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A Message to Certain Administrators at a Certain Ocean State Institution


Dear People Who Hold My Future in Your Hands,

When you distanced yourself from this lowly history professor last fall for daring to use a violent metaphor against moral monster and NRA head Wayne LaPierre, this awful individual, one Glenn Reynolds, is the person who did more than anyone to spearhead the attacks against me and is the person you empowered through your actions.

Obviously I’m the one involved in these debates who speaks outside of acceptable conversation……

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  • There is no such thing as bad publicity. ;-)

  • joe from Lowell

    That was an incredible act of cowardice on the part of your employer, and cowardice comes at a cost.

    • Unfortunately the cowards will remember it as a time that they looked like fools.

    • cpinva

      “That was an incredible act of cowardice on the part of your employer, and cowardice comes at a cost.”

      no doubt they feel just awful about it now. ok, probably not, that would require both a sense of shame, and a recognition of wrongdoing on their part, two characteristics universally lacking in college administrators.

  • Chad

    Clearly Giffords arranged to get shot as a plot to push gun control on Americans.

    • The thing is, this isn’t really that far away from what some gun advocates I know believe.

      Hell, after the Lone Star College shootings, a friend of mine was convinced that Congress would proceed to ban kitchen knives. Surprisingly he hasn’t yet made the comparable assertion that the Boston bombing will cause Congress to ban fire.

      • . . . I just wrote that. Lone Star College stabbings.

        This is why we do not comment on the Internet after a four-class-and-Mass day.

      • DrS

        They’re coming for your pressure cookers!

    • OmerosPeanut

      False frag operation, of course. There’s no other logical explanation.

      • Hogan

        False frag operation

        Oh how perfectly I’m feeling the tension between laughter and appalment. Kudos.

      • RedSquareBear


    • I guess that makes Gabby Giffords a human false flag.

      • I think his problem might be, at least partly, that to all appearances she directly suffered from his policy positions. With someone else, that might cause introspection, but with Reynolds, all you’re going to get is barely-articulated rage.

  • McAllen

    Fuck Instapundit.*

    *Note to any interested conservatives: I don’t mean this literally. In fact, I would prefer that Instapundit never have sex again.

    • NickT

      The next time would be the first, surely?

    • laura

      It’s ok. He and Dr. Mrs. are far past reproductive age. Instapundit is a bitter shit now; try to imagine him if he had to practice celibacy…

      • Joey Maloney

        He and Dr. Mrs. are far past reproductive age.

        Their marriage is null and void!

  • gocart mozart

    Somebody should put Glenn Reynolds’ head on a pike.

    • sibusisodan

      What has the fish done to deserve that?

      • cpinva

        a swordfish would be a better option.

  • dollared

    Wow. What a slithering, loathsome creature.

  • Incontinentia Buttocks

    When you distanced yourself from this lowly history professor last fall for daring to use a violent metaphor against moral monster and NRA head Wayne LaPierre,…

    You just think of Wayne LaPierre as a head, don’t you ;-)

  • NickT

    Just remember, Glenn Reynolds is the real victim of the Boston Marathon atrocity. After all, he’s white and male and conservative, so no-one else has victimhood rights.

    • EH

      If an arrest is made of someone just like him, he’ll be the first to caution everybody not to fly off the handle.

  • As someone said in the last Gosnell thread, “it’s a cliche, but Christ, what an asshole.”

  • gocart mozart

    How long have you worked at Ocean State Job Lot, Erik?

    • It was almost running on 4 months now.

    • Origami Isopod

      Personally I’d have gone for Del’s Lemonade. OSJL operates in several states.

      • comptr0ller

        Stuff is bland as Dana Perino’s freestyle

        • Origami Isopod

          Some of us have a sweet tooth.

  • Sly

    Glenn Reynold’s sole contribution to the planet will be leaving it.

    • OmerosPeanut

      Isn’t he the original glibertarian? That has to be worth some kind of footnote in a future history of the US in the early internet age.

      • NickT

        He’s just an unpleasant little man with nothing to offer except incoherent rage. Basically he’s Limbaugh without the radio show and with slightly higher intellectual pretensions.

        • OmerosPeanut

          Then your answer is “Yes”?

          • NickT

            Well, the original glibertarian claim might be a bit much – and I’d be afraid of being stalked by Megan McArdle’s two remaining fanboys if I said yes.

            • Anna in PDX

              Oh common, he much predates McArdle surely. He has been on the internet since long before she graduated from (forgot – Princeton?)…

              • UPenn employee

                I WISH.

              • efgoldman

                Miss Havesham’s School of Etiquette for Young Women (featuring granite countertops.)

              • NickT

                Have you ever known a glibertarian to care about little things like chronological priority? Seriously?!

                And no, she majored in English at UPenn.

                • the original spencer

                  Which totally qualifies someone to write about economics and be taken seriously and think she knows more about the subject than, say, a Nobel Prize winning Princeton professor.

            • Malaclypse

              Tyler Cowen is too busy defending Reinhart and Rogoff. Who is the other fanboy?

              • NickT

                Well, I had the Fonzie of Freedom and Andrew Sullivan in mind. I had forgotten about The Incoherently Incoherent One.

      • Warren Terra

        Isn’t he too lazy and too overtly partisan to be a “glibertarian” rather than a “libertarian”? I’d thought the former was all about convoluted and extensive rhetorical contortions in order to wind up at the Republican positions you secretly favored all along, all the while loudly protesting your noble Libertarian ideals and your best intentions, and insisting you didn’t desire Republican outcomes. Reynolds just seems to lazily gesture at being a Libertarian; he doesn’t put himself out by trying to be glib about it.

        • NickT

          Reynolds isn’t smart enough to manage the David Brooks stealth teabagger routine. He’s a pretty standard issue rightwing kook without redeeming features.

        • OmerosPeanut

          Good point. His first year or so of blogger-level fame might still qualify as glibertarian, but since then you’re absolutely right. He’s intentionally an asshole while McArdle is unintentionally so.

          At least this means he can still be truly lost to history.

          • sparks

            That’s why McArdle is the more fascinating of the two. She’s the Hyacinth Bucket of political punditry. Reynolds is just another asshole.

            • NonyNony

              She’s the Hyacinth Bucket of political punditry

              She’s the Hyacinth Bucket of political punditry

              Wait – what was that now?

              She’s the Hyacinth Bucket of political punditry

              My Grod – it’s perfect. Just … perfect.

              I will never be able to read anything from Megan McArdle the same way again.

              • NickT

                No,because Hyacinth Bucket was ridiculously snobbish, selfish and pretentious – but she wasn’t actively dishonest and corruptly in the service of the corporate oligarchs.

                • OmerosPeanut

                  I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of her pink Himalayan salt and kitchen gadgets.

                • NonyNony

                  I still vacillate between whether or not McArdle is actively dishonest or profoundly ignorant.

                  But that doesn’t matter because from now on every quote that I read from McArdle will be in the voice of Patricia Routlege projecting an air of undeserved smug self-importance (so basically the way her voice sounded previously, except with Patricia Routlege doing it).

                • brad

                  Yes she was.
                  Being stupid doesn’t prevent one also from being evil.

                • firefall

                  Only from lack of opportunity

            • OmerosPeanut

              Sadly had to look up the reference on Wikipedia, but now I’m having the same reaction as NonyNony.


              • Stiv

                Kinda works as a hanging pot of flowers too.

        • This might be a case of definitional drift – by the time I learned what a “glibertarian” was, the term was sometimes used for just that kind of lazy posturing.

          • OmerosPeanut

            At least to me, it seems to have long ago settled into a meaning of roughly “a person who claims to be libertarian because they either use some drugs, aren’t particularly religious, or want to be viewed as `cooler’ than claiming to be a conservative would allow, while supporting conservative Republicans on 99.5% of political issues.” The either clause is, of course, inclusive.

            • I think your post-“or” pretty much nails it on the real essence of glibertarianism, but then, the problem (or perhaps the beauty) of such crowd-sourced definitions is that they drift pretty easily. You’re probably right about the orthodox definition, though.

        • Anna in PDX

          Actually I think the term was originally invented with him specifically in mind, but I am probably misremembering.

          • Warren Terra

            Could well be you’re right. My response was about my perception of the way I see the term use today. If Reynolds was the original Glibertarian, either the level of expectation required to qualify as sufficiently glib may have increased in the intervening decade, or Reynolds may have become lazier such that he doesn’t really bother to be glib anymore, or some combination of the two.

            Or, of course, I’m flat wrong.

            • OmerosPeanut

              He has become lazier. I actually read his blog in its early stages to get a glimpse of what the (seemingly, then) saner part of the other half was thinking. Sometime around the buildup to the Iraq War I stopped reading it because its information content even as a linkhub had gone through the floor.

          • laura

            I think Andrew Sullivan may have coined it specifically in relation to Glenn Reynolds. Is this possible?

        • Bill Murray

          I think he’s too old to want to smoke much dope anymore

          • firefall

            there speaks a young man

      • Glenn is such a sad, sad little man.

        • NickT

          Not a king or god…

        • Snarki, child of Loki

          Heh, indeed.

  • Warren Terra

    I have faith Reynolds’s head will remain where it is: on a prick.

    • Origami Isopod

      For the win.

    • laura


    • tonycpsu

      Good night and drive safely, folks.

  • sharculese

    If I say that I want to scream at Glenn Reynolds until he cries will he try to get me fired?

    • I imagine he would tell you to try more respect and reason and less emotional bullying next time.

      And then try to get you fired.

    • john (not mccain)

      he’d probably offer you $1000 to stay the weekend.

  • herr doktor bimler

    to spearhead the attacks against me


    • Warren Terra

      That’s a sticky point you raise there.

    • comptr0ller


  • Pseudonym

    At least he didn’t do something really bad like use the F word.

  • efgoldman

    Seriously, Loomis, are you genuinely in danger of being evicted from our tiny, corrupt, and not-very-cute-for-its-size state? For some metaphorical bullshit? Keeriste!
    Meanwhile, they just gave the hoops coach a bazillion-year extension. I have nothing against him, he seems like an OK guy, but, priorities….
    Somebody down there needs a primer on Ac-a-de-mic Free-dom, whatever the fuck that is.

    • NickT

      Academic freedom – the right to self de-testiculation and careful refusal to take any position that anyone anywhere anytime might construe as controversial.

      • Origami Isopod

        Some of us don’t have testicles, yet this seems not to hinder our ability to speak out.

        • Word

        • NickT

          I haven’t seen too many female academics who were profiles in courage recently either.

    • NonyNony

      Academic Freedom only applies once you have the tenure. Before you have the tenure, your Academic Freedom only exists in as much as your allies with tenure are willing to defend you.

      • Or your union.

        • NonyNony

          You have a union?

          Damn – congratulations on belonging to a faculty that actually understands that collective action can sometimes be useful.

    • I’m fine for now.

      • efgoldman

        Good, good.

  • C’mon guys, we all know that the most serious problem facing this country today is privileged white men being made to feel bad. When you say Glenn doesn’t care about the victims of gun violence that hurts his feelings… and what could possibly be worse than that?

  • Matt T. in New Orleans

    “Emotional bullying”? Didn’t one of the local trolls trot that out not too long ago? I’ve seen it once or twice elsewhere, but I don’t know if it means anything beyond “You’re trying to make me feel bad for being a small-minded, self-centered, cowardly asshole”. Am I too far off in thinking it’s the latest way middle-class white dudes try to get everyone else to feel sorry for them?

    • In general, yes. With gun advocates it sometimes means “You’re trying to make me realize that there are consequences to my position on this issue.”

    • NickT

      Conservative white middle-class dudes, please.

    • herr doktor bimler

      The usual complaint is that your adversary is an “intellectual bully” i.e. is using unfair tactics like superior arguments.* Here it’s “emotional bully” to remind the reader that Giffords has ladyparts and is therefore incapable of rationality.

      * “Noam Chomsky” + intellectual + bully returns 2,310,000 Ghits.

  • wengler

    It’s like if Jesus came back and headed a campaign against being crucified. Dude gets tortured to death on a cross and suddenly he knows more than the village idiot? I THINK NOT!

    Also, you should at least acknowledge that Gabby Giffords is still only the second most reviled victim of a gunshot wound to the head. James Brady is still the most awful person in the world for putting his fat melon in the path of a crazy person with a gun.

    • sharculese

      Also, you should at least acknowledge that Gabby Giffords is still only the second most reviled victim of a gunshot wound to the head.

      You may be forgetting a certain President from Illinois…

      • efgoldman

        You may be forgetting a certain President from Illinois…

        And another from CA.

        • rea

          Which of the trio of California presidents: Hoover, Nixon and Reagan (for crying out loud, California!) was shot in the head?

          • OmerosPeanut

            Reagan. Remember the Brady Bill?

            • the original spencer

              Reagan wasn’t shot in the head, though. That was only Brady.

  • Boots Day

    Come on, you guys. You know that if the Giffords side had used more respect and reason, McConnell and LaPierre would have totally caved on this issue.

    • OmerosPeanut

      I’m not familiar with those models. How large of a clip can you put in a Respect or a Reason?

      • Pooh

        Speaking of the origins of glibertarianism, Reason Magazine, everyone!

      • RedSquareBear
  • Barry

    Instabullsh*t’s comment is another data point in favor of the my theory that the right is physically incapable of saying anything which is not pure projection.

  • Epicurus

    I am somewhat surprised that no one has thought to send a copy of this to UT School of Law. I wonder if the Provost or Dean might be interested in reading the random thoughts of one of their tenured members. A fine representation of his qualifications to teach…what an irredeemable POS.

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