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The Onion, or Columnist Employed by Fred Hiatt?

[ 13 ] December 12, 2012 |

Without the banner, it would be hard to tell.


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  1. jeer9 says:

    And an essay topic which explores the similarities between corn farming, nuclear weaponry, and print journalism would be a superb example of the common core standards in English that this nation desperately needs.

    • cpinva says:

      a little self-serving there, i notice they kept print journalism as one of the three necessary school subjects.

      yes, change the banner to read RNC, and you’d barely notice the difference.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Jesus, there’s enough ideas there for a year’s worth of Nick Kristof columns.

  3. somethingblue says:

    I’ve read it through carefully several times, and I think this must be The Onion. The giveaway is “nonessential public school programs.”

  4. NonyNony says:

    Sadly if history is any judge in a decade Republicans will be agitating for 3/4ths of that 8 point plan and we’ll be looking back at The Onion as once again being a disgustingly accurate predictor of US lunacy.

    (It won’t be 100% because the Onion put a truly ludicrous thing in this time to ensure that no Republican will take up the banner. No Republican is ever going to suggest raising the price of a fishing license to $140K.)

  5. JKTHs says:

    Step One gets the Very Serious Seal of Approval.

  6. DrDick says:

    Conservative self-parody has reached sufficient levels that it is no longer even possible to parody them.

  7. Monte Sciarretta says:

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