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Links of the Day


Some links for your morning consumption:


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  • rea

    Ah, the Internet:

    “on the day this claim was published, a Wikipedia editor with a Russian address was found trying to insert a 33,000-foot ceiling on the Su-25 page.”

  • LeeEsq

    Another link for your day, an expose on Reason’s Holocaust denial special from February 1976.


    • Keaaukane

      A great link, but scary in showing the Koch’s politics are just the tip of a far more gooned out iceberg.

  • EvanHarper
  • J. Otto Pohl
  • mark f

    My main problem with Tom Petty is that his music is terrible.

    • I would say mediocre rather than terrible, but yes.

      • mark f

        That depends on how many of his songs you have to listen to in a row. “Mediocre” is fair in small doses, and his blandness can work as support to someone with actual charisma.

        I do like “Breakdown,” to be fair, and thought he did a good job with “License to Kill” at the bloated Dylan tribute.

    • CaptainBringdown

      My own opinion is that his music is a tad better that mediocre, but not a lot. But his guitar player, Mike Campbell, is one of the most tasteful, understated (and underrated) lead guitarists in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.

    • My main problem is the dawning realisation that for decades now I’ve sort of thought Tom Petty and Tom Waits were the same artist.

  • jim, some guy in iowa

    I generally like Tom Petty- his music is just part of life’s soundtrack in this part of the world- though I tend to prefer the Heartbreakers over the “solo” work (granted, not a *lot* of difference)

    I keep waiting for an article about Tom Petty that acknowledges he lifted one of his better-known lines (“rebel without a clue”) from Paul Westerberg- so that tour where the Replacements opened for the Heartbreakers couldn’t have been a total failure for him

    • mark f

      O: Did you mind Petty swiping your “rebel without a clue” line? [That line, from The Replacements’ “I’ll Be You,” turned up in Petty’s “Into The Great Wide Open.” –ed.]

      PW: It miffed me a little bit, but it’s all… I’d steal something back from him, if I could find something I liked.


      • rea

        Except that–Bonnie Tyler’s song, “Rebel Without a Clue” came out years before “Ill Be You”.

        • mark f


          • rea

            Admittedly, the image of Paul Westerberg listening to Bonnie Tyler albums and stealing lines seems a tad incongruous . . .

            (although they both worked with Carol King)

            • jim, some guy in iowa

              oh, i like that image a lot

  • dp

    Judging by what’s being done with corporate jets, there’s no reason that the F-14, F-15 and F-16 airframes couldn’t be modernized with updated engines and avionics and still outclass just about everything else in the world. I guess you’d want a few stealthy F-22’s and F-117’s, for special applications, but that would still put the whole F-35 boondoggle out of business completely, and we could spend the leftover money on, I don’t know, bridges and shit.

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