Foreign Entanglements: Evaluating the Latest on Gaza

On this week’s episode of Foreign Entanglements, Matt speaks with Elizabeth Tsurkov about Operation Pillar of Defense:

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  1. Semanticleo:

    Kudos to your interest in all things not ethnocentric. ZERO comments on this and zero posts on Palestinian recognition. Then there’s this……….

    Bibi and fellow Zionists send Palestinians a birthday gift.

    I know (yawn) it’s not myopic national politics.

  2. Joe:

    Elizabeth Tsurkov is kinda hard to hear.

  3. Some Guy:

    I’m totally with you! I’m also upset that Farley doesn’t comment on each and every piece of current event that happens anywhere in the globe. Where’s the outrage about the continued injustice of the 1940 Moscow Peace Treaty? Robert Farley doesn’t care about Finnish people!

  4. Semanticleo:

    Heh. It’s encouraging to know that stalwart liberals are in charge of the current election cycle.

  5. Semanticleo:

    Silly of me to be imprecise...neo-liberal

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