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Stop repeating what I say, you’re making me look bad.


Ann Althouse finally tired of horrible people agreeing with the horrible things she writes and closed her comments to all but her husband. That Meade’s the foremost offender when it comes to defending her offensive positions seems not to have occurred to her. But I congratulate her on this “new experiment”:

Perhaps this is the first day of the new era on this blog. You won’t be able to see the comments that would have been written, but you will see how it changes me.

I’m not sure what “it” is, but I do so hope it “changes” her into something resembling a rational and compassionate human being.

I’d settle for sober.

I’m a little concerned about this idiot pack she’s loosed upon the rest of us, so if you notice a slight uptick in fringe lunacy, remember we have a policy that you’re welcome to enforce with wild abandon.

UPDATE [SL]: Why does Ann Althouse HATE FREE SPEECH? As I understand it from Althouse’s previous writings, if the principle means anything it sure means that people must have unlimited access to the comment sections of other blogs.

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  • delurking

    Apparently everything was fine with Althouse as long as her commitariat were only attacking liberals and (other) women; but as soon as they started attacking her, she yanked out the BIG mallet.

  • commie atheist

    First linky no worky.

    • SEK

      Does now.

  • Does this mean she’ll stop thinking about Noon’s penis?

    • commie atheist

      As long as she’s still married to Meade, no.

      • zombie rotten mcdonald

        I would prefer not to hassle her for her selection of spouse.

        Their actual writings and opinions are far more than enough to ridicule them for, I would sy.

    • Pseudonym

      Where is that link anyways?

  • Peter Hovde

    So, in an effort update my Internet Tradition Awareness Module: how did the pancakes thing get started?

    • Warren Terra

      Srsly? The origin story is hyperlinked right at the end of the original post, and you ask this question?

      • Peter Hovde

        I thought it was an instance of a tradition that had been established at some earlier point.

        • SEK

          No, this is one of the few that I’m responsible for.

          • Scott Lemieux

            WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL INTERNET TRADITIONS! Except for that shit with cats and cheesburgers, which frankly was always kinda lame.

            • LeftWingFox

              You are certainly responsible for being aware of all internet traditions. ;)

          • Peter Hovde

            SEK, you *are* an internet tradition.

            • SEK

              Not until I have my own Know Your Meme page, I’m not.

              • SEK

                (Not officially, at least.)

              • mark

                On the other hand, you are still the number one hit for “Professor Office Sex.”

      • The Wrath of Oliver Kahn

        And if you read the comments to the origin story post, you’ll notice that the second comment is actually Peter’s.

  • First link:

    I’m sorry, but the page you’re looking for could not be found. Below are our most articles. Perhaps you’ll find what you’re looking for there.

    (Your most articles? Groovy!)

    You won’t be able to see the comments that would have been written, but you will see how it changes me.

    The comments that would have been written? Schrodinger’s comments? The ghosts of comments yet to be?

    I think a shit ton of fun could be had with a blog that is solely comprised of comments that might have been posted in reply to Malthouse’s posts, but I am a bit odd.

    • LeftWingFox

      The ghosts of comments yet to be?

      A million potential comments discarded in an old gym sock?

      • Comment abortion!


        • Warren Terra

          See, now, the problem I have with this is the notion that Althouse’s comments constituted Life. As in: can you imagine a sentient being born of, and shaped by, Althouse’s comments section? The mind rather boggles …

          • LeftWingFox

            Life? Yes.

            Sentience? Nope.

            • rea

              What, haven’t you seen the Alien movies?

              • The Dark Avenger

                Remember, folks, this is the same woman who worried that satirical comments about her on Sadly, No! would ruin her reputation.

                • Warren Terra

                  Given the blithering idiocy she puts out under the name “Ann Althouse”:
                  1) You’d think she wouldn’t notice someone else chipping in. You’d certainly think no-one else would notice.
                  2) You’d think she’d appreciate some muddying of the waters regarding who was responsible for stupid statements made in the name of “Ann Althouse”.

                • SEK

                  Not that she ever understood what she was talking about in that regard, as she I demonstrated.

                • DrDick

                  There is nothing that the Sadly Naughts! could do that would tarnish her reputation a fraction as much as what she posts herself (much less the cringe and nausea inducing videos).

                • brad

                  I was the imposter, actually.

                  And she later banned me from her comments when we went there to explain to her that Bradrocket was not talking to himself and I was “a different brad” for a reason. And she randomly deleted comments. It was an amusing afternoon.

                • brad

                  Oh wait, that wasn’t the one about me making a fake facebook for her, back in 2006 or 07.
                  That was also amusing, though I wouldn’t try repeating it today.

                • Man, this was 2006. Good times.

                  I wonder it this page is in the wayback machine:


    • Incontinentia Buttocks

      Someone should start a blog to serve as Althouse’s missing comment section…just as a form of fairly simple stick-poking.

      • Someone has been wondering if there are legal complications in starting a blog for orphan blog comments.

        [Strokes lynx-point Siamese cat, cackles.]

        • Warren Terra

          This was briefly supposed to be a Hot New Thing a decade or so ago: sites or plug-ins that mediated your browsing of the Internet, displaying on each page you visited the comments left on that page by other users of the same mediating site or plug-in. There were of course social networking implications: the comments that would be shown were the most recent and those with the most upvotes, or those comments left by your friends and by theirs. I don’t recall the brand names involved, and the notion seemed to wither away.

          • That sounds … clunky. But also meant to be somewhat useful. Not really what I have in mind at all. At all.

      • brad

        is an interesting idea.

    • Warren Terra

      I’m pretty sure their most articles are “the” and “a”.

      • commie atheist

        I read that as “moist” articles. I will go no further.

        • Origami Isopod

          We all appreciate that.

          • zombie rotten mcdonald

            nah, the internet demands that he go further.

    • Lee Rudolph

      but I am a bit odd.

      No. No. You are not (in this matter) the least bit odd. You are right on, and have expressed the deep inner feelings of all right-thinking people. Or at least what might have been their deep inner feelings if they had had the opportunity to think rightly before you did.

    • Another Anonymous

      “You won’t be able to see the comments that would have been written, but you will see how it changes me.”

      The Blog of Dorian Gray.

  • Auguste

    Given the high incidence of the titular complaint among writers* like Althouse, I was surprised the hyperlink to this post wasn’t “…making-me-look-bad-2.”

    * Bet you thought I was going to say “sic”, didn’t you?

    • commie atheist

      Titular? Sexist pig.

      • Warren Terra

        So you want to dictate terminology?

        • Pseudonym

          No, I’m way too pusillanimous for that.

  • jim, some guy in iowa

    Ah, now I understand the pancake thing

  • “WIN!!!”

    For seriously? That’s … mature.

    • commie atheist

      Cut the guy some slack. He has to wake up next to Althouse every morning.

      • Timb

        And edit her racist, insane comment section

    • zombie rotten mcdonald

      It’s not even apparent what he means by it. Is he doing a crappy meme reference, “Winning”? Is he thinking that being the only commenter on his wife’s blog to be a win?

      • Hogan

        Has he been telling her she should close comments to everyone but him, so her doing it counts as winning?

      • Timb

        She mentions he was moderating and deleting

        • Scott Lemieux

          Which, in the context of the contention of not only her but most of the wingnutosphere that banning Meade for trolling was the worst offense against free speech ever is particularly hilarious.

          • sharculese

            Did Meade ever even try to say anything of substance or was it just creepy attention seeking the entire time?

    • calling all toasters

      He misspelled “WINO!!!!”

  • Caroline Abbott

    Meade is the only person allowed to comment, and his first comment is “WIN!!!”?

    It deserves a place on the mantel next to his participation trophies.

    • Warren Terra

      If he had a sense of humor, it would have been “FIRST!”

      • He is clearly not aware of all Internet traditions

        • efgoldman

          The wingtards have different traditions than the rest of us. They involve resentment and victimhood, as well as the proper use of terms like “feminazi” and “ni-clang.”

      • Jay B.

        If had an actual sense of humor, it’d be “LAST!!” Which actually would have been clever.

        • calling all toasters


    • jim, some guy in iowa

      A question, because there are metric tonnes of internet traditions of which I am not aware:

      Althouse’s husband used to troll here and now he’s celebrating because Althouse shut down comments due to trolling?

      • efgoldman

        It it follows (il)logically from the “liberals, especially blacks, are the real racists” meme.

      • zombie rotten mcdonald

        Yes, you are aware of irony, even if it is dead.

        • Philip

          You of all people should know that something as minor as dying can’t stop irony.

      • delurking

        Well, see, when you say it like that, it sounds so stupid…

        (It made me laugh, too, especially after the huge flounce she made about Meade being banned here.)

  • zombie rotten mcdonald

    Personally, I am going to miss Ann Althouse blog, a place where now even the echo chamber comments are not obsequious enough.

    And I say that zombie who has killed several blogs because they became infested by commenters wearing bunny hats.

    • Le sigh.

      I posted a good song for you the other day.

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  • You won’t be able to see the comments that would have been written

    …but she will about half way through her second box o wine

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