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Name our production studio(s)!


In the first podcast, Lawyers, Guns and Money presented a Lawyers, Guns and Money Production. Which is all well-and-fine for a first podcast, but as we’re mere decades away from monetizing the Internet, I think we need names that are more representative than repetitious. In the comments to Other Scott’s recent post, I suggested that Lawyers, Guns and Money should present

  • A Head on a Stick Production
  • An Internet Tradition Production
  • A Pancakes for Jenny Production

I was thinking we needed one studio, but there’s no reason each of us can’t have our own. For example, Hogan won the Internet by nominating Erik to be the CEO of

  • Control the Means of Production Productions

Also, Njorl pointed out that we don’t need to stick to “Productions,” but somehow missed the opportunity to note that our next podcast could be a Pancakes for Jenny Joint.

So I appeal to your vast knowledge of all Internet Traditions to help us figure out who we should be. The winner(s) will receive fleeting acclaim on a mid-level political-and-whatever-it-is-I-do blog and possibly an invitation to participate in a forthcoming podcast. Have at it!

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  • Bruce Leroy

    Gay lumberjacks productions

  • LosGatosCA

    Bully pulpit studios

  • LosGatosCA

    No edit function artists

  • LosGatosCA

    What the hell happened to the other 72 comments?

    • commie atheist

      They got old.

      • Just switched to my MacBook – can’t see that “Older Comments” link on an iPhone 4 or maybe it’s not just the comments getting older.

      • Njorl

        Are they gonna die soon?

    • rea

      What the Hell Happened to the Other 72 Comments Productions

  • John

    Shouldn’t it be “Control of the Means of Productions”?

    • SEK

      Yes, it should’ve, and now is.

  • Bill Murray

    Ray Allen’s Ball Pastime

  • Bill Murray

    A Commie’s All the Way Down Pursuit

  • Who do I sleep with to get off this production?

  • NBarnes

    First Against The Wall When The Revolution Comes Artists

  • Manju

    A Spiked Head Joint.

    • Uncle Kvetch

      Manju, when you’re good, you’re good.

      • SEK

        Damn, that works both for Erik and myself. Wait a minute, I was spiking heads before Loomis, I just never published it! (I threatened to mount the basketballs flying onto my back on spikes as warnings to future trespassers was about it. I suppose I’m racist now, because I want to murder the NBA!)

    • Dennis Orphen

      I came to this blogs for the posts. I stayed for Manju’s comments.

  • Thlayli

    Blazers Wuz Robbed Productions

    • Tell me about it.

      • Anna in PDX

        I like this one!

  • This has been:

    An Excitable Boys Production;

    A Gambling in Havana Production;

    A Went Home With the Waitress Production;

    A Syrians are Mad at the Lebanese Production;

    A Diplomatic Immunity Production;

    A Lee Ho Fooks Production;

    A Howlin Round Your Kitchen Door Production;

    A Lon Cheney Walkin With the Queen Production;

    A Mr Bad Example Production;

    A Lookin for the Next Best Thing Production;

    A Help Out the Congolese Production;

    A Headless Thompson Gunner Production;

    A Play it All Night Long Production;

    A Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me Production;

    A Lay My Head on the Railroad Tracks Production;

    A Just Like Jesse James Production;

    An Accidentally Like a Martyr Production.

  • Hot Walrus Productions

  • Just go with “World’s Worst Online Deliberative Body”. No chance of listener disappointment with that name!

  • Hmm. Not enough internecine suggestion

    Greenwald is Wrong Productions
    Proudly Paul Incurious
    War On (Some Classes of Posts by Some Classes of People) Crooked Timber, unlimited
    Nader Hater Happenings

    • gmack

      Agreed. But there also needs to be some Kaus reference. Maybe, “A Blown Goat Production”?

      • WAK (War On Kaus) Productions.

        And was Kaus internecine in either sense?

        • gmack

          Well, I suppose you could make an argument on behalf of meaning 1. I recall the attacks as pretty brutal, though it’s a bit of a stretch to think of them as “deadly” or as a form of slaughter. There were certainly nothing as awful as calling for his head on a stick or something (on the other hand, if I recall correctly–Rob will have to verify–I believe Kaus may have actually responded to some of them at some point). I certainly don’t recall much internal debate about the Kaus ranting.

          • I thought the destruction had to be mutual for it to be internecine (that or the meaning I aimed for, i.e., within the same side; I don’t think Kaus is on our side and I think LGM crushed him :)).

  • Kathleen

    Brought to you by: “The Very Serious Village People” (over theme song “YMCA”).

    • Jameson Quinn

      You mean, “In The Navy”.

      Which brings up a story. I was eating my rice and beans in a hole-in-the-wall in Oxchuc, Chiapas. If Ayn Rand’s “takers” exist somewhere, it’s there: since the late 90s, over half the income for the average family is government programs, and diabetes is at alarming levels because this sudden income buys junk food, but at least they’re not Zapitistas goddamn it. There was the requisite tiny TV in the corner blaring annoying daytime talk shows. Slowly I realized that the teevee was singing to the tune of “In The Navy”, but the words were “Es Cuaresma” (“It’s Lent”). And the village-people-lookalikes singing, dressed up in pseudo navy garb, were apparently trying to sell me some kind of balogna product. Strangest commercial I ever saw.

  • A What the Hell Happened to Noon? Production.

  • muddy

    It could have been Hump Productions, except the cat is on meds now.

  • Technically true, collectively nonsense productions.

  • Juche Syrup Join

    DrearyWords LGM
    United Aesthetics
    21st Century Fucks
    Steaming Pile Pictures
    Fugue Futures
    Wanking Tittles Films

  • simple mind

    Reel World Productions
    Lights, Booms and Mikes

  • simple mind

    High Noon Productions

  • A Less Evil Production

    Productions of a Lesser Evil

    Lesser Evilism Productions

  • tomk

    Woo Be Gone Productions

  • gmack

    Personally, I think we also need to add at least one tribute to LGM’s first (iirc)–and to my mind still the best–troll, Niels Jackson. So how about: A Rights for Bald Eagles Production?

  • Gobshire Productions

  • Dennis Orphen

    A “Jaundiced, I?” Production

  • Hogan

    For SEK:

    White Apartment Complex Productions

    Eaten by a Grue Productions

  • Cody

    Didn’t read all of them, but hope this one is in there:


    It’s a bit long, but making people read it just prolongs the pleasure.

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