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More gloriously awful student ideas*


SEK’S STUDENTS: So we had this idea for our project, like a live-action, flash mob reenactment of “LEEROY JENKINS!” where we find like some random students studying or in the park and—

SEK: Let me stop you there. You’re going to surprise random students—

SEK’S STUDENTS: We have the costumes and everything. We’ll just walk up to them, stand around, then I’ll yell—

SEK: I don’t think this is a good idea.

SEK’S STUDENTS: Really? ‘Cause we’ve already made like four or five.

*I really didn’t intend for this to become a series. I think they may just be messing with me at this point.

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  • Murc

    This isn’t honestly doesn’t seem any more ill-advised than most of the stuff students get up to, at least at the colleges I’ve been to.

    I mean, that’s not to say it it’s a good idea. It is not. But I wouldn’t call it GLORIOUSLY awful.

    … unless they’d planned to do it at night.

  • Quicksand

    … or in Colorado …

  • I think they may just be messing with me at this point.

    I wouldn’t rule this out. There is a lot of down time in college, even for students who study hard and work. Hatching schemes, particularly one that involves a professor, is a great way to pass time.

  • Would this have served as an acceptable project?

    I’d argue that it’s glorious, and even awful, in the older sense of that term.

    • SEK

      Yes, that’d be an acceptable project, and it is awesome.

      • rea

        Although I don’t entirely grasp the message that is conveyed by that–maybe it’s just that I don’t speak Siamese . . .

  • Anderson

    I watched the video, and am slightly appalled at how your students spend their time. Also, yeah, they’re messing with you. I hope.

  • Patrick Pine

    Not sure they want to do that at Colorado – where the surprised student might be carrying a concealed weapon and when startled ….what could possibly go wrong????

    • cpinva

      kind of my first thought:

      where the surprised student might be carrying a concealed weapon and when startled

      perhaps, your students might want to spend some of their spare time going out into the world, get a sense of what actions might and might not get them killed, or at least grievously harmed, before suggesting it as a class project. or maybe they just all have a death wish.

      • NonyNony

        College campuses are still college campuses. While a group of strangers wearing World of Warcraft costumes suddenly screaming “LEEEROY JENKINS” and going into some kind of strange performance might be a bit off-putting, it’s still substantially less weird than a lot of other things I’ve seen happen while wandering campus.

        But then perhaps I’m inured to weirdness given the semi-annual zombie/human wars that take over our campus twice a year.

  • Where are the four or five for god’s sake? They can’t have made them and NOT uploaded them.

    • SEK

      They’re still touching them up in whatever video editor Apples use. Have no fear, when they go up, I’ll link to them.

  • rm

    They know you, Scott, they know you.

  • Halloween Jack

    Kindly allow me to repeat my mini-rant about how Improv Everywhere is neither improv (really kind of the opposite) nor everywhere (they tend to pull their stunts in NYC, although I believe that they’ve branched out a bit). They’re pretty good street theater–especially since I think they’ve deliberately stopped fucking with people’s heads*–but still.

    *Which you may insist is the whole point of street theater, although I’d say that that’s more properly guerilla theater.

  • Book

    If they still do it, here is a good way to respond: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxDoSrmkUgE.

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