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The Teddy Bears

[ 20 ] October 7, 2013 |

I just realized that somehow I never posted The Teddy Bears here before. Imagine a silent movie version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears with Teddy Roosevelt coming in at the end for an, um, disturbing ending. And some early version claymation bears. And the bears in full Victorian dress. But mostly that disturbing, bizarre ending satirizing Teddy Roosevelt. This is a real favorite to show students.


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  1. N__B says:

    At long last, sir, have you no shame?

  2. KmCO says:

    Sure looks to me like Goldilocks is played by a diminutive man in drag.

  3. The spanking scene is oddly disturbing because they’re not wearing any clothes. I fully realize that this is reasonable, even normal for bears, but since they’re clothed in the rest of the video….

  4. kgus says:

    Let’s just call it a parable of America and leave it at that, shall we?.

  5. Western Dave says:

    Hm, assisting people in stealing stuff from your home. Shooting you and your family for no reason. Going back and taking the rest of your stuff and putting your kids in slavery – all in defense of white womanhood? Wow, Teddy Roosevelt is a modern Republican after all!

  6. Lee Rudolph says:

    I have to confess that the details of the political satire escape me, somewhat. Busting the Plushie Trust? Assailing the malefactors of great ursinity? What?

    That’s a quarter hour of my innocence I’ll never get back, Loomis.

  7. steverino says:

    …not to mention the Christmas carols for a soundtrack.

  8. Atticus Dogsbody says:

    Angels We Have Heard on High followed by a dash of Greensleeves really lends to the atmosphere.

  9. Funkula says:

    I really wonder whether it was intended to be such a pitch-perfect satire of colonialism or if it just came out that way due to a stupendous lack of self-awareness.

  10. Riel says:

    Teddy bears should not be made fun of. Teddy bears are always used as a symbol of hope, encouragement and many more. tsk

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