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“Some of the one-liners, for instance, were not very strong. Oh, and then you started reading a goddamned Jonah Goldberg column.”


Good to see that Rupert Pupkin landed himself a gig website. Although it’s kinda sad that he couldn’t even get Pajamas Media to spring for it.

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  • commie atheist

    Bill Whittle has always been good for a laugh or two:

    What we are trying to do right now is to get a functional version of Ejectia! up and running as soon as possible. Whatever we have in place on Day One will simply be a starting point for the improvements we are planning on Day Two. Ejectia! — like every city — will be built on the foundations of what it was yesterday. It will never be finished.

    Ejectia! Can’t understand why that never caught on.

  • c u n d gulag

    It’s not just that today’s Conservatives are humorless, it’s how badly they write that’s annoying – prone to simplistic language (with some o’ them thar $50 SAT words thrown in, to show some gravitas) and jingoistic verbiage.

    Hard as they try, there’s no there, there.

    I was no great fan of William F. Buckley, and say what you will about his Conservative philosophy, at least that asshole could write.

    I can’t say the same for this idiot, or Jonah, or Kristol – a man so insipid, that the NY Times after a year canned his ass, looked at Bobo and said, ‘Ok, YOUR job’s secure – as long as you don’t start writing like that shameless hack, Kirstol!”
    Bobo’s coming pretty close, though…

    • Davis

      I found Buckley’s style affected – too much in love with big words, and he spawned a lot of epigones, but he was far better than today’s hacks.

      Yeah that’s right, epigones.

      • c u n d gulag

        “Epigones” is Latin for ‘talentless and insipid hacks,’ right?

    • We need to push back against this “William F. Buckley was a cocksucking racist motherfucker, but…” movement. William F. Buckley was an entitled, dipshit, Yale-man, cocksucking racist motherfucker, who wasn’t worth the toilet paper it would have taken to wipe him off the floor after James Baldwin kicked the snot out of him, apartheid-supporting, black-hearted soulless bastard, full stop.

  • Tnap01

    Is it fair to call Bill Whittle the poor man’s Steve Den Beste?

    • Chet Manly

      I was thinking it was damn unfair for a second. Then I remembered that back in 2004 or so Whittle himself was still carrying on like Den Beste was the second coming of George Orwell long after his site was nothing but two-year old essays and creepy anime fetish posts.

  • SFAW

    Bill Whittle’s career has been on a downward trajectory since “Just the Two of Us.” Well, actually, since “Ain’t No Sunshine,” but I didn’t want to be crueler than necessary.

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