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Name our production studio(s)!

[ 123 ] January 26, 2013 |

In the first podcast, Lawyers, Guns and Money presented a Lawyers, Guns and Money Production. Which is all well-and-fine for a first podcast, but as we’re mere decades away from monetizing the Internet, I think we need names that are more representative than repetitious. In the comments to Other Scott’s recent post, I suggested that Lawyers, Guns and Money should present

  • A Head on a Stick Production
  • An Internet Tradition Production
  • A Pancakes for Jenny Production

I was thinking we needed one studio, but there’s no reason each of us can’t have our own. For example, Hogan won the Internet by nominating Erik to be the CEO of

  • Control the Means of Production Productions

Also, Njorl pointed out that we don’t need to stick to “Productions,” but somehow missed the opportunity to note that our next podcast could be a Pancakes for Jenny Joint.

So I appeal to your vast knowledge of all Internet Traditions to help us figure out who we should be. The winner(s) will receive fleeting acclaim on a mid-level political-and-whatever-it-is-I-do blog and possibly an invitation to participate in a forthcoming podcast. Have at it!


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  1. DocAmazing says:

    A Gross Domestic Production?

  2. UberMitch says:

    Is That a Battleship in Your Pocket Productions?

  3. In honor of Farley’s deranged anti-air screeds, I suggest S-75 Productions.

    Because he’s dedicated to bringing down the U.S. Air Force.

  4. MikeJake says:

    Juche! Studios

    Not a Crank Production

  5. Scott Lemieux says:

    A pancakes for Jenny production, in association with all internet traditions. Executive producer Jean-Paul Sartre.

  6. DocAmazing says:

    A Knock Before You Enter SEK’s Office Production?

  7. Bill Murray says:

    A Box Wine Production

  8. John Protevi says:

    A What About Ghana, Huh? Production

  9. SEK says:

    I should note that since all it takes is ten seconds in Photoshop to change the title cards, it’s not like we can’t just use them all.

    But there will be only one winner, per contributor, or something. I don’t know, just be funny, damn it.

  10. Tom Renbarger says:

    Green Lantern Studios/A Bully Pulpit Production

    Or at least give Hal Jordan co-producer credit.

  11. UberMitch says:

    Vote Third Party Because Drones Productions

  12. Todd says:

    LG&M is People! Productions

  13. Vern says:

    A Bookmark It, Libs! Production

  14. Uncle Ebeneezer says:

    Good News For McCain Productions

    a Gritty-Clutch Feature

    Lubricated Tusk Entertainment

    IHOPP- (International House of Pulpit Pancakes) Media

  15. Murc says:

    Charlie Carpenter Productions.

    :drops mic on stage:

  16. Jameson Quinn says:

    A West of House Production Joint Harrumph

  17. Craig says:

    Eye-liner Entertainment.

  18. Bill Murray says:

    A Jennycakes and Syrup Creation

  19. dexitroboper says:

    Not As Funny As Fafblog Productions

  20. Jameson Quinn says:

    An Internet Tradition

  21. Bexley says:

    A talking filibuster podcast.

  22. Barry Freed says:

    A Straight Outta COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VIRGINIA Production.

  23. Pinko Punko says:

    That’s my ball! Productions

    You can’t do that Productions

    Are you sure you want to do that Productions

  24. Pinko Punko says:

    Because of… Now I am Outraged by…Productions

  25. Benjamin says:

    Betokened Backlash Productions.

  26. Ramon A. Clef says:

    Pancakes and Walrus Juche!

  27. Jameson Quinn says:

    A Bar None Screed

    (Best I could do with lawyers. Guns and money are also hard.)

  28. Ken says:

    Black Maria.

    (Wait, are we naming the production company or the studio facility?)

  29. thebewilderness says:

    Pancakes of mass destruction production.

  30. Tnap01 says:

    A Please, Please Darleen Click Come on Our Show Productions

  31. M. Bouffant says:

    “If it’s good, it’s a Miracle!”

  32. Tnap01 says:

    I’m so old I vaguely remember the days when there would have been 25 entries by now invoking Jewel… weeps :(

  33. greylocks says:

    a “Get Me Out of This” Production

  34. Tnap01 says:

    A Someday a Slate Columnist Will Give These Podcasts a Positive Re-Evaluation Like Creed Production.

  35. david says:

    Nader-Jeter Studios

  36. efgoldman says:

    It seems a waste of perfectly good maple syrup.

  37. J.Dunn says:

    A War on (Some Classes of People Who Use Some Means of) Production

  38. max says:

    Three Goats for Transsexual Sara, Ltd. /* No idea why, really */
    Labor is People, Too! Studios
    We Sank Your Bathtub Battleship Productions

    If we were being serious, Detox Mansion Studios seems the obvious choice.

    HOOKERS & CRACK Anti-Defamation League

    Hrmm, not firing on all cylinders tonight.

    [‘Honey, I Killed The Pony, Inc.’]

  39. Keaaukane says:

    A 300+ thread Production

  40. RepubAnon says:

    How about: “The Spit Has Hit The Fan Productions” in honor of the song what started it all.

  41. RepubAnon says:

    Or if you’re a Zelazny fan, a modified line from Lord of Light “The Fit Hit The Shan Productions”

  42. Jonas says:

    A Jack Morris Hall of Fame/WARblogger Production

    A Bearded Duck/Cat Boxing/Tentacle Porn Production

  43. Jamie says:

    Traditional Internet Traditions, LLC. Fine manufacturers of memes, heads on sticks, that sort of thing. A family enterprise since whenever you all gay-married each other and started making right-thinking people rethink liberalism.

  44. e julius drivingstorm says:

    A Front Porch Sports Production – maybe with Ray Allen.

  45. catclub says:

    A Law School Loans Production

    A Not Obese but Healthy and Big-Boned Production

  46. You’ll also need an inscrutable five- to ten-second animated logo-clip-thing to run at the beginning [films] or end [tv shows] of each production.

    I don’t have a fully formed conception, but what I do see involves a giant gay logger smashing law schools with a head-on-a-stick? Or something.

    Oh, you’re welcome, btw.

  47. Tnap01 says:

    Shine on You Crazy Steve Diamond, Inc.

    We Leave No Onion Ring Unanalyzed Studios

    This Podcast Metaphorically Kills Fucking Annoying Fucking Yankees Fans

  48. Major Kong says:

    A Bookmark it Libs! production.

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