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True visionaries in the the field of New Lows


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FOX NEWS WEATHER PERSON: These power outages could last up to a week, right through election day, which could be really great news for Romney.

FOX NEWS BLONDE WOMAN #3: Because even if the power’s back on, people will have a lot more on their mind than voting.

FOX NEWS WEATHER PERSON: It’s not like the South, where people know how to handle this sort of weather.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but FOX News is a real pioneer.

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  • Aaron B.

    It’s like, one tiny hurricane hits and every New Yorker forgets how to drive!

    • Left_Wing_Fox

      It’s only a small puddle pond lake ocean.

    • Pestilence

      like they ever knew?

  • As opposed to a quarter inch of snow that turns Atlanta into world’s largest demolition derby. These guys are great!

    • DrDick

      You do not even want to think about Dallas after a light dusting of snow or an ice storm.

    • snurp

      I have “fond” memories of Hothlanta. My roommate was trapped in a Denny’s, and for some reason thought I’d be able to get through the roads she wouldn’t brave and pick her up. Roommate stayed at that Denny’s for a while.

  • arguingwithsignposts

    Well, to be honest, I’ve been kind of sick of the coverage from NYC media folk on Twitter who apparently never saw a reporter stand in high winds before.

    • Anonymous

      This storm is a genuine disaster in NYC: over a dozen neighborhoods flooded, runaway fires in Rockaway, a major hospital without power, subways inundated and crippled. Save your bitching about the NYC media for another day. There is a real story here.

      • arguingwithsignposts

        Fuck off. Some of us can multitask. And as a former resident of the gulf coast, I can certainly empathize with the actual people suffering through this natural disaster.

        • Ajay

          You should work for Fox.

          • arguingwithsignposts

            fuck you too. like fox gives a shit about the gulf coast either. when there’s a hurricane there, they’d probably ask “why don’t they just move.”

            • Ajay

              It doesn’t matter if you are from Gulf Coast or Jesus himself.

              Just like I cant comment on your experience in Gulf Coast, you have no idea about the situation in NYC. It also doesn’t matter if you experience was worse than others.

              Having said that, and I happen to work in NYC and I know first hand whats going on, I can say you are just a mother fucking asshole.

        • jefft452

          point 1 – “NYC based” media dosent ignore major disasters on the gulf coast

          point 2 – as many people live in NYC as live in all of Miss. and Ala. combined, so yeah, disasters that hit NY get a lot of coverage

          • arguingwithsignposts

            as many people live in NYC as live in all of Miss. and Ala. combined, so yeah, disasters that hit NY get a lot of coverage

            Also, Jeff Jarvis and Andrew Sullivan can cover it from their bedroom window, so there’s that.

          • arguingwithsignposts

            Also, too – “as many ppl live in …” is a bullshit argument fit for a state’s rights champion. Blood is red, no matter where it’s spilled.

            • jefft452

              8 million New Yorkers are worth less then 4 million real americans in ‘bama
              because Andrew Sullivan can see them out his window?

              oh, you’re an asshole, that explains it

              • Arguingwithsignposts

                Way to condemn what i didn’t say, asshole.

                • jefft452

                  For all the whining about how we call the middle of the country “flyover states” –
                  when wildfires ravage Colorado, tornadoes hit Kansas, the Mississippi river floods, or earthquakes hit the west coast –
                  I have yet to hear a single person from the tri-state area watch the news and say “boring! Why is this newsworthy? What about us?”

                  Yet it never fails that some “real ‘merkin” from “the heartland” will pipe up in blog comments or letters to the editor claiming that a major hurricane with 60 million people in its path only gets coverage because of cultural bias

  • cpinva

    these are the same guys who stop to look at every broken down car, sitting on the shoulder of I95, like they’ve never seen such a thing before.

    NYC media folk on Twitter who apparently never saw a reporter stand in high winds before.

  • c u n d gulag

    Because on FOX, there’s nothing that can’t be politicized – and nothing that’s not good news for John McCain Mitt Romney!

  • Steve LaBonne

    This would be the same Romney whose 2011 incarnation wanted to eliminate FEMA (which we “can’t afford”) and let the states handle all disaster relief functions. Heck of a job, Mittie.

  • greylocks

    The chances of Romney winning NY or NJ are still exactly 0%.

    Also, Christie had nice things to say about Obama this morning.

    • Warren Terra

      Christie may be an asshole, and corrupt, and replete with bad ideas, and as has frequently been noted rather avoirdupois, but he’s significantly smarter (or at least cannier) than most of his Republican brethren, and he’s looking out for number one rather than serving some greater mission of party unity.

      • Steve LaBonne

        And he seems to be betting fairly heavily that we’ve passed peak teabag. I give him a little credit for doing so rather than doing a Romney and making ridiculous and humiliating attempts to pass as a teabagger himself.

        • greylocks

          I get the impression Christie can’t stand Mittens. I already had that impression watching him at the RNC, but then his tongue-job for Obama this morning while telling Romney’s people to stick their photo-op request up their arses pretty much persuaded me that Christie is not on board the Romney train.

          And yes, it’s all about Christie’s political future. He wants to be prez and right now he’s being President of New Jersey to show everyone he’s the guy you want at the helm in a time of crisis.

          • Chris Christie’s campaign for the 2016 GOP nomination starts here. Now if he could only stop acting like a mean-spirited jerk in public when people dare to challenge him…

            • Steve LaBonne

              For all that he’s a flaming asshole and a shameless whore for the 0.1%, a GOP that could nominate Christie would be a marginally less scary GOP than the one we’ve got now.

            • Pestilence

              It’s the meanspirited jerk bit that can win him a nomination, so he wont shed that.

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  • John

    The logic here is impeccable. Fewer people will go to the polls in NJ, so this is good news for Romney. NJ will still go for Obama, and he will still win all of those Electoral votes. How exactly does this benefit Romney in any way? Fox News, your source for intelligent political analysis.

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