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Declaring a Winner!


Assuming that Florida doesn’t manage to fuck it up again, the final number are:

Obama 332 electoral
Obama 50.5% national

Six entries took 332. Two entries took 50.8. One entry took 50.23, winning the tiebreaker by 3 hundredths of a percent.

gakke says:


Obama gets 332, ’cause I’m an optimist.

50.23 to team O nationally

gakke should contact me for prize information at the administrative address (under “Contact”) on the far right sidebar. Congrats!

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  • thusbloggedanderson

    Congrats to Gakke!

    That Conan clip always reminds me how good Arnie’s acting became … by comparison.

    • Stan Gable

      If you were watching Arnold movies for the quality acting, then you were sorta missing the point though.

      Seriously run those lines through an actor with ready for primetime delivery skills, then that clip is at least 78% less awesome.

  • scott

    Just cuz I’m anal, I checked to see who would have gotten the Mass MOV closest, and it was Shredder on October 30th at 12:28 pm at 23.1 (23.2 actual). Well played, Shredder, since a lot of polls had it tighter. From reviewing the thread, I learned that a lot of people don’t like Massachusetts (Masshole?!), but what do I know, I’m from Virginia….

  • Jeffrey Beaumont

    That Conan clip wins the internet for the day.

    • Brandon C.


      It never gets old.

    • Anonymous

      Is it wrong for me to prefer a nice summer shandy over what Conan suggests?

  • Curmudgeon

    50.5% popular vote for Obama = 49.5% of the electorate failed its IQ test.

  • Rick Santorum’s Leaky Faucet

    Goddamn it! If only he had lost Virginia, it would’ve been 319

    • thusbloggedanderson

      So you’re that guy on YouTube, yelling at those long lines of Richmond voters to “GO HOME”?

  • I’ve seen a lot of rubbish about less total votes than 2008, but that’s a factor of slow counting & provisional ballots.

    As the last 10 million votes are counted, the margin is over 3 million & it looks like the final percentage may be 50.79.

    • Obama’s final popular vote margin of victory over Romney is expected to be 3.14%.

      I love pi! I love two-digit pi. I love three-digit pi. I love all pi.

  • Green Caboose

    Those aren’t the final numbers. California has a pile of votes yet to count as do other states, and the ballots to be counted probably skew Obama in a significant way. In Colorado there are a large number of provisional ballots that will be counted in 2-3 weeks. I know for certain that they will increase Obama’s percentage in Colorado above the current 4.7%.

    • Stan Gable

      According to Seattle Times article, there are still 275k votes outstanding in King County alone, so yeah…numbers aren’t final.

    • Glenn

      Agreed, but the contest specifically set the tiebreak at popular vote as of Nov 9, 12 pm EST.

  • Jude

    Gakke: God, I hate you for beating me. This was supposed to make up for my shitty fantasy football performance this year.

    I had O 332, 50.8% PV.

    • gakke

      Sorry. I sincerely hope you never lose by 0,03 again.

  • Morbo

    Hold on a minute. You have edit buttons but won’t extend that luxury to us peons? Tyranny!

  • I am impressed with anyone who made such a near to true prediction. I plan to take intro to statistics next semester at the local community college.

  • Jameson Quinn

    Let me guess: the prize for a respectable fifth place is that one of the front pagers will write a post about approval voting… in my dreams.

    (But if you do it in real life, then I don’t get to decide what you wear…)

    Congrats, gakke!

    • Jameson Quinn

      I suppose this threat is pretty toothless unless I specify whom it’s pointed at. So: this means you, Scott Loomis Kaufman.

  • Shane

    Still pleased with my 332 51.4 23.4 call.

    Btw, 51.4 is the correct unskewed vote total.

  • rea

    One day in the
    pavilion at Karakorum he asked an officer of the
    Mongol guard what, in all the world, could bring the
    greatest happiness.

    ” The open steppe, a clear day, and a swift horse
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    ” Nay,” responded the Khan, ” to crush your
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    From Genghis Khan–The Emperor of All Men–by Chalres Lamb

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