Veterans’ Day

Here’s Tom Russell providing something a bit more meaningful than the cheap patriotism we usually see on this day (and have seen all day from the NFL).

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  1. Ken:

    If you think the patriotism’s cheap, wait until you see the bargains on mattresses and tires at our once-a-year Veterans’ Day Sale!

  2. Dr.BDh:

    I’m still waiting for War Resisters Day, when I will march with all of us who knew the wars were immoral. Not just Vietnam and Iraq. I honor my high school girl friend’s father who went to prison over WW II. Hey, Tom Brokaw, I knew some members of the real Greatest Generation.

  3. bob_is_boring:

    But I like having things shoved down my throat! In other news, that Carrie Underwood “anthem” sounds fantastic.

  4. Leeds man:

    The old Lie; Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori

  5. DocAmazing:

    Timeless and always appropriate.

  6. wjts:

    I remember exactly where I was when I heard that Alec Campbell had died; all I could think was that now no one will march there at all.

  7. Leeds man:

    I remember exactly where I was when I first heard that song, sung by Eric Bogle hisself. Sad magic.

  8. wjts:

    Sad magic indeed.

  9. The Dark Avenger:

    What about a War Survivors’ March for civilian POWs like my mother’s family, who were interned by the Japanese Army in Shanghai, China for 18 months in WW II?

  10. Gareth Wilson:

    He was German, right?

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