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Bigots of the Day


Tennessee legislators.

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  • sharculese

    So… it seems like we need to stop calling in the Don’t Say Gay bill and start calling it the Assisted Homicide bill.

    Because I don’t see any other way this plays out.

    • sharculese

      *calling it the Don’t Say Gay bill

    • DrDick

      Well, actually the Assisted Homicide/Suicide bill, but yeah.

  • ironic irony

    And conservatives bitch and complain about “libruls tellin’ us how to raise our children”?


  • c u n d gulag

    And, how, unless the student “outs” him or her self to them, exactly are the teachers and administrators supposed to determine if a child “might” be gay?

    What criteria does one use to determine that?

    A girl who likes sports?
    A girl who’s a “tomboy,” because she likes to hang around with the boys, and punches their arms?
    Does the girl prefer jeans to dresses?

    A boy who likes poetry?
    A boy who likes to hang around with girls, and giggles a lot?
    Does the boy like to be very neatly dressed?


    We don’t need Flouride in the feckin’ water in some states, we need feckin’ Thorazine!

    • rea

      And, how, unless the student “outs” him or her self to them, exactly are the teachers and administrators supposed to determine if a child “might” be gay?

      It’s easy–the one’s who might be gay are the ones complaining about being bullied, or about being abused at home.

      • c u n d gulag

        Well, it’s obvious that no bully could EVER be gay!

        No possibility of a child lashing out at others, because they feel any sense of sexual confusion or percieved inadequacy.
        Never happens.

      • Bill Murray

        I am guessing reading their students facebook page is how they will know who is gay

    • Malaclypse

      If there is one lesson from middle school I will always remember, it is that you don’t need to be attracted to men to be a fag.

      Not that changes the appallingness of the bill at all, but it does point out the absurdity.

      • c u n d gulag

        Yeah, if they were to accuse every middle school child who was ever called a “fag” or a “dyke,” then, well, EVERY parent would be told that their child is, or “might” be, Gay.

        The “TEH STOOOOOPID FORCE” is powerful in these people.

        • Pestilence

          Which is actually the answer, for teachers – rather than possibly break the law by failing to report one, clearly ALL students need to be reported as potentially gay.

      • DrDick

        I, too, am all to familiar with that phenomenon. Growing up in Oklahoma in the 50s and 60s was, shall we say, an experience. One I generally try to forget.

    • A small bit of good news re: gender essentialism. I was looking at my son’s Fisher Price racetrack and thinking “I bet girls would have fun racing cars, too.” So anyway, I spot–on the side of the box it came in–a little girl playing with the track. It was pretty neat. Baby steps, baby steps…

    • grouchomarxist

      So I’m guessing that — if you’re a boy — joining the Drama Club is right out. (Or do they even have such a thing as Drama Club, in these glorious days of teaching to the test?)

  • Tennessee lawmakers are knee-deep in derp.

    I mean, do wingnuts just sit around thinking of ways to be shitty and awful?

    Way to shift some paradigms, dude.

    • Cody

      It’s just the next level of No Child Left Behind.

      First, if you got bad grades then you got no money to be educated. So naturally you got a bad education and your grades got worse.

      Now if you get bad grades because your family doesn’t have money, you also get less money!

      One step closer to creating a concrete ceiling for the impoverished.

      • BigHank53

        I’m wondering how long it is before Campfield proposes debtor’s prisons. Run by CCA or Wackenhut, of course. Just shove all the poors someplace where he doesn’t have to look at them or have his Christian mind troubled by them. It’d only cost about $40,000 each per year, and they’ll surely save all that money once they kill TANF and SCHIP and close those failing schools, right?

    • DrDick

      I mean, do wingnuts just sit around thinking of ways to be shitty and awful?

      Why yes, yes they do.

      • grouchomarxist

        I don’t know whether Campfield’s wingnuttery is genuine or a convenient pose (my money’s on the former) but one thing’s for sure: this kind of grandstanding appeals to the shitty, awful people who vote for him.

  • Tybalt

    They are pretty much the Bigots of Every Day. Not a day seems to pass at the moment without something appalling coming out of the TN legislature. Are they in the middle of a short session or something?

    • Snarki, child of Loki

      …and do they ride to work on the “short bus”?

      Based on GOP projection, I have to conclude that the TN state legislature is absolutely RIDDLED with closeted homosexuals. No doubt the TN capitol nightlife picks up a lot when the legislature swishes into town.

      • spencer

        That comparison is not at all fair to special needs students. They are, as a group, almost certainly smarter than the Tennessee Legislature.

        • Malaclypse

          And certainly more compassionate.

  • Winchester

    Sexual morality is utterly, critically important.

    Sexual perversion is damaging to mankind.

    Marriage is truly, truly SACRED and not a mere point of civil contract law.

    Divorce is evil.

    Divorce and remarriage is intolerable.

    Sex outside of marriage is gravely sinful.

    Masturbation is gravely sinful.

    Sodomy and all of the other sexual perversions are so evil that they literally destroy entire civilizations.

    Contraception is evil.

    • Malaclypse

      Obsessed troll is obsessed.

      Sodomy and all of the other sexual perversions are so evil that they literally destroy entire civilizations.

      Citation hilariously lacking.

      • gmack

        But at least his opinions about the GLBT community is in absolutely no way bigoted at all.

      • c u n d gulag

        I think when the troll says “literally,” it means when God struck back.

        Like God “literally” did in the totally non-fictional Biblical account of Sodom and Gemorrah.

        • MAJeff

          But, Jesus didn’t even believe Sodom and Gomorrah were about sex. They were about inhospitality and cruelty to the poor and weak. Jesus basically said they got destroyed for acting like Republicans.

      • Uncle Kvetch

        Citation hilariously lacking.

        It’s in the Bible, you dolt! Right after the part where it tells you the proper way to sell your daughter into slavery!

        • MAJeff

          Or, as the only righteous man in a community, how to offer her up to be gang-raped.

      • DrDick

        Obsessed Troll needs to get some gay sex and get it out of his system.

    • BigHank53

      Man, no wonder you can’t get laid.

    • Uncle Kvetch

      Pancakes are delicious.

      • MAJeff

        They are. And I haven’t made any in a long time. I think this weekend some orange pancakes with dried cherries are in order.

        • Anonymous

          I can’t help but think of Father O’Blivion whipping up the batter for St. Alphonzo’s pancake breakfast, and what the naughty leprechaun did in the batter when he wasn’t looking.

    • UH-OH. You know what this means, don’t you? An awful lot of conservative folks in conservative states are sinning. A lot. All the time.

    • e e cummings

      Needs moar ALL-CAPS. Like this:

      Sexual morality (OF OTHER PEOPLE) is utterly, critically IMPORTANT (to my self-image).

      Sexual perversion is DAMAGING to mankind (and to my imagination).


      Divorce is EVIL.

      Divorce and remarriage is INTOLERABLE.

      Sex outside of marriage is GRAVELY SINFUL.


      Sodomy and all of the other sexual perversions are so evil that they literally destroy ENTIRE civilizations. NOT JUST PARTS OF CIVILIZATIONS, BUT ENTIRE CIVILIZATIONS.


      See how much more reasonable that is?

      • NonyNony

        Hm. Needs to be in a Comic Sans font to truly get the point across, I think.

        • BigHank53

          I’m thinking full Geocities, with blink tags and multicolored chase lights around the outside.

          • NonyNony

            Also it needs to be signed “P.S. I am not a crank!”

            • I think it should be signed RICHARD VENEMA OF COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA.

              Then again, I think everything should be signed that way.

              • Malaclypse

                Needs moar FUCKING BIG ARBYS

                • Hold up there, mister. Are those Arbys fucking out of wedlock?

                • Malaclypse

                  You don’t want to know about the Horsey Sauce, as it is AN ABOMINATION BEFORE THE LORD. It literally destroys the moral fabric of society.

                • rea

                  Actually, Arby’s roast beef and cheddar sandwiches really are an abomination before the lord, biblically speaking. And don’t even get me started on Red Lobster.

                  If God hates sex so much, why don’t we reproduce by budding?

      • Malaclypse

        e e cummings recommending ALL CAPS makes my morning.

    • FLRealist

      Wow, I bet you’re boring in bed.

      • spencer

        Nobody will ever know.

        • DrDick

          Or ever has.

    • Murc

      Dude, now you aren’t even trying.

      Your first few posts were pretty amazing; you were genuinely entertaining, way better than JenBobNorman or Dagney.

      This is just kind of sad.

      • Malaclypse

        I’m pretty sure he is Dagney. I’d like to think the world is too small to contain two Catholic revanchists obsessed with both Foucault and John Protevi.

        • Alvy Singer

          I happen to have John Protevi right here …

    • DrDick

      Please define “perversion.” If you mean something which is abnormal in humans, then homosexuality does not qualify. It is found in pretty much every society and is accepted in about 2/3 of them. If you mean something that no other animal does, you are also shit out of luck since same sex sexuality is reported for every species, from insects to humans, for which we have adequate data. Celibacy, fully endorse by you and your perverted church, is the most unnatural sex act of all.

      • FLRealist


      • rea

        One might almost think DrDick was an anthropologist. Although our trollish friend W is not likely to know the difference between anthropology and anthropophagy . . . .

        • DrDick

          Heh! I even use that line about celibacy (without religious references) in my classes.

    • JKTHs

      This trolling is starting to border on Poe’s law. The post almost sounds like it’s mocking wingnuts.

    • dl

      Guys, that had to be a parody post. Don’t get so worked up.

    • redwoods

      Okay, I’ve got Sex Outside of Marriage, Contraception Masturbation and Sodomy. Guys, I think I’ve got Bingo! So which civilization did I destroy?

  • Cody

    Why can’t we get the Republican party of free speech and complaining about over-regulation back!?

    (I’m not completely sure it ever existed – I just assume it was before I was born)

    • Left_Wing_Fox

      Not sure if they ever did. The right loves the benefits of constitutional freedoms, but refuse to accept the consequences (i.e. that it applies to faiths and words other than theirs)

  • Manju

    Somewhere in the ocean a shark peers upwards and says; “I would’ve never pegged Fonzie for a Republican”.

    • speak truth’s mom’s pancake fumes

      Sharks schmarks! What I want to know is does Mrs. Fonzie peg him like a republican?

      • Manju

        peg him like a republican?

        The only way to find out is to go to one of the bathroom stalls in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

  • speak truth’s mom’s pancake fumes

    In Tennessee, they just go right ahead and execute gay dogs, so I guess us gay humans need to thank our lucky stars.


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