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Maybe a Prize for Anyone–ANYONE–Who Can Figure Out What This MRA Commemorative Coin Design Means




I’ll let Dave Futrelle take it from here…

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  • muddy

    Sad puppy, being pissed on. I’m sorry to repeat myself but the gods told me it’s true.

  • calling all toasters

    It’s a hand trying to grab a nipple and put it back, as it flies away from its areola.

  • Downpuppy

    Clearly, it’s famous lit’rary character Hairy Otter in the pensieve

  • joel hanes

    Water drop and ripples.

    Damn shame they got the drop upside down …

  • Megalon

    There are people who would actually pay sixty bucks for that? I mean look at it! Even if you knew what the picture on it is, it’d still look like crap.

  • BubbaDave

    That is a condom, deliberately punctured by a conniving female in search of child-support riches, with a single droplet of vital essence semen blasting through to ruin the poor man’s life forever. Hovering above it is a right hand, to remind men that their hand is always the right choice.

    Will whatever my prize is cover the cost of the therapy I now need?

    • catclub

      So its not a crying vagina?
      (I did not check older posts.)

      • Pat

        I think it’s a diaphragm. You know, an old birth control technology that didn’t work out so well.

    • DAS

      That’s what I thought too.

    • weirdnoise

      You may be right, but what’s the miniature hand for? Grabbing for money?

      No one is going to create coins worth (they assume) $588,800 without feeling that the emblem is a profound expression of their ideals. Whatever this is supposed to mean, it’s an epic fail.

      • J Edgar


        You read BubbaDave comment and accepted it, but same as me, couldn’t retain his explanation about the right-hand / right choice. Perhaps a reflex mechanism to avoid insanity.

        BubbaDave, I think you are correct. But I’m still not going to think about that hand part.

        • weirdnoise

          Putting it all together — the ridiculous image with its tiny hand, the legend above implying that it somehow represents “A Voice For Men,” the initials of some MRA organization and the date range “2008-2014” (and wouldn’t the second date imply the demise of said entity), it’s meme salad, the product of a fragmented mind — and looking for some coherent message is an endeavor threatening to ones mental health.

          Thanks, B, for inviting this foul phantasm into our consciousnesses…

      • herr doktor bimler

        what’s the miniature hand for?
        Surveillance drone.

    • RepubAnon

      A sperm bouncing off a diaphragm, while the invisible hand of the free market looks on in horror?

    • ChrisTS

      Wait: is the deliberately puncturing thingy sperm? How is that the agency/fault of a female?

      Yes, yes, I realize I am being ‘rational’ and stuff.

      • BubbaDave

        On the planet whose television signals MRAs receive via their fillings, women are constantly sabotaging contraception in order to trap men into playing child support.

    • Phoebe

      Unless it’s a condom deliberately punctured by a brave man fighting back against the tyranny of the feminist movement that would deny his precious vital essence its fundamental right of access to fertile oocytes and a womb to host the resulting New Tiny Person. Because the only thing as bad as a woman trapping an innocent man into being a wallet on two legs for her and her spawn of Satan is a woman denying an innocent man’s fundamental right to procreate, amirite?

      So the design brilliantly incorporates two core messages about the evil of women in one striking bit of iconography! How can you restrain yourself from ordering ten of these works of genius and liberation, right now??

  • weirdnoise

    Appropriately enough, it’s a giant asshole. (Just look at the hand for size perspective.)

  • jake the antisoshul soshulist

    A fool and his money, or in this case an MRA and his money.

  • Jay C

    Obviously a pizza.

    Or a hubcap.

    You know, guy stuff…

    [OK, maybe it’s NOT all that obvious]

  • mike in dc

    I was going to say “It’s a sperm about to fertilize an egg, symbolizing man’s essential, irreplaceable and equal value to humanity”, but then I thought, wait, that would actually be kinda reasonable, which MRAs are not. Plus the hand threw me off.

  • angelfoot

    It makes me think of E.E. Cummings:

    nobody, not even the rain, has such small minds, er, penises, um, hands.

  • Can you buy it with bitcoins? I won’t buy one unless I can use bitcoin.

  • mch

    A vagina, of course, but where’s the snaky hair (Medusa) that make a vagina scary? That’s what weird to me about this. But maybe I live too much in a world where women didn’t shave off their pubic hair.

  • mch

    I meant to ask, what’s Judy Chicago got to do with this?

  • Owlbear1

    It’s a Hot Air Balloon floating over Disc World chased by the dreaded “Jakof ov Handlers”

  • ChrisTS

    Can’t we just say “Yuck,” and go back to sleep, however disturbed?

  • ajay

    Surely a pancake.

  • cpinva

    what does the “H” stand for, in “MHRA”? for a brief moment, I thought it might have something to do with nitro-fueled “funny cars”, but that actually seemed to make some sort of weird sense.

    “Just kidding about that last bit. You should still be allowed to vote even if you buy vagina coins from a dude named Attila.”

    the last time some dude named Attila didn’t get what he wanted, after asking nicely, it caused all kinds of problems. so yeah, if some guy named Attila, riding a horse, while carrying a huge sword and two double-sided battle axes, asks me to buy something, I’m probably going to, if it isn’t too unreasonably priced.

    oh, I have no effing clue what it’s supposed to represent, the “Hair Club For Men”, for all I know.

  • Tony Lynch

    The Hand Of Fate.

    • Manos

      hey, don’t go rippin’ off my gig, dude!

  • DAS

    Assuming it is a punctured condom, why is the hole heart shaped? Or is the hole butterfly shaped? Or is it bird shaped? Anyway, is there some clue as to the meaning of the, um, design in the bilobed shape of the depression below the water/tear drop?

  • Are you sure this is a coin and not a bottle cap? Because that is some shitty design and finish. The edges are rough and even though I can’t hang pictures straight without a level, I can see the lettering is off kilter.

    I think the water drop is upside down.

    So the meaning is people are ripping off the terminally angry manlings, rejoice!

    Also, if you ever see a dude flashing one of these things, shout “Look out, feral vagina!” and then laugh when he jumps.

    • if you ever see a dude flashing one of these things

      And now I’m picturing strippers – of any gender – wearing four of those as a costume.

  • maurinsky

    It looks like an asshole spitting, which I think accurately sums up the MRA movement.

  • NorthLeft12

    After careful consideration, I believe this design represents the epic stupidity of the MHRA oranization(?)/Movement(?) and the propensity of their members/followers to be easily duped.

    Hopefully, this commemorative coin serves as a memorial for the end of this group of clowns.

  • Seanly

    My best guess is that it’s a drop of water (upside down) above a pool with ripples in it. So maybe the drop is coming out from the water going towards the hand? As far as the meaning, maybe it means that only some men will rise from the drowning pool?

  • RobNYNY1957

    It seems pretty straightforward to me:


    That being said, I’m not sure what the underlying symbolism is.

  • les

    A man’s voice is like a pebble thrown in a pool, rippling to eternity, but the bitches turn the splash/drop upside down?

  • Jenna

    A pool of man tears…..but, I can’t explain the upside down droplet, or the hand. Hm.

  • If anyone remains interested in this, I have the answer. I braved the wilds of the “A Voice for Men” website to ask about the coin, and here is the response I got:

    “The image on the coin is that of a man tossing a rock into a body of water creating a ripple of hope in the MHRM with a splash of water that doubles as an exclamation mark.”

    • I’m glad someone had the bravery to find out but this is even less coherent than usual MRA garble. What?

    • jim, some guy in iowa

      MHRM = men’s human rights movement?

      sounds awfully foo-foo. john wayne and robert mitchum would *not* approve

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