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Business Sads in Boston


The Boston Globe is having a big sad because mayoral finalist and union member (Laborers Local 223) Marty Walsh votes in the state legislature closer to the AFL-CIO than Koch funded business interests. Oh noes, won’t somebody think about the business community?

A Walsh victory in Boston and a DeBlasio victory in New York would mean real progressives at the helm of two of America’s largest cities. Now if only we could only do something about Chicago…

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  • Exciting! I was just looking forward to having a Mayor I can actually understand when he speaks. Now you are telling me I might get some kind of small p progressive and pro-labor guy? Now I’m really excited.

  • rudolph schnubelt

    we can’t have this, it might foster democracy if the plebeians can elect their own as tribune.

  • Brandon

    No, Erik, we all know that Daley and Emmanuel are prime examples of Liberal Policies Gone Wrong. They are true progressives.

  • Jeremy

    The other candidate to make it through the primaries is Jhn Csnnelly, who gets all the love that Stand For Children can throw at him without embarrassing them both. As far as I can tell, the race could go either way. And while Walsh is certainly die-hard pro-labor (the Herald took the step of singling him out for non-edorsement in the primary), he’s Building Trades, which which of course has a rocky relationship with other progressive priorities, and I’ve heard he hasn’t been much of a supporter of the teachers. Still definitely has my vote, of course.

  • Denverite

    Does Boston really count as one of America’s largest cities? Wikipedia says that at a little over 600,000, it’s not in the top 20, behind Memphis and El Paso but ahead of Seattle and the home of the blue-and-orange. (I understand the metro area is much larger, relatively speaking, but the mayor isn’t the mayor of the metro area.)

    • Well…among big cities we have the largest number of small minds, so there is that.

      • A friend of mine was vacationing in Boston right after the Putin op-ed was published, and he said one of his favorite things was the man-on-the-street interviews on the evening news with tough guys promising they would kick his ass if he showed up in Boston

        • Denverite

          Those tough guys will be weeping into their Sam Adamses in a couple of months when the orange-and-blue destroy the Pats. Maybe Wes Welker will convince PFM that he only needs to put 40 on the board to save Tom and Bill some embarassment (doubtful).

          • Rhino

            Doubtful. I just don’t see Manning staying healthy. I hate to say it, but at some point he’s going to get sacked hard and that will be that.

            And it’s going to be a sad way for the greatest qB in the history of football to go.

            • Denverite

              I guess I don’t get this. He hasn’t been injury prone at all throughout his career. He had one serious degenerative condition (very likely caused by the cumulative effect of a decade-plus of hits), had several surgeries to correct it, took eighteen months or so off (which ironically may have had the effect of extending his career — you see this a lot in women’s sports where women take a year or two off for pregnancy in their early 30s but then compete at a high level into their late 30s and early 40s), and now he’s back.

        • What, you don’t think Boston’s fearsome team mascots are going to put the fear of God into an ex-KGB guy?

      • Lee Rudolph

        And a corresponding number of hobgoblins!

    • joe from Lowell

      Very true; the post should be amended to “most important cities.”

      Not only is the metro area large, but Boston is the 6th largest media market in the country.

      • Cal

        Boston is more important than El Paso but that does not make it important. Nice little niche town though.

    • Unemployed Northeastern

      Denver area GDP: ~$150 billion
      Boston area GDP: ~$320 billion


      Denver: beta-level global city (city that integrates a moderate economic region into the world economy)
      Boston: alpha-level global city (city that integrates a major economic region into the world economy)

      Boston sports teams: all four major championships acquired in a stretch of just seven years (with the Sox and Pats winning multiple championships in that timeframe); no other city has accomplished this feat in under a decade. Not even NYC, which has two of each team. Last championship: 2011.

      Denver sports teams: Uh, the last championships in the Mile High City was what, 2001?

      • Denverite

        I believe the Rapids won the MLS championship in 2009 or so. DU also won a couple of NCAA hockey titles in the past decade.

        And the orange-and-blue will win the Super Bowl this year, of course, after a 16-0 season in which they score close to 700 points, with PFM putting up 5,800 yards passing and 55 touchdowns — so basically removing the 2007 Pats from the record books.

        • Unemployed Northeastern

          Sorry, I wasn’t aware soccer and college hockey are now among the commonly-accepted four major sports in America (professional baseball, football, basketball, and hockey). Should we talk about professional lacrosse records next?

          I’ll put my money on PM getting osteoporosis before he puts up 55 TD passes this year. Brady was a better Saturday Night Live host, too.

          Oh, and Boston (and Massachusetts) have a refreshing lack of Tea Party types and low-information conservatives. Our Republicans, to the extent we have them, tend to be highly educated, at least.

          And to sum up your original inquiry, the greater Boston area is the fifth largest Combined Statistical Area in the country, with about 8 million people.

          • Denverite

            Blasphemer. PFM’s SNL gig was a virtuoso performance. It was the show business equivalent of, well, a PFM football performance.

            As to the CSA point, so what? The post is about the mayor of Boston, who presides over a city with a population a bit over 600,000.

          • Denverite

            (Oh, and Massachusetts has elected GOP Senators and Governors more recently than Colorado has.)

            • Unemployed Northeastern

              Colorado voted for the Republican candidate in every election between 1964 and 2008 (Wikipedia).

              Massachusetts, on the other hand, was the only state to go for McGovern, and Reagan had his smallest margin of victory, in both 80 and 84, here in the state that the American Revolution. Only 11% of registered voters identify as Republican.

              Peyton Manning is great in all those innumerable ads, too. A real natural spokesperson [rolls eyes].

              • Denverite

                You’re going on some misinformation there, dude. Colorado had Democratic governors from 1975 to 1994.

                As for the PFM pitchman jab, all I can say is “CUT THAT MEAT.”

                • Denverite

                  Unless you mean for president, in which case I know Colorado voted for Clinton one of the times, though you’re probably right that it voted for Nixon, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Reagan, and Bush.

                • Unemployed Northeastern

                  Presidential elections.

              • sparks

                Peyton Manning advertised something? Where? Honestly I have no recollection of his ads at all.

                • Denverite

                  I can’t tell if this is sarcastic or not.

                  In the unlikely event not, he’s pitched for Mastercard (the source of “cut that meat”), DirectTV, Buick, Papa John’s, and I think Doritos.

                • sparks

                  Honestly, I remember nothing except maybe a car ad that seemed to be more about OnStar than the car.

          • efgoldman

            Oh, and Boston (and Massachusetts) have a refreshing lack of Tea Party types

            Well, we had the real, original Tea Party(tm) types.

            • Unemployed Northeastern

              Very true.

            • Malaclypse

              To be fair, ours were also racist white dudes who were perfectly willing to scapegoat some non-white people in order to try and get their taxes lower.

              • efgoldman

                Alas that’s true. But we got over it before 1860.

                • Hogan

                  Some of us still remember Louise Day Hicks, you know.

        • efgoldman

          I believe the Rapids won the MLS championship in 2009 or so. DU also won a couple of NCAA hockey titles in the past decade.

          Major sports. While i love college hockey with a passion, it is in no way a major sport. And what’s that other thing? Skeeball or something like that?

          And the orange-and-blue will win the Super Bowl this year, of course, after a 16-0 season in which they score close to 700 points, with PFM putting up 5,800 yards passing and 55 touchdowns — so basically removing the 2007 Pats from the record books.

          Umm. Chickens. Counting. Hatching. Remember the 2008 Super Bowl championship Patriots?

          • Denverite

            Well, I’m just basing it on the fact that the 2007 Pats were oh-so-close to winning the Super Bowl, and the 2013 Broncos are a bit better than that team, so that should push them over the hump.

      • Oooooooooomigod.

        Let’s settle this: Your city is has lots to recommend, it but it’s full of shouty assholes, and your city has lots to recommend it, but it’s west of the Mississippi.

        • NonyNony

          Personally I’m not prepared to call anything settled until both cities have whipped out their respective reproductive members and had them measured.

          What’s the point of a dick measuring contest if you’re not actually going to measure the dicks?

          • Malaclypse

            Ours is measured in Smoots.

            • efgoldman

              Are they keeping the smoot marks when they repair the bridge?

              • It’s the Longfellow (aka Salt and Pepper) Bridge that’s being repaired. The Smoots are on the Harvard (aka Mass. Ave.) Bridge. But they did keep them when they rebuilt the entire thing many years ago, which I think is why the beginning and end points seem kind of arbitrary now.

          • Timothy Fescue

            And weighed. Weight is important.

  • witless chum

    I predicted right away when I read the headline that this thread would be mostly devoted to a pissing contest between Denver and Boston, because why wouldn’t it?

    • Denverite

      Some people’s tongue-in-cheek detecters are broken. I’m being like 97% facetious, and I interpreted UN and efg to be the same.

      • witless chum

        It’s not that I thought you guys were serious, it was just “huh?”

        • Denverite

          Boredom plus the football teams from the two cities are both undefeated (even if much more decisively so in Denver’s case).

      • efgoldman

        I interpreted UN and efg to be the same.

        I vibrate like a quartz crystal between facetiousness and snark.

    • efgoldman

      …this thread would be mostly devoted to a pissing contest between Denver and Boston

      In Boston, we have the whloe big harbor to piss in. We win!

    • I’ve got a soft spot for Denver for breaking our record at abysmal Super Bowl performance (single game).

  • Ulysses S Grunt

    Loomis, what an outrageously anti-California bias here! We have one of the most progressive, young, fresh mayors in the country – Eric Garcetti!

  • ZaftigAmazon

    The amount of money required to enter Chicago politics means that only super rich people or those possessing a lot of IOU favors in their back pocket have any chance at all of winning. Result: Chicago politics looks more like Versailles than a democracy.

  • ZaftigAmazon

    For more insights on Chicago politics, listen to selected podcasts by the Professional Left (AKA Driftglass & blue Gal) @ professional left.blogspot.com.

  • dday

    I know Los Angeles doesn’t exist because we’re merely the nation’s second-largest city, but we just elected a progressive mayor named Eric Garcetti, who hired the head of the California Courage Campaign – the MoveOn of the state – as his deputy chief of staff.

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