Rape Culture In India and Ohio

The recent posts by E.J. Graff and Soraya Chemaly aren’t easy reading, but they’re certainly illuminating reading.

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  1. arguingwithsignposts:

    Not sure what’s going on, but I get some weird drupal error on your Graff link. The Chemaly one works fine.

  2. Pinko Punko:

    it is accidentally https – just kill the s

  3. Joe:

    I also found this of the same caliber (hard to read but important):


    This sort of thing should be repeated over and over again when talking about how Republicans are blocking the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

  4. Joe:

    Meanwhile: “Scott Lemieux breaks down 2012 and lays out what to expect in 2013 in the Supreme Court.”


  5. Ashley Casas:

    Both readings are indeed q bit tough, but I agree that it does open up one’s view on the matter. We are all aware that violence against women is happening, but we tend to look the other way. The bus gang rape on India however changes the matter. With the eyes of the world watching them now, India’s laws on violence against women is taking a turn. Hopefully, it does move on the right direction.

  6. Jess Sane:

    What with the way some people worship football, it’s not really surprising that so many players and coaches think they can get away with such foul behavior.

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