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OK this is pretty cool


Supposedly this is cinema verite a la Don Draper, done in one take:

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  • Manju


    • Code Name Cain

      I was thinking the same thing. I know it’s just rumors but I don’t know if I’ll ever get that out of my head.

  • rea

    It’s okay, I guess, but as an actor, Jeter doesn’t have a lot of range.

    • Col Bat Guano

      What’s his WAR as an actor?

  • H. Rumbold, Master Barber

    But there was no joy in Mudville…

  • Nor Cal

    Were I to ever film my very own, “aw shucks, sure I’m talented but above all I’m just another humble guy you might luck out and meet one day” video, it would probably look a lot like that.

  • tsam


    That gave me goose bumps and now I’m ashamed of myself.

  • tsam

    Also, Jesus and I both hate the Yankees, but we cool with Jeter. He’s a good egg.

  • hillie97

    Gag me with a .600 OPS.

  • Marek

    I can believe that it was done in one take. That’s how I would expect him to be received in NYC.

    Really good ad.

  • advocatethis

    That look on that kid’s face at about 53 seconds is just wonderful.

  • Linkmeister

    There’s a moment when he’s walking under an elevated train where he looks as much like Kobe Bryant as he does himself.

    Stop the shaven-head fad!

  • Cheap Wino

    I do not follow baseball (NBA training camps start in a week!) but that is a hell of an ad. If it really was one take then very, very cool. No wonder the daughter of a coworker is truly in love with that guy.

  • njorl

    I suspect it was one take – with about an hour of footage.

    • Cheap Wino

      Obviously. But why is that to its detriment? I’m a personable guy but the best of three hours of me walking through NYC would be a snoozefest, I don’t care what Frank Sinatra you gussy it up with.

      • njorl

        The comment was made that this was done in one take. I was pointing out that such a distinction was essentially meaningless. It was a great bit.

  • mch

    So it’s late, and I, as an inveterate Yankees fan (traceable to my Montana grandfather in the 1920’s and 1930’s) who really admires DJ (going back to the 1990’s), look at this and say, WTF? It’s godawful. Typical Yankee front office gobshite. Would have wished a better last season for him ( that is, for the team — though we won tonight; who has to lose if we win every remaining game?).

    Anyway, spare me this kind of Manhattan-produced nostalgia. A loud Bronx cheer. In honor of Derek Jeter. (And please, do remember “the play.”)

    • hillie97

      Thank you. Actual Yankees fans should be bitching about the fact that he selfishly refused to move to 3rd when a clearly superior defensive player joined the team, and didn’t move down from 2nd (SECOND!!!!!!!!) in the lineup while posting one of the worst OPS numbers in the league during a year where his team had a legitimate chance at the postseason.

      How many wins did Jeter cost his team in the midst of a 2014 pennant race? 2? 3? For fuck’s sake, cut with the St. Jeter bullshit.

  • indefinitelee

    meh Jeter is the blandest

  • PSP

    The folks in Stans must have lost their Yankee fan minds.

  • c u n d gulag

    What are all of you Jeter haters going to next year when he’s gone, and the Yankees suck?

    Oh yeah – root against the Yanks and everyone in their uniform.
    But they might not be worth your hatred.

    Classy ballplayer.
    Classy person.

    Number 2 in Yankee fan’s hearts – and number 6 on the All-time Hit List.

    • So long as there are players playing for the Yankees, I will hate them.

      Except Ichiro.

      • c u n d gulag

        That’s ok.
        I understand and respect that.

        It’s like me with the Red Sawx and the Mets.
        And the Jets, Iggels, and the Washington team.

        But the team I hate the mostest, is the Dallas Cowboys.

      • keta

        Well, that’s just about as unnuanced as it gets, and while I more than suspect your particular tongue is planted firmly in your cheek, for those that do think this way here’s why it’s absurd:

        You are admittedly not a fan of the sport, you’re a fan of a team (or teams) and your appreciation of that sport starts and stops at the win/lose outcome for your particular team. Which is fine, but know that you’ve now made it all about yourself.

        My enmity for the Montreal Canadiens knew no bounds for many, many years. But I’m also a huge hockey fan and while I seethed as the Habs seemingly took home the Cup every spring I also clearly recognized and admired many of the players who wore Le Bleu-Blanc-Rouge. The classy smoothness of Beliveau, the end-to-end dashes of the Roadrunner, the impeccable two-way game of Lemaire and the attributes of many Habs made hockey a treasure to watch. I’d be beyond despondent when this collection was successful, but also very appreciative of the skills and artistry they brought to a game I love.

        I haven’t had a truly favourite team in any pro sport for decades, mostly for one reason. Because when I meet and talk sports with another fan who’s major attraction is the intensity with which they throw themselves behind their chosen team, well, they’re almost always idiots who are wilfuly obtuse to recognizing and acknowledging reality. Other players are “lucky,” they “always get the call” because “the refs are obviously rigged,” yadda yadda yadda. It bores the tits off me, frankly, and life’s too short to have your tits fall off.

        So yeah, everybody root root root for the home team, or whatever. But don’t let your fanaticism get in the way of the truly gifted athleticism exhibited even (gasp!) by players on the the teams you purport to hate.

        • I’m a huge fan of baseball so I have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

          • keta

            As an admitted “huge fan of baseball” I’m utterly unsurprised. (cute little smiley face emoticon thingee here.)

          • Jordan

            You don’t love Jeter. Ipso fatso.

            • c u n d gulag

              You know, you can be a huge fan of your team(s), and despise other teams, and still respect the players on those teams.

              I may hate the Cowboys, but I’d be an idiot if I said I didn’t admire the way they played, and their great players, in their greatest years.
              Ditto, the Raiders, the Sawx, and the Mutts!

              How can anyone hate Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, or all of their great defensive players?
              How can you hate Yaz, and Mookie, and Doc?

              I just don’t like their teams.

              I have nothing against the greatness of their players.
              I love watching them – I just root against them!

              • keta

                Oh, agreed. Maybe it’s more a Canadian thing, because rabid hockey fans here are often monstrously myopic.

                Personally, I blame the winters.

              • Jordan

                Oh sure, but now you are just being reasonable. That has no place in sports talk :).

            • I do love the conflation of Yankees=baseball. Hardly the first time I’ve seen that.

              • keta

                As someone who has actively rooted against the Yankees ever since Kubek took a grounder to the throat I find this amusing.

                • Jordan

                  Well, on the one hand, that makes your original blah blah blahing make even less sense. But on the other hand, that means your not a Yankees fan. So good job!

  • Jordan
  • keta

    In a day and age where the sports headlines are dominated by professional athletes acting out like the least-desirable members of any society, it’s refreshing to see an athlete’s career celebrated for the shine he put on his chosen profession, rather than a stain.

    Is the Jeter Retreater over the top? Sure it is. It’s one of the many things America does very, very well. But anyone who sincerely fulminates against a good-guy athlete from a revered pro sports franchise hanging it up after a remarkable career is as shallow as piss on hot concrete.

    • Jordan

      But anyone who sincerely fulminates against a good-guy athlete from a revered pro sports franchise hanging it up after a remarkable career is as shallow as piss on hot concrete.

      But who does this? Like, really, who?

      • keta

        After his second wife passed away Percy Rawlinson seemed to spend more and more time with his Alsatian “Al.” His friends told him “You should get out more Percy, or you’ll wind up looking like a dog, ha ha.”
        He was later arrested near a lampost.
        At his trial some months later he surprised everyone by mistaking a policeman for a postman and tearing his trousers off with his bare teeth. In his defense he told the court, “It’s hard to tell the difference when they take their hats off.”

        • Jordan

          I think I’ll become an alcoholic.

          But, weirdo nonsense songs aside, who “seriously fulminates” against Jeter? I mean, sure, there is plenty of making fun. And arguments about his relative “value” or whatever. And I’m sure there are the dregs of the internet.

          But, the “serious fulminating”? Yeah … no.

  • keta

    (Oops. Meant as a reply to Jordan, above.)

    “Weirdo nonsense song.”? Gosh, you really shot down your own observation skills there, dindja’?

    I will say I’m glad it was me rather than you that has had, erm, “discussions” with Jeter haters who went absolutely apoplectic when it was pointed out that their animosity is a tad over the top.

    • Jordan

      Yes, that is a stupid song.

      I mean, look, there are stupid people everywhere. but I haven’t seen anyone I’d consider “serious” who has “fulminated” against Jeter, as opposed to his marketing/hype/whatever. Links please.

      • keta


        Anyone who calls the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band “stupid” is beneath contempt. Fortunately, my pink half of the drainpipe keeps me away from you.

        As to your other point, I’m afraid I’m not a dickhead hipster who records every moment of his life with eyeware or chipware or NASA underwear of any kind, so the “links” you’re so eager to view aren’t available. You’ll just have to live with the fact that some people live lives not recorded for the internet and that human interaction does, in fact, happen away from a keyboard and monitor. (But then) life’s like that, isn’t it?

        • Jordan

          Hmmm. It is good that you are not a glasshole. But I’m sorry to say that providing “links” only requires a minimal understanding of html, which you demonstrated you have several times in your comment.


          Anyways, there is only one thing to say here.

          Get Off The Internet.

          I will meet you in the streets.

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