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Dead Horses in American History (III)


“Horse-Meat ‘Worms’ Fool Frogs,” Popular Science, 1940

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  • The prophet Nostradumbass

    That is pretty weird.

    • herr doktor bimler

      Sounds like a lot of effort to turn perfectly good horsemeat into frogmeat.

      • Vance Maverick

        Well, he makes some monetary claims at the end which would motivate it if true. Larger and more legible here.

        Erik, you have exceeded my already high expectations for the regrettable.

        • I like the “Use Car Power to Grind Meat” article from 1932.

  • wjts

    “My first plan was to sculpt a horse out of the carcasses of thousands of dead earthworms and feed THAT to the frogs. As it turns out, this was a terrible plan.”

  • jim, some guy in iowa

    1940. must have been forgotten by the time they dropped the a-bomb. it would have made a great horror movie – radioactive giant mutant meat eating frogs descending on the nearest city and wreaking ribbety havoc

    • wjts

      They did make that movie, kind of. It wasn’t very good.

      • jim, some guy in iowa

        poor Ray Milland. at least Sam Elliott could tell himself he was still working his way *up* the ladder

      • Theophrastus Bombastus von Hoenhenheim den Sidste

        You have to love the menacing stare of the monarch butterfly.

      • LittlePig

        I knew where you were going with that – I clearly recall thinking ‘Geez, I thought Tarantula was slow…’ watching it in the theater.

  • Barry Freed

    You have outdone yourself and I salute you for it.

  • wengler

    Not enough identifiable dead horse.

    • Would you prefer I show a picture of a Big Mac?

      • LittlePig


  • jon

    Yet another slur against the perfidious Franglais.

  • Jordan
    • Looks like I have some travel ahead of me.

      • Jordan

        I am not sure if you will be able to make your hateful, hateful posts from that altitude.

        And then where will the white dudes be, without the ability to be so sad and concerned and nitpicky and concerned and sad about how you are offending their feelings and histories of the glory of America?

        Nowhere, that is where they will be. THAT is what is truly sad.

  • 2liberal

    you can stop this anytime now. I was eating meat in front of the idiot box (computer screen) and turned to LGM and saw some dead horses. Not a good combination.

    • ProgressiveLiberal

      Take your own advice.

      • Jordan

        Look, dude. I don’t eat factory farmed meat, because I think that is terrible. I also think that no one else should eat factory farmed meat because, again, terrible.

        But jesus already.

        • ProgressiveLiberal

          Look, dude. “Free range” is just a silly advertisement to assuage the guilt of silly liberals, while creating a higher profit margin for the same product.

          You might as well eat whatever is cheaper because its all the same when it comes to the welfare of the animals, the effects on the producers, consumers, the environment, and society in general.

          Do you know what goes on in slaughterhouses? Are you aware that “factory farm” animals and “free range” animals go to slaughterhouses? That your “free range” animals did not die of natural causes? Do you know where your milk and cheese and butter comes from? Do you know what happens to MALE dairy cows? What exactly is a “free range” dairy cow anyways? They milk themselves and bring it on down to market? Do you know what happens to the male chicks that do not lay eggs, to make your “free range” eggs?

          Again, we need better liberals. Are we still pretending to not know where our shit comes from when we don’t want to?

          I just find it funny (probably not the right word) how people think *this* is gross or whatever, but don’t see the absurdity on their own dinner plate.

          • ixnay

            Well, some of us actually do put our money where our mouths are. We grow our own meat chickens (NOT CornishX, thenkyewverymuch), slaughter them ourselves. We have our own, very much free-range, egg birds. We buy the occasional half a pig, or quarter of a beefer, from local people. We know where the slaughterhouse is, and can see what goes on there.

            It is possible to eat meat responsibly. We are very fortunate to be able to do so.

            On an even more personal note (if that’s possible), I, as a veterinarian, find Loomis’ dead horse photos fascinating. But then, I find the Body Farm fascinating also.

            • ProgressiveLiberal

              Where do your egg laying chickens come from? Where are there brothers now?

              When you need to put down an animal at the clinic, is slitting its throat until it bleeds out considered an acceptable, humane method? All of those animals you eat died of natural causes?

              Like I said, we need better liberals.

              • ProgressiveLiberal

                there = their. Oops.

                • William Berry

                  We need better right-wing, nut-bag trolls.

                  You suck at it. A lot.

          • Jordan

            Yes, I am aware. I am also aware that you will hang yourself given even the smallest amount of rope, so there is that. And you don’t disappoint.

            If you think there is no difference between how animals are raised, this just shows that you aren’t a very smart person. You may be able to spout rhetoric about animal suffering, but this doesn’t mean you are making some kind of point. It just means you are a douchebag who doesn’t actually care about animal suffering at all. Rather, you just like the opportunity to make cheap rhetorical points.

            Of course, it isn’t like this is a surprise.

            • rea

              I am also aware that you will hang yourself given even the smallest amount of rope, so there is that.

              And then Loomis will make him into a blog post.

              • Lee Rudolph

                Surely even Loomis has enough remaining humanity not to do that to himus.

            • ProgressiveLiberal

              Ah, yes. You see, I feed my slaves 3 delicious meals a day and always wait until their daughters achieve the age of 18 before I begin raping them. If you think there is no different between how slaves are kept, you don’t actually care about the suffering of slaves at all.

              I’ll concede one of us isn’t very smart, but it’s not the one you’re thinking.

              I have no interest in bargaining over the working conditions of either slaves, nor how animals are kept, if all we are doing is perpetuating slavery and the abuse of animals, by convincing people to let it continue because now its New And Improved Slavery (now with More Humanity).

              Again, do you have any idea what you’re talking about or are you being ignorant intentionally? Let’s take “free range eggs”:

              Not-free range eggs:
              all the male chicks ground up alive on day 1
              hens have beak cut off day 1
              starved to shock the body into molting, to lay more eggs
              packed into semis when they’re considered “spent”
              slaughtered after only a few years of life, usually hung upside down and throat slit and/or electrocuted

              Free-range eggs:
              all the male chicks ground up alive on day 1
              hens have beak cut off day 1
              starved to shock the body into molting, to lay more eggs
              packed into semis when they’re considered “spent”
              slaughtered after only a few years of life, usually hung upside down and throat slit and/or electrocuted

              Wow, NOW I see the difference! You feel better about yourself when you eat the second, so I guess I should get on the bus!

  • In a bizarre parallel universe, the average Joe Sixpack may be a frog farmer, who seeks guidance in finding a more accessible food source to replace the frogs’ normal diet of earthworms. It becomes clear that the economical option is to collaborate with a lion farm, of which there are also a multitude in this universe, and fabricate mock worms from horsemeat, which is practically free compared to the exotic and expensive earthworms.

  • herr doktor bimler

    Soylent Roan is horse!

  • CD

    Pass the mustard.

  • SV

    Those frogs, so gullible. They’ll fall for anything.

    • Snarki, child of Loki

      Dogs can’t tell it’s not bacon.

  • Toberdog

    I only clicked on this one for the comments. So far, pretty good.

  • Grocer

    The lion farm mentioned in the article went through a ton of horse meat a day.

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