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Foreign Entanglements: War on Statistics

[ 3 ] November 2, 2012 |

On the latest installment of Foreign Entanglements, Matt and I talk War on Statistics:

We also talk about what the foreign policy wonk space look like if Romney wins, and why there’s such a market for progressive critiques of Obama.


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  1. parrot says:

    Nate’s day in the barrel … everyday … a practitioner of the ‘jewish’ science … son of the elders of zion …

  2. Some Guy says:

    I can’t decide if Farley looks more like he just got back from serving some wannabe’s down at the tri-county street-rules dance-off championship, or like he’s helping liberate City 17.

  3. Icarus Wright says:

    Not just thug, but gangsta-thug. Nice!

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