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The worst mistake to make with regards to Erik’s battle with accumulated wingnuttery is this: If I’m careful, it won’t happen to me. Erik employed an emotional-but-common metaphor to describe his feelings about a major public figure in the wake of a tragedy; the response has amounted to a Two Minutes Hate. The first purpose of this Hate is to intimidate Erik and people like Erik into never again speaking forthrightly about American politics. The second purpose is to distract from the fact that twenty children were massacred with weapons that no civilian should be allowed to possess.

Let’s be clear: If you are a progressive interested in writing about politics, this will happen to you. The only question is how you deal with it.

[SL] This disgraceful campaign of intimidation speaks for itself, but I would like to note that Malkin’s flying monkeys consider it self-evidently problematic that Erik got angry about miners unnecessarily contracting deadly diseases. I’m not sure what more one needs to say about the people doing the intimidating here.

[SL] Thanks to Thers for pointing this out.

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