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The First Victory Over the Gun Nuts

[ 24 ] December 18, 2012 |

Rick “Further Evidence That You Should Avoid Governors Named ‘Rick’ Like the Plague” Snyder has taken Michigan well down the road to being Texas north, but in the wake of Newtown is apparently declining to proceed any further for the time being.

Meanwhile, enjoy this roundup of wingnuts who have presumably excommunicated Snyder from polite conservative company.


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  1. Jeremy says:

    It may have had something to do with the 28 point swing in his approval rating, from +10 to -18, since granting Michiganders the right to work for less.

  2. MAJeff says:

    But I thought guns in schools and pre-schools were the answer! What’s wrong with Snyder?

    • DrDick says:

      Everybody knows that 5 year olds with full automatics will solve all our problems!

    • bradP says:

      But I thought guns in schools and pre-schools were the answer! What’s wrong with Snyder?

      More guns in school is probably going to be answer. They will just be in the hands of people employed by school districts.

      • I don’t think putting that type of security responsibility on the backs of the School Department is a good idea. That’s not what they do for a living.

        Lowell, and a lot of other cities, have uniformed police, with their sidearms on their hips, assigned to the public schools. They’re called “Resource Officers,” and they are chosen and trained specifically to do that job full time.

        Not teachers who took a class, and are busy with other stuff. Not regular cops being assigned a shift at the school. Not security guards. Specialized police, who do this full-time, and therefore recognize who belongs in the school, and what is and is not normal. It grew out of the Community Policing strategy.

        It’s a bit odd to see an armed person walking around in a school at first, but there’s a need. In an urban setting, problems from outside come into the school building sometimes.

  3. Linnaeus says:

    I’m glad Snyder did this, but it’s a political mulligan for him. His poll numbers have tanked in the wake of the actions of the Worst Michigan Lame Duck Legislature Ever, and he probably thought his “moderate” image needed some rehabilitation. The wingnuts won’t like this, but they like what he’s doing enough, i.e., going along with all of the other crap legislation, that this won’t cost him much with his allies.

  4. “taken Michigan well down the road to being Texas north”

    Oh c’mon, don’t make it sound even worse than it actually is.

  5. The Tragically Flip says:

    The context around Snyder’s personal popularity is fine, but the fact remains that a Republican governor found it politically expedient to veto a Republican bill expanding gun rights. That’s real evidence of a significant change in the political debate.

    • tonycpsu says:

      …in a blue state.

      Meanwhile, state legislatures in Tennessee and Oklahoma and the governor of Virginia have come out in favor of arming teachers. For Snyder, signing the bill would have been a disaster, but in red states, suggesting that we turn elementary schools into John Woo sets is a political winner.

      • The Tragically Flip says:

        A week ago he would have signed that bill and bragged about it, blue state or not.

        I’m not really sure if you’re denying that the ground has moved, or just trying to temper the amount. America is not about to repeal the 2nd Amendment, but the era of the gun lobby winning every fight is over.

      • witless chum says:

        Michigan has traditionally been pretty pro-gun. There’s more people here who hunt and vote Democrat than in the coastal blue states.

      • Johnny Sack says:

        Looking back on my days as a yute, I can think of at least half a dozen teachers I had, K-12, who I would legitimately be pants-shittingly (more) terrified of if they had had guns.

  6. Dr. Waffle says:

    I wonder if Glenn Reynolds will hold a teary-eyed press conference, during which he’ll mourn the loss of all those hundreds of little guns that will never be able to fulfill their *ahem* potential.

  7. Jeff says:

    Scott didn’t you get the memo? We are not allowed to talk about gun control… it’s too soon we need to wait so we do t do anything rash. Fortunately we can still walk into Walmart and buy an ar-15 and 5000 rounds without having to wait!

  8. William Berry says:

    Great piece by Elspeth Reeve from your last link. Glad to see she has landed on her feet after the ugly at TNR a few years back.

  9. rea says:

    At least ostensibly, the bill was screwed up in drafting (not an unfamiliar problem with the Michgian Legislature–our wingnut majority Supreme Court once had to declare a major “tort reform” provision void for incomprehensibility).

    The bill would have allowed people with CCW permits and extra training to carry in schools, day care centers, sports arenas, bars, places of worship, hospitals, dorms and casinos, where guns are now generally banned. It had an escape clause–owners of private facilities could post and enforce a notice banning guns. But of course, this meant that private but not public schools could ban guns.

    As I say, this is now being passed off as a drafting error.

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