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Who Will Be The Gun Movement’s Rosa Parks?


The University of Colorado caved to the gun lobby and created gun-friendly dorms. At the present, there are floors that are gun-friendly. A dorm for the armed is opening in 2014. But the school is disturbed that not a single person has actually expressed any interest in living in the gun zone. Is it because even students who own guns think it might not be an awesome idea to be around drunken armed college students? Nope. It’s liberal segregation:

David Burnett, a representative of Students for Concealed Carry on campus, told the Denver Post that students who met all legal requirements for concealed-carry shouldn’t have to move into segregated dorms. “You’ve proven you’re legally, responsibly and morally able to carry, then the college comes back and tells you you’ve got to move. What would you do?”

I have never heard of such a outrage. Homer Plessy being kicked off a train holds nothing to this. Who will stand up and be the gun movement’s armed and extremely dangerous Rosa Parks?

But the University of Colorado’s pro-gun policy has had one concrete consequence:

The concealed-carry issue was forced back into the spotlight this month when a staff member with a concealed-carry permit at the School of Dental Medicine on the Anschutz Medical campus accidentally shot a co-worker while showing her gun.

Both of the staffers were injured in the incident, but neither was hospitalized, police said.

Really, it’s almost impossible to think of any bad consequences to this policy.

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  • Malaclypse

    At the present, there are floors that are gun-friendly. A dorm for the armed is opening in 2014. But the school is disturbed that not a single person has actually expressed any interest in living in the gun zone.

    Remind me again how tuition hikes are caused by unions, and not pig-fuckingly moronic administrators.

    • DrDick

      Our Republican legislators have been muttering about overturning the system-wide ban on firearms on campus (campus police maintain a gun locker where students can keep their guns for hunting or off-campus target shooting) for quite a while. Fortunately all the administrators in the system think this is a horrible idea and have managed to beat it back so far. I personally have vowed that if it is passed, I will bring my.41 magnum into class with me the first day of each class and tell them that I will leave mine at home if they do the same.

  • greylocks

    Gunilinguists just can’t seem to get their lips around the idea that there’s a strong inverse correlation between one’s fascination with guns and the desire of sane people to be anywhere near you.

    • Ahunt

      May I post this one…? My closed FB women’s group is having an hilarious target shoot with this lunacy.

    • expatchad

      Inversely proportional to the square of the calibre…?

    • Anonymous

      Indeed, well said.

  • Fred

    I sure hope some lawyer gets creative and gets the legislature to pass a law making every concealed-carry holder attending or employed by UC a member of the militia. Then regulate ’em. If nothing else it should create some jobs for un-employed lawyers.

  • Jim Lynch

    “You’re legally, responsibly and morally able to carry [a gun]”.. even during an all night kegger during which you’re publicly ridiculed by the jock who stole your girlfriend and now brags about how much more satisfied she is now that your limp dick is out of the picture.

    • Steve

      Carrying a gun while intoxicated is illegal in CO. So is shooting someone outside of legal self defense.

      So what’s your point?

      • Patrick

        Thank god no one who owns a gun ever does anything illegal.

        • STH

          And nobody ever does anything stupid while drunk.

      • salacious

        Driving irresponsibly is already illegal, so why ban drunk driving?

        • GFW

          And certainly there’d be no point in prohibiting bars and liquor stores from selling to the visibly intoxicated.

      • DrDick

        You do know that most gun deaths and injuries in this country are friends and family of the owners, don’t you? You are far more likely to get shot if there is a gun in the house.

        • STH

          And, yeah, you can charge the shooter with all sorts of crimes, but wouldn’t it be kinds nice to avoid the whole somebody-getting-shot part? I don’t know if you’ve considered this, Steve, but throwing somebody in jail doesn’t actually make whatever they did all better.

          • DrDick

            Who is Steve? What you are saying is pretty much my point, though it runs counter to what you seem to have said that I responded to.

            • STH

              I think you have me confused with the troll, Steve. I hit the reply button on your post when I should have hit the one up top.

              • Emma in Sydney

                Lucky neither of you were shooting. It’s easy to get annoyed with the wrong person, amirite?

                • Pestilence

                  Although clearly Steve hasnt replied because DrDick shot him full of sarcasm (the pen being mightier than the sword)

        • Manta

          So, gun ownership is a self-limiting phenomenon?

    • Cthulhu

      Or the drunken roomate who finds your unsecured gun after an all nighter and decides to play with it.

      We all know that those dorm walls are bulletproof and the bullets NEVER go through them.

      • Brandon C.

        Actually, I’m pretty sure my dorm walls were bulletproof. They were also very cramped, and ricochets are pretty much certain to hit every single person in the room…

    • Johnny Sack

      I’m mostly against concealed carry, but I don’t see why people shouldn’t be allowed to have guns in their own homes. As long as the courts hold that the police do not have the obligation to protect you, at least. If that were changed, I’d reconsider my position.

  • anonymous

    Thank god there’s no drinking or ugly breakups in dormitories.

    • BigHank53

      Never mind that: roomies. With their own keys. Who come home drunk. With a drunk friend.

      Would you want to have to drag a gun safe upstairs into a dorm room in order to keep yourself and your guns out of a drunken idiot’s hands?

      Talk about answering a question that nobody asked.

  • tt

    The University of Colorado caved to the gun lobby and created gun-friendly dorms. At the present, there are floors that are gun-friendly. A dorm for the armed is opening in 2014. But the school is disturbed that not a single person has actually expressed any interest in living in the gun zone.

    Not sure where you get this? The university is responding to a ruling from the Colorado supreme court, not the gun lobby. If it were up to the school administration the gun ban would still be in place.

    • Yeah, they just came up with the hilarious (I mean it) idea of special dorm, which is actually reasonable.

    • Cthulhu

      And we all know that the Gun Lobby has absolutely NO pull over judges.

      • tt

        What’s your point? That doesn’t make Loomis’s statement correct.

  • Just how does one prove oneself “morally able” to carry a gun?

    And all citizens are “law-abiding,” right until the moment they break a law.

    • anonymous

      You mean caught and convicted of breaking the law, as a practical matter.

    • Major Kong

      I’m pretty sure “law abiding” is dog-whistle for “not urban” ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo.

    • sharculese

      A couple years ago Harper’s had a piece by a progressive gun enthusiast who, as an experiment, got a concealed carry license, and one of the things he said was that when you’re walking around armed, whether you want to or not, you unconsciously start gaming out every situation in terms of a potential firefight and in general feel different from/better than people who are unarmed. I assume he means something like that, but with less self-awareness.

  • scholasticamama

    Frankly, I’m not surprised about the “accident” at Anschutz. I’m getting a concealed carry permit and I was shocked and appalled at how many courses allow one to receive a permit without a live fire exercise. A woman at my campus (In CO, but concealed carry not allowed) shot out the bathroom wall while peeing. Stupid is as stupid does – as my mama says. It will be interesting to sit through class. Mostly I can’t wait to say “Oh yeah, well I’m a liberal feminist with a concealed carry permit – so booyah all over that one why dontcha?”

    Interestingly, the other shooting recently on our campus was a police officer who shot and killed a man brandishing a sword through the quad. A gun-carrying student wouldn’t have helped that situation, I’m sure. (Officer shot man after man lobbed off officer’s finger.)

  • Observer

    I can’t speak for CO, but Texas concealed carry licensees get as much or more than most police. Safety, proficiency and law.

    On the other side of the issue, Vermont requires NO training and NO license whatsoever to carry concealed.

    That’s right, a famously liberal state requires no training or licensing whatsoever.

    This is a states’ issue and if you don’t think the training is up to par, then take it up with the state legislature. As far as the federal government is concerned, the second amendment says it all.

    • STH

      You know, if you ever get near an actual argument for or against concealed carry (especially in dorms, as that’s what we’re actually talking about), hop on.

    • Rob

      So from this I get:

      1. Texas law enforcement is really poorly trained

      2. That the 2nd amendment calls for a well regulated militia meaning everyone who wants a fire arm needs to attend monthly drills.

      • L2P

        He’s only talking about “basic” firearms training. Concealed carry proponents only care about basic safety, i.e., can you literally use a gun without shooting out your eye and basic target practice.

        Law enforcement requires hundreds of hours conflict resolution, threat assessment, non-violent pacification, use of force law, and similar training. Yes, even in Texas (why, looky at this: http://www.tcleose.state.tx.us/content/licensing_certifications.cfm) There’s an enormous difference between a good marksman, and a good marksman who knows how to defuse a violent situation, to identify dangerous and non-dangerous situations, and when it is appropriate and inappropriate to use force.

        • PapaG

          Have you been watching “police shootings”? They fire off dozens of rounds hitting just about everything but the suspect. I was present at a holdup in Reno….. the cops shot over 100 times… there were bullet holes in gas pumps, overhead light were hit…..the building had bullet holes all over the damned place…. and the suspect with a .22 was hit ONCE! *sigh* it’s hard to carry and conceal a shotgun.

          • BobS

            I think I may have told this story here before, but…
            About 30 years ago I was working EMS and standing by at a scene with PD and a barricaded gunman who had killed someone. It turned into a shootout, with cops hiding behind anything that might stop a bullet and pointing their guns in the general direction of the bad-guy. When it was over, it was discovered that one of the cops who’d been (understandably) ducking behind his car and raising his arm up to shoot without aiming- or even looking- had put a few rounds through his hood.

    • muddy

      That is entirely wrong in regards to Vermont.

      You have to take a hunter safety course in order to get a hunting permit. The hunting permit is then permission to carry.

      So, Yes to training, Yes to license. You just don’t have to get an extra permit to carry your guns about.

      • Cody

        Hey man. He googled “gun permit Vermont”.

        Google has spoken.

  • Major Kong

    You’ll put your eye out kid.

  • ironic irony

    So 18, 19 and 20 year olds are responsible enough to have guns in their dorms, but their asses are in trouble if they possess liquor in any way? (And let’s be honest- most people have had a drink underage).

    This will not end well.

    • Just Dropping By

      Per the linked Gawker article, the dorm is limited to students 21 and older.

  • I assume the dorm rooms will come with gun safes. Because the whole thing would be so stupid otherwise. But…um. Gun safes with breathalyzer locks?

    • Brandon C.

      That actually sounds like a good idea.

    • L2P

      If I can’t get drunk and shoot at Coors cans, what the hell is the point of the 2nd Amendment?

      I think I’m only kind of joking.

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  • Warren Terra

    a staff member … accidentally shot a co-worker while showing her gun.

    Both of the staffers were injured in the incident, but neither was hospitalized, police said.

    How did the other one get injured in the incident? Dare I to hope they were thrashed for their monumental stupidity with a lethal weapon?

    • rea

      Ricochet, I bet.

      Which brings up one of the problemss with a dorm for the armed. Could they maybe armor the walls, floor and ceiling so that they don’t have a problem with stray bullets?

      • ajay

        One staffer got shot, and hit the other one out of fury.

  • Bob Stanley

    Unintentional shootings galore:


  • Roy Greene

    99% of people who want to carry concealed guns are cowards.

    • PapaG


  • Marcel

    As if 21 year olds don’t drink and act stooooopid. Allowing guns in a dorm – a dorm that houses students as young as 18 – is just asking for a “gun-related incident” to occur. Btw, do these rooms have gun safes? Doh!

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  • PapaG

    When you carry a gun, concealed or not, you should bear the responsibility that comes with it. Those that voluntarily give up their rights to own and carry weapons give up their right to protect themselves. They make themselves “victims”. In today’s society with gang crime rampant and the violence escalating in urban society….and the fact that the supreme courts have ruled that the police are not there to protect the “individual” but society “overall”….. it is us to those individuals to protect themselves, their families, and their homes. A society where most people are armed, politeness and respect for others is paramount.

    In most of the “mass shooting/rampages” by a single gunman, those shot were unarmed and unprepared. What would have been the results in many of those shootings if just a handful of people who were shot happened to be armed?

    Sounds like a lot of you younger folks need to face up to reality and stop living in a world that is rapidly ceasing to exist.

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