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Today In Particularly Inane GOP Talking Points


I have scary news about the most recent example of executive overreach by Barack HUSSEIN Ayers Obama. He — and you may want to sit down for this — is trying to “pack the court” by…nominating judges with the support of a majority of the Senate to fill existing vacancies on federal courts. I ask you, where in the Constitution can you find any warrant for this unprecedented action?

Also, a little advice to the GOP: this line of argument might look marginally less foolish if you find someone who wasn’t in the Senate in 2005 to lead the charge.

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  • I went to highschool with Nina Pillard. Can I say how proud and excited I am for her. I have my fingers crossed that the *&&^% Dems go to the mat on this and just say “fuck it” and get all three of them in. If I were Reid I’d “suspend the filibuster on judicial nominees” for two years and let it sunset just before the 2016 election and just dare them to do anything about it.

  • rea

    Obviously, any vacancies should remain open until a legitimate president is available to fill them.

    • The spirit of bipartisanship demands Obama outsource half his picks to Randy Barnett.

    • DrDick

      Only Republican presidents have the constitutional authority to appoint judges or regulators. It says so right there in the super secret official Teabagger Constitution (you know, the one Nickolas Cage was looking for).

  • Warren Terra

    Also, a little advice to the GOP: this line of argument might look marginally less foolish if you find someone who wasn’t in the Senate in 2005 to lead the charge.

    You’d think so, but the truth is, they won’t be challenged by the media, eager as it is to avoid embarrassing anyone important. I say this because I can remember how as chair of the Judiciary committee during the Clinton administration Hatch basically made sure no judicial vacancies would be filled for the last year or two of Clinton’s time in office, leaving a huge number of vacancies for the next President – and then, when Democrats obstructed Bush nominees (on individual grounds as I recall, not wholesale), Hatch cried crocodile tears to the media about how the Democrats were unpatriotically undermining Democracy and threatening to destroy the Constitution. Hatch was a leader in the Republican messaging operation on the subject – and Hatch was asked no awkward questions by the media about his own past actions.

    • Yes, I agree with this. The Republicans can rely on no one having any institutional memory–hell, the entire “court packing” charge results from the fact that all the words, personalities,and issues of the last 200 or so years of our experiment in self government can be put into a bag like poetry magnets and simply jumbled up and pulled out when needed. Cornyn could also have said:

      “I Jacksonian Democrats Rum Buggery and the Lash” and been pretty certain that Chuck Todd et al would merely cup their ears and ask politely for a repeat at a higher decible level.

      • hylen

        Ooh. “Put into a bag like poetry magnets”

        I like it.

      • junker

        Mr. President, how do you respond to the senator’s charges of Rum Buggery?

        • jim, some guy in iowa

          “I’m the goddam President so jump off that building into a vat of vodka and ketchup”

      • No, aimai, I disagree and him asking him to repeat what was said, only louder.

        Instead, UpChuck Toad would have channeled the ghost of David Broder, who would have translated that for him into, “Both parties are at fault. But the Democrats are MORE at fault!”

      • Hogan

        ITYM Rum, Romanism and Rebellion.

        • Romanism and Rebellion map adequately onto Buggery and the Lash.

          • Hogan

            Oh well done.

          • catclub

            Conformal mapping! One to one and onto!

            • Captain Haddock

              A bit early for math jokes, neh?

          • The question is: which goes first?

        • You know, I meant to write that. I really did. I saw a book with this title about the US and couldn’t remember it so I went with the ever popular. Also I like saying Rum, Buggery, and the Lash. Its so very iambic pentameter.

          • Great name for a punk rock trio, too!

            • And just imagine the Hallowe’en costumes the three of them could trick-or-treat in together!!!

            • rea

              The second Pogues album–although they used the original “sodomy”.

              Winston Churchill supposedly used those words when asked about respecting the traditions of the Royal navy–it sounds particularly cool if you imagine it in Churchill’s voice.

              • toberdog

                The band is so fantastic, that is really what I think. Oh by the way, which one’s Buggery?

                • toberdog

                  That was supposed to reply to c u n d gulag . . .

          • Warren Terra

            Yes, Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash is a quip about the British Navy, not the US (my recollection is that it was First Sea Lord Fisher, but all a quick lazy Google tells me is that it wasn’t Churchill). Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion is good too, though.

            • Yeah, I was thinking of this book.But I admit I like the word buggery better.

              • catclub

                There is a golf group of old men in our town:
                Brothers Under God, Golfing Everyday Rain or Shine. Not sure how self-aware they are.

      • Warren Terra

        I quite like this idea that Republican messaging has descended to the level of random selection of buzzwords (which seems fairly accurate), and more importantly that our mainstream media has descended to the level of letting them get away with it (which also seems fairly accurate, and deeply disturbing).

    • DrDick

      If anything I think is is far worse than that. Our corporate media not only fail to challenge Republicans, they actively promote GOP talking points and perspectives.

      • Yeah, cowardly, complacent, and compliant is bad enough.
        But complicit, too!!!

  • junker

    Between this post and the John Lewis one you’re making me start the day in a particularly poor emotional state, Scott.

  • PeakVT

    It’s not inane; it’s outright dishonest.

    • Scott Lemieux

      It’s both!

      • PeakVT

        Well, okay, but the dishonesty seems a tad more important. But maybe I’m just being uncivil.

  • Barack HUSSEIN ALINSKY Ayers Obama…

    There, Scott – fixarated it fer ya!!!

  • somethingblue

    Are there no depths too low for this Muslim atheist to descend to them? Next he’ll be trying to pardon the Thanksgiving turkey.

  • Halloween Jack

    Why, it’s as if they’ve spent the last five years challenging the very legitimacy of this administration, through various proxies, under the assumption that there should be no lasting effects from it.

  • I think they just like saying the phrase “pack the court.”

    • Hogan

      It goes so well with “jam down out throats.”

      mmmmm jam

      • Well of course the jam goes down your throat. Where else would you put it, in your hair?

        • DrDick

          Well, if you are a mouth breathing Teabagger, Cthulhu knows where you might put it.

    • You are on to something there. This reminds me of Dick Armey (sic) pretending to slip and call Barney Frank “Barney Fag.” I wonder if somewhere, sometime, they won’t slip and accuse Obama of “fudge packing the court.”

      • Sev

        “Alger, I mean Adlai…” Traditions.

  • This is just another variation on that GOP favorite The new president is a ni-CLANG, booogity boo in the key of Scree.

    I keep expecting some GOP genius to suggest the White House should be made into a museum and the president’s quarters moved to a local Holiday Inn. He can work out of the business center.

    • Holiday Inn? Surely you jest. If they had their druthers they’d move him to a maximum security prison.

      • You mean anything that drives him to the ‘end of their his rope,’ don’t you!

  • In 2013 America, a talking point is only foolish if it’s so blatantly foolish that even Chuck Todd will refrain from saying, in all seriousness, “But Republicans counter…”

  • brewmn

    And yet, our wonderful liberal media will continue to repeat the “packing the court” charge as if it has some validity in this context.

  • Susan Rosenau

    “Also, a little advice to the GOP: this line of argument might look marginally less foolish if you find someone who wasn’t in the Senate in 2005 to lead the charge.”

    Nope. Nothing can make this argument less foolish. It’s the president’s job to fill vacancies in the federal courts. Having vacancies does a disservice to the people who need cases decided. Sure, presidents tend to pick judges that are ideological closer to their own viewpoint, but when has that not been true? That’s what Senate oversight is for.

    • Hogan

      Cornyn’s argument boils down to “It’s not fair! He’s making us do our job!”

      • Didn’t Coburn explicitly make that argument–that Harry Reid was preventing the Senate from forcing the Republicans to compromise?

      • No, he’s saying “It’s not fair! Obama is doing his job but I don’t think he should have that job!”

        He might also be aware that the GOP can’t afford to squabble about anything right now, but I doubt it.

  • progressive

    How dare Obama dilute the concentration of right-wing hackery on the D.C. Circuit by filling vacancies?!

  • Davis X. Machina

    The problem is, that both sides do it. In case you didn’t know.

    This is what happens when the two parties ruling Washington lose touch with America and pander to their crazy-extreme bases…

    From Ron Fournier, in case you couldn’t tell.

    But you probably could…

    • stepped pyramids

      As a confirmed member of the crazy-extreme base of the Democratic Party, I am not feeling nearly pandered to enough.

      • stepped pyramids

        I just read it and he doesn’t even bother to gin up an example of the Democratic base being powerful or crazy. He sets it up for the GOP and just sort of handwaves an assumption into place that the Democratic base is full of wacky insurgents too.

        What a hack.

        • Hogan

          But Obama is so far inside his bubble he just blindly refuses to do what Republicans want him to do!

          • Also: he won’t negotiate like the Big Dog would have.

      • njorl

        As a middle of the road Democrat, I don’t even feel adequately pandered to.

    • He’s right. I extremely want health care insurance and they extremely want to deny it to me.

      • Johnson

        Those bastards would also like to deny you car insurance as well.

        Instead, we’ll have a program where you will pay for coverage of impossible events such as being hit by a car with a bear driving. Your premiums will go up, but it’ll be a better policy.

        Driving while Bear

    • efgoldman

      I got out the boat for the Goldstein mess below. That’s it. Once a day is too much. I’ll be in my bunk below decks.

  • stepped pyramids

    Haven’t they been calling court appointments “packing the court” for a couple of years now? I seem to remember Chuck Grassley using the phrase to some ridicule during the latter part of Obama’s first term.

  • Linnaeus

    Seems to me that if the Republicans believe there are too many positions on the DC Circuit, they could introduce a bill to reduce them, no? Why don’t they do that? Hmm…

  • Malaclypse
    • I’m so old I remember when we had a functioning government.

      • DrDick

        Makes two of us. I never thought I would miss the 60s and 70s.

        • I was in Ottawa this week and I was trying to remember exactly when I had been there before. Then I remembered: it was the family vacation that ended with us listening to Nixon’s resignation as we drove the last few blocks home at the end.

      • efgoldman

        I’m so old I remember when we had a functioning government.

        Even with a criminal president and VP.

        • Malaclypse

          Nixon’s the one!

      • Rarely Posts

        I’ve been feeling old recently, but this comment made me feel young! Thanks! I’ve never seen a truly functioning government, though in fairness, Bush I wasn’t completely insane, in contrast to every other Republican in my lifetime.

    • efgoldman

      I’m so old I remember when every presidential appointee deserved an up or down vote

      Hey, they can’t remember from one day to the next whether preznit Ni[clang] is a commie socialist marxist or a fascist [godwin] dictator who’s going to force all their sorry asses to get decent health coverage.
      Why in hell would we expect them to be consistent over a whole eight years?

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  • joshua buhs
  • joshua buhs

    [Obligatory Inigo Montoya quotation.]

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