A Message to Khomeini

Tonight’s exploration of American culture’s underbelly is brought to you by Roger Hallmark and The Thrasher Brothers, who I think had the most sophisticated response to Iranian Revolution imaginable.

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  1. Green Caboose:

    Sure if you don’t consider:



  2. max:

    You hate us! You really hate us!

    ['That's something way worse than 'malaise'.']

  3. Manju:



    (hey,I can’t be brilliant and original all the time and somebody’s got to pluck the lowest hanging fruit anyways)

  4. David:

    Makes Blue Oyster Cult seem … subtle.


  5. The prophet Nostradumbass:

    The comments on that BÖC song do not fail to be YouTube-like.

  6. Simeon:


  7. rea:

    There’s this, from a leftist perspective (and aimed at Sunnis rather than Shiites)

  8. DrDick:

    Hard to see how this differs from the standard conservative position on these issues.

  9. Davis X. Machina:

    I know. Indistinguishable right down to the giant hole at the center of each.

  10. Richard:

    I’m not sure the point of the post. There were a handful of really stupid songs about Iran. They sold absolutely nothing and got almost no airplay. They have never been reissued. So?

  11. Erik Loomis:

    The point of the post is that I will post whatever I feel like posting about.

  12. Epicurus:

    Mistah Khomeini; he dead.

  13. Richard:

    OK. I was inquiring, not complaining. Do what you wanna do

  14. Loud Liberal:

    Hickbonics is so annoying!

  15. Calming Influence:

    But honestly, who among us doesn’t feel a twinge of patriotic pride when Mr. Hallmark schools the Ayatollah on the definition of “embargo”?

    Gulf War I. Good times, good times…

  16. Roger Ailes:


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