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You Don’t Look a Day Over 3,000,000 Hits


Whiskey Fire is creeping up on its 4 millionth hit. It couldn’t happen to a nicer ( or more funny, awesome) blog. It’s where I got my start, before I  SOLD OUT and started working for THE MAN.

Congratulations, Thers, ifthethunderdontgetya, Malignant Bouffant and the commenters of Whiskey Fire (who are great). YOU ALL ROCK. Please continue to.

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  • rea

    I always thought Thers was a man . . .

    • DrDick

      He is, but the good doctor bunny ears was a regular commenter who got promoted to guest blogger.

      • rea

        Ah, but then she sold out and started working for the man–except she was already working for a man at the other site.

    • Warren Terra

      A man vs THE MAN. Describes the conflict in this post and in most gritty 1970s movies.

      • And my life is nothing if not a gritty 70’s movie.

        • Walt

          Gritty like Midnight Cowboy? Death Wish? Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song?

          • Mr. Madame Psychosis

            She’s a mom. I’m guessing gritty like Cuckoo’s Nest or maybe Rollerball.

  • Cool! I’ve tried to be a Whiskey Fire common-tater but typepad hates me and won’t let me. It’s probably just protecting me, otherwise I’d probably get in yet another argument with thundra.

  • I’m proud to say I know Thers somewhat in real life. He’s a good egg and deserves the notice.


  • Bspencer: please consider a post sometime on your favorite feminist-oriented blogs?

    Despite being sympathetic in theory, I don’t find myself reading any in practice, & I doubt I’m the only one who would appreciate some pointers.


  • Aw, shucks.

    And congrats to you, bspencer (or whoever you are) if I haven’t before.

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