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Obligatory Musical Interlude



…[Erik] In case you need a whole soundtrack of anti-Thatcher songs.

[DB]: even more music, with analysis.  I think I’d rather be in the UK for this coverage, as it promises to be somewhat more balanced than here.

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  • arguingwithsignposts

    Can we speak ill of the dead yet?

    • rea

      Elvis isn’t dead–at least, not this Elvis . . .

  • Malaclypse

    Going with the “if you can’t say anything nice” rule…

    • jim, some guy in iowa


    • Origami Isopod

      “…sit here right by me”?

  • McKingford

    Jeezus, for a minute I thought Elvis Costello had died…you know, like a real tragedy.

    • Shakezula

      Same here. Phew.

    • elm

      Yeah, ditto. I’m really pissed at Scott right now for nearly giving me a heart attack.

  • Warren Terra

    One of the best responses I’ve seen is that this happened just after Thatcher was ruled fit to work (it’s a commentary on the current Tory government’s Austerity measure of slashing the rolls of Disability benefit recipients, which it does by hiring private firms to fraudulently claim people are fit to work.)

  • Shakezula

    British authorities should take steps to keep American NeoCons away from her body.

    Lord knows Reagan’s has fallen to bits under their constant and … er … loving … um … attention and Thatcher regularly received praise as the Sort of Leader America Needs.

  • MPAVictoria
    • Malaclypse

      I like this, myself.

  • Leeds man

    One of her children isn’t a convicted criminal.

  • Creature

    Ronnie Rayguns in drag w/ English accent. The comments on the obit link were choice- ‘we need a politician like her in the US, blah-blah-blah’- we’ve already got a bunch of psychopathic assholes already.

    • Cheap Wino

      I (dis)liked, “Since Churchill, three people have done more than any others to keep alive the principles, values, and dignity of Western civilization: Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, and John Paul II. While I grieve the Baroness’ passing, I hail the great good she has done us all.”


  • Good riddance to bad fooking rubbish, say I. As evil as Dick Cheney. She was so horrible she made Ronald Reagan look decent– although that was more because of Ronnie’s affability; on a policy level they were peers.

  • Uncle Kvetch
    • Mrs Tilton

      Kinda hard to check at the moment, but I’m assuming Uncle K is linking to Morrissey performing “Margaret on the Guillotine”.

      • Uncle Kvetch

        Well spotted, Mrs. T.

    • rea

      “She’s the apostolic hag! She’s screaming! Screaming mad!”–Julian Cope

      • Uncle Kvetch


  • Surreal American

    I’ll say this much in her defense: Galtieri was a dick.

    • Surreal American

      Not that I was overly fond of either side during the whole Falkland Islands/Malvinas misadventure.

  • Uncle Kvetch

    Quoth Weigel: “The most explicitly anti-Reagan line I can remember in a pop song is “this tired old man that we elected king” in Don Henley’s “The End of the Innocence.””

    Jesus. He didn’t get out much in those days, did he?

    • sharculese

      Weigel’s a prog-head isn’t he? I wouldn’t be shocked at all to find out his knowledge of American punk is pretty thin.

    • elm

      Since when did Dead Kennedys become “pop?”

      • Uncle Kvetch

        Since when did Dead Kennedys become “pop?”

        Point taken…I didn’t notice the p-word until after I’d posted.

        • elm

          And Bruce Hornsby was a co-writer of that song. Though it doesn’t specifically indict Reagan, “The Way it IS” is a very nice pop song criticizing the Reagan Era. Something like it never could have made it to air during the Bush II era, which is kinda sad.

  • pete

    I understand that an elderly and demented women has passed, which must be a great relief to all who knew her.

  • MPAVictoria

    I am reminded of Frankie Boyle:

    “Her state funeral is going to cost nine million pounds. For that much money, you could buy a shovel and give it to every single Scottish person and we’d dig a hole deep enough that you could deliver her to Satan personally.”

  • Lee Brimmicombe-Wood

    I hated her when she was alive and I continue to hate her now she is dead.

    I did not celebrate the death of Ted Heath and will not do any such thing for John Major. However, Thatcher’s relish at demolishing the social contract is something I remember and cannot forgive. In death I give her slight regard and no small amount of spite.

    She was a monster.

  • Leeds man

    This will be the last time I quote a friend who some time in the 80s said “If I had to choose between Thatcher and Armageddon, I would abstain”.

  • Anonymous

    Counting down ’til some dude argues calling her a cunt or hag or witch is justifiable…

    Oh, wait.

    • tenacitus

      Dude you are the first one to use those words in this thread. Hopefully the last one too.

      • Anonymous

        Really? The rest of the interwebs beg to differ. Dude.

  • Book

    You guys should avert your eyes from Sullivan’s blog. Guy sure likes the Iron Lady.

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