy thing I do, for some reason. Here’s an older favorite – who can resist a monkey?


    • carolannie

      Is it yours? Cute little critter!

  • KmCO

    I used to have some poetry hosted at a site for aspiring writers, but it must have gotten eaten by the ‘toobz sometime between 2008 and the present. That, or I don’t know how to retrieve it (and remembering the name of the site would probably help, too). It was a fun site, though, because you got to read what a small community contributed and then offer one another feedback.

  • joe from Lowell

    I have no artistic talent whatsoever, but Lowell has developed a big arts scene, as a deliberate public policy. We put economic development resources into “the cultural economy,” use affordable-housing tax programs to develop housing for “low-mod” income artists (not actually that hard to find, as it turns out), and even have something called an “Arts Overlay District” in our zoning to allow for commercial artists to have live/work/display/sales spaces in their mill lofts.

    Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL)

    Gary DeStramp is my favorite Lowell artist.

    • mccallco

      This is a really great revitalization idea for smaller cities. I know that Paducah, KY had similar success luring artists to its city. I don’t know why more cities don’t do this, as it seems like a no-brainer (or maybe they do, and I just don’t know about it).

    • carolannie

      Great! Love that squid

    • carolannie

      Should I laugh or compliment you on your talent? Nice work

  • My partner makes a wide variety of neat jewelry, mostly earrings and keychains: meeples, grapes, monsters, etc.

    I’m … an occasional writer recovering from burnout.

    • carolannie

      Good stuff, great for gifts

  • My artphotos, for which I have suffered. Your turn!

    P.S.: More than one page (just hit 10,000 images captured in my five-yr. old camera); click “Older Posts”.

    • keta

      Your 2 hour cleaners pic reminds me of this exchange:

      – Good morning. Could I have this shirt cleaned “express,” please?

      — Yes, that’ll be three weeks, dearie.

      – Three weeks? But the sign outside says 59-minute cleaners!

      — Yes, that’s just the name of the shop, luv. We take three weeks to do a shirt.

      – Just the name of the shop!?

      — Yes, that’s if there’s an R in the month, otherwise it’s four weeks. Your name does begin with a P, doesn’t it?

      – Well, no, actually, of course it’s uh….

      — Well that’ll be five weeks, then.

      – Five weeks! Blimey!

      The entire masterpiece can be heard here (with authentic streeters, no less!); Shirt

    • carolannie

      Ah yes, urban life

  • STH

    I’m not an artist, but I did start a sewing (plus whatever else interests me) blog a few months ago.

    • carolannie

      High craftsmanship

  • I am varyingly artist adjacent. E.g., my beloved. I did do some of the photography on her albums. I sneak on every album with a vocal cameo.

    I did put up on the web a poem I wrote about my grandfather.

    • Ah, here’s a video of a seasonal song of hers. If you look closely you’ll see the (wedding) ring I made on her fretting hand.

      Also, a recent fun one.

      (She does the art on the CDs as well.)

      • carolannie

        Interesting heartfelt poem and I love discovering new vocal talent

  • Reynard

    I’m a full time artist working in oils who specializes in subject matter from Mongolia, particularly wildlife (takhi/Przwalskis’ horse, argali sheep, Siberian ibex, etc.) and the domestic animals like the horses, yaks and camels. As far as I know I’m the only American artist presently doing so. Been to Mongolia nine times and will keep going back every year until I just, well, can’t. The Mongols are very proud people with a great sense of humor, a seductive combination, and they know perfectly well that they once had the largest land empire in history, thanks to their “George Washington”, Chinggis Khan. Of interest here might be that while the rest of the world was watching the Berlin Wall come down, the Mongols were pulling off one of rarest of political acts….a non-violent revolution, in which they transitioned from “socialist times” to a parliamentary democracy and market system simultaneously. Artists are held in high regard and great respect, which lets me slot into the culture pretty nicely.

    • carolannie

      I like the drawing very much, nice detail. The thin wash on canvas technique is intriguing

  • Andy

    I’m not a regular poster here, or even a sporadic one for that matter, but I assume that’s not a requirement for showing my stuff in this thread. Anyway, if you like Mendelssohn misidentified as Brahms (by my friend who filmed it), here you go:


    • carolannie

      That’s a fun video! A little dizzy-making…

      • Andy

        I’ll have to ask my friend why he filmed it that way (and why he was so obsessed with the beach ball…)

  • Long time lurker, first time poster. I do Lighting Design for live performance. I have a show going up in NYC at the moment.

    • carolannie

      Good work, from an ignorant person’s standpoint. It is obvious that lighting enhances or even creates the scene/mood

  • rwelty

    facade of a defunct hotel in Downtown Albany NY: https://flic.kr/p/4a6F1p

    • carolannie

      Nice urban decay shot, good strong details

  • kingyak

    I mostly write stuff.

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