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Mrs. Malkin, giving in can be wrong.

[ 123 ] February 27, 2013 |

The other night I dreamt I was nine years old, on stage, singing “There’s No Easy Way Out” for assembled parents on the last day of summer camp. It was a horrifying dream made all the worse by the fact that it was a memory. My camp counselors forced me to belt out songs from the Rocky IV soundtrack because, I assume, they are terrible human specimens.

Just the worst.

But as humiliating as it is to admit to having been some failed lifeguard’s dancing monkey, I take comfort in knowing that I didn’t choose to sing that song or the Diet Coke jingle that preceded it: a seventeen-year-old man-child made me do it because of something he mistook for “reasons.”

All of which is only to say that Michelle Malkin’s parents need to sue whatever camp they sent her to for this:

I mean, her counselors even made her title it a “parody video,” like they knew how few mad props and scrip dividends her version of “Raise of the Roof” would’ve netted at the next PTA meeting sans the signposting. Or with it even. But when I watch that video — which I only did once, for the purpose of research — all I see is this:


Except obviously on the inside, which is almost enough to make you feel sorry for her.



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  1. SEK says:

    Before you snark, let it be known that they’re all funny, and not in that “I’m not crying” way. For seriously.

  2. c u n d gulag says:


    That’s so bad and over-the-top, I’ll call that “jumping the one who’s jumping-the-shark!”

    • My question is: Can conservatives ever mock effectively? I mean, it seems like the only thing they’re capable of is taking a liberal idea or meme (or in this case a perfectly innocuous bit of apolitcal humor)and turning it on its head in the most clumsy, lame, ham-handed way possible? Do they have *any* original ideas? Seriously.

      • actor212 says:

        Mocking requires a sense of humour.

        The closest they come is raging.

      • Sorry for the inexplicable uptalking.

      • cpinva says:

        no. see: miller, dennis. the closest thing conservatives have to a “comedian”.

        “My question is: Can conservatives ever mock effectively?”

        at minimum, it requires that you have an actual sense of humor, a personality trait no conservative has yet been found to possess. scientists have been researching this for decades. so far, no luck.

      • S_noe says:

        Liberals are not going to find conservative mocking of liberals funny (most of the time). And the inverse is true, too. If you’re going to enjoy a good mocking, you need to find the thing being mocked somewhat ridiculous, and for intra-group-mockery-appreciation, those instances are going to be pretty specific.

        What we all might be able to agree on is that self-mockery can be hi-larious. The only self-mocking conservative I can think of this second is PJ O’Rourke, but that’s me living in my NPR-listening bubble, probably.

        Still, I think there is probably an imbalance going on, due to the old conservative epistemic closure problem. Theoretically, I might have enjoyed some right-to-left mockery of, say, the Bloomberg soda-size restrictions, but everything like that that came across my radar included something off-putting about the size of Michelle Obama’s butt, etc.

        • sharculese says:

          Liberals are not going to find conservative mocking of liberals funny (most of the time). And the inverse is true, too. If you’re going to enjoy a good mocking, you need to find the thing being mocked somewhat ridiculous, and for intra-group-mockery-appreciation, those instances are going to be pretty specific.

          There’s not really any ‘mocking’ going on here, is the thing. There’s an attempt from a humor-deficient rageoid, but it doesn’t really actually make sense.

          • sharculese says:

            See also Jenny’s bizarre new obsession with accusing people here of racism/sexism any time a woman/PoC is criticized.

            There’s a basic lack of understanding of the subject that prevents satire of it.

        • actor212 says:

          That’s simply not true. If a joke is funny, a joke is funny.

          Miller occasionally…and I stress, occasionally…comes up with a doozy. But here’s the thing: he can’t let go of his rage long enough to leave it at that. He feels he has to try and shred whatever point he’s made by extrapolating on it until it becomes distinctly UNfunny.

      • No.

        Simple answers to etc. etc.

  3. Sly says:

    Question: If American Muslims in the internment camps that Malkin wants to set up were forced to watch this video on an endless loop, would it rise to the level of a Crime Against Humanity, or would it qualify as only a lesser offense?

    • c u n d gulag says:

      Definitely a “Crime Against Humanity.”

      If the people being forced to watch this didn’t try to kill themselves, they’d surely try to blind themselves.

      Thank the FSM she ain’t singin’ in it, too.

  4. Protip for Michelle: if you have to explain the joke, it’s not a good joke. Seriously…”Diggie?”

  5. Uncle Kvetch says:

    Never watched the cheerleader video. Never gonna watch this one neither. I won’t. You can’t make me. Never.

  6. nixnutz says:

    It’s an ancient meme and the humor seems forced and weak at best (although ultimately that’s a “Beyonce sucks” argument) but I have a long-standing personal motto that says “if you don’t look stupid, you’re not dancing.” And Michelle really embodies that here; she’s going for it and making herself ridiculous in front of the whole internet, I can only applaud that. It’s certainly my favorite thing she’s done.

    Still, I will cleanse my palette with some Candy Johnson.

  7. She’s still on the internet? Huh.

  8. Timb says:

    First, why the wig? Strange creative choice. Secondly, not only s the Prius a huge money maker for Toyota, but the combination of the hybrid engine and the computer makes it impossible to “run out of battery power.” It isn’t, at least in my case, an electric only vehicle.

  9. Carbon Man says:


  10. witless chum says:

    Say what you will about Malkin being generally vicious, unpleasant and amoral in her public persona, but at least she’s willing to do odd, vaguely creative things. I mean, it’s not like Glenn Reynolds is going to start doing needlepoint and selling throw pillows that say “heh, indeed.” Would Althouse create a diorama of dolls extolling Scott Walker? Would the Donalde give himself a tattoo of Muslims blowing up?

    I think you have to respect creativity a little bit.

  11. bexley says:

    Clearly the video was a satire of right wing attacks on Michelle Obama. This post merely underlines LGM’s inability to understand humour and Seth MacFarlane’s Michelle Malkin’s brilliance.

  12. actor212 says:

    I was very disappointed to see there was no “Check The Countertops” dance or “I’m OUTRAGED That Bloggers Did To Me What I Did to a Twelve Year Old Kid and His Family”

  13. g says:

    The concept is stupid, the execution poor, and the production values suck.

    And the purpose of it is petty and mean-minded.

    Kind of like everything Michelle Malkin does.

  14. Uncle Ebeneezer says:

    First a Karate Kid theme song, now Rocky IV*…I’m beginning to notice a strange trend towards 80’s fight-movie anthems in your musical oeuvre, Scott. What next: The Last Dragon, Gymkata? Then again, anyone who has read your vis. rhet. posts could argue that this is an apt description of your spirit:

    In the burning Heart
    Just about to burst
    There’s a quest for answers
    An unquenchable thirst
    In the darkest night
    Rising like a spire
    In the burning heart
    The unmistakable fire

    *A casette type that I confess I almost wore out in my walkman during my futile teen training to try to become the white Spud Webb.

    • SEK says:

      It’s not my fault I was six to nine years old when when these films were coming out, and that their themes songs lodged themselves in my head accordingly. If it’s any consolation, I’m such a nerd that when, in 1985, I was given my first “jambox” for my birthday, I rushed to the library to consult the big Rolling Stone Guide to Music book. I’d decided I only wanted to play good music on my new “jambox,” which mean only albums rated with five stars. I randomly opened the “R” section, and later that day purchased REM’s Lifes Rich Pagent and The Replacements’ Tim.

      So yes, I know that’s totally random taste, but if you’re going to flip through a big book of tiny reviews, you could do worse than to land on the “Rem-Rep” pages.

      • sharculese says:

        Yeah that sounds like a pretty fortuitous outcome.

      • Bill Murray says:

        all you’re losin’ is a little mascara

      • Uncle Ebeneezer says:

        Oh I know all about it. My musical influences are equally random. I think a large part of it is due to having formative years that spanned from the late 70’s to early 90’s which featured such a bizarre range of music (classic rock, easy listening/yacht rock & disco to New Wave/MTV pop to hair metal to alternative etc.) and had soundtracks became such a dominant part of our culture, inundating us with catchy Loggins/Survivor tunes.

      • Belle Waring says:

        Dude, what? That’s how you got music? I guess it’s way better than the MIT physics nerd this friend of mine was dating who alphabetized his music collection, realized there was nothing in “s”, and went out and bought Supertramp’s greatest hits. He explained that, as we all listened to “The Logical Song” together, and remarked that since then he’d really come to love the band. My ability to not kill him then and there still surprises me to this day. I could have dispatched him with the boombox itself, it being one of those huge ones. I guess I have an unfair advantage, since my parents listened to cool music already. My parents bought the Sex Pistols when they came out! As a kid I listened to every side of every Clash album ever, forever, world without end, amen. I can’t tell you how annoying it was to come home with a Big Star album for the first time (I was like 22!) and have my dad say, as it played, oh, is that Alex Chilton? Yeah, I know that guy. We had a fight so I haven’t talked to him in ages. Me: !!????!!! Dad: no, I don’t feel like it.

    • actor212 says:

      When he gets to St. Elmo’s Fire, then it’s time to talk with his attending physician.

  15. JG says:

    Conservative attempts at humor inevitably result in no humor but plenty of sneering imbecility.

    • Uncle Ebeneezer says:

      Seriously. This Malkin vid is awful, but pretty par for the course in the standard trying-too-hard way. I can’t think of a single conservative attempt at mockery that I disagreed with but still had to admit was amusing. Stewart/Colbert/30 Rock do a pretty good job of goofing on liberal stereotypes, but I can’t think of any examples done by actual conservatives…ever.

  16. ChesterNut says:

    Government is spending 40 percent more than it takes in via taxes.

    Most of this is coming from medical spending; there’s a 10 percent annual increases in medical costs in the private sector since the 1990s, and here we are now while Congress has diddled itself, and so have two successive administrations.

    Congress and Obama should break ALL of the medical monopolies: make medical services and products subjected to Robinson/Patman, along with the anti-trust law. Stop cost-shifting and stop the ability of the medical firms to abuse the law to enforce massive pricing disparities across national borders.

    This would drop the cost of healthcare massively, cut government spending dramatically.

  17. Having said a variety of terrible things about Ms. Malkin – with plans for more! – there is some wording I’d change at the end of the first clause of paragraph three.

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