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Foreign Entanglements: Release the KiloTrombly!

[ 5 ] December 19, 2012 |

On the latest Foreign Entanglements, I spoke with Dan Trombly about Syria and sundry:


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  1. tonycpsu says:

    Any thoughts on this? I get that civilian consultants are already a major part of our foreign policy apparatus, but the fact that the Kagans were willing to work for free 18 hours a day for free scares me more than if DOD had hired them outright.

  2. Dan Nexon says:

    So that’s what he looks like….

    Anyway, yeah, Kagan story really, really weird. Petraeus seems particularly vulnerable to ego-massaging by civilians….

  3. shah8 says:

    The central reason I have doubts about Assad being overthrown, merely as a matter of time, is that I simply don’t see a real rebel army with a real political apparatus behind it. From the broader picture that I’ve been able to gather, Assad clearly seems to have a set strategy, internally and externally vis รก vis allies. Said strategy looks very much to be based in part on playing for time. If Assad was really tottering, I think there would be much more of an effort at a real ground campaign. More than this, if huge elements of this army was not reliable, I think we would have seen more and more serious defections in unit sizes. After all, these guys homes are being bombed, so people say.

    I think there is a very good chance that examining reveal preferences would show that Assad still have strong support (as the least evil option) among urban Sunni, let alone the other religious minorities. I also think that the rebels have a major statebuilding project ahead of them during the winter. There is just no Maoist strategy if everyone thinks you’re bad news.

    • shah8 says:

      Another important thing to watch is how well the rebels can generate more manpower via recruitment.

      I mean, all the US had to do in Fallujah is to bomb it silly until will and manpower for resistance ceased to exist.

  4. DocAmazing says:

    That hat hits the sweet spot.

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