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From the Party of Lincoln to the Party of Calhoun, Virginia Edition

[ 19 ] November 5, 2012 |

Speaking of Republican identity politics, one set of races that should receive more attention than it has is in Virginia. Right now, Silver shows the Democrats with an 85% chance of maintaining the Senate seat and Obama with a 73% chance of taking the state’s electoral votes again. In this context, it seems worth noting that Republicans were unable to find someone who isn’t an open white supremacist to run for the Senate. Although, admittedly, if Allen wins he’ll have a really real mandate.


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  1. DrDick says:

    I am not sure there is “someone who isn’t an open white supremacist” left in the Southern wing of the GOP.

  2. TT says:

    I think Kaine’s going to pull it out. He’s run a good campaign against a pretty listless opponent, even though he’s made a few too many paeans to the wonders of bipartisanship and cutting The Deficit for my taste (but which seems to be necessary for a Democrat here). Plus, he’s also had an absolute shit-ton of Super PAC money thrown at him and is still leading.

    Obama I’m a little less sure about, but he’s been going awfully hard here for months and I think will be able to use his strongholds in NoVa and Hampton Roads to overcome weakness in the NoVa exurbs, Central VA, and the Valley. I think he’ll do it.

    • JKTHs says:

      “even though he’s made a few too many paeans to the wonders of bipartisanship and cutting The Deficit for my taste”

      Indeed. The only thing that has me enthused about Tim Kaine being in the Senate is George Allen not being in the Senate.

  3. Wido Incognitus says:

    The “Macaca” incident was six years ago. I am not sure that that justifies calling Allen a white supremacist.

  4. Rand Careaga says:

    My college roommate freshman year (1970-71) went to high school with George Allen, and actually related some of his escapades (as in “there was this asshole on the football team…”) during our months in common quarters. I caught up with the roomie in Denver five years ago and asked him “was that the macaca guy in Virginia you were talking about back in the day?” He confirmed that it was.

  5. Rob in Buffalo says:

    Back when I was so dumb I tried to argue with wingnuts on the Internet, I encountered one who told me that “macaca” was NOT, as everyone thought, a Francophone n-word that Allen learned from his French Tunisian mother, but a nickname for the targeted campaign staffer (S. R. Sidarth) based on the fact that he gad a Mohawk (actually kind of a faux-hawk but OK). Mohawk –> macaca. Seriously. Occam be damned.

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