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“The place you put your money is a pretty good indication of where your heart is.”

[ 19 ] October 3, 2012 |

It is, Governor Romney. Shall we have a look at where your heart is?

Switzerland is beautiful this time of year, but it’s getting a little cold. Maybe you could find your heart another home?

The Cayman Islands? Much more temperate. You and your heart will be very happy there. As will your money.


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  1. calling all toasters says:

    Nobody gives a shit when he’s running against the black Paul Tsongas.

  2. Todd says:

    Did Romney just paraphrase the title of Natalie Pace’s investment book in a national Presidential debate? (Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is)

  3. 2nMelon says:

    That was a rather odd way to help out the DSCC.
    The upside is all that money stays in the presidential race for another few weeks instead of flowing into the toss up races.

  4. Icarus Wright says:

    Who is this “Governor” Romney you (and everyone else) refer to in the present tense?

    • Informant says:

      There’s a convention of continuing to refer to people by their former political office, even after they’ve left it. That’s why you’ll see things referring to “President Carter” working on a project for Habitat for Humanity, not “Mr. Carter, a former U.S. president.”

    • Cody says:

      He was Governor Romney tonight. For the past 4 years he has been President-wannabe Romney who is courting the Tea Party and other Far Rights.

      Suddenly tonight he was proud of all the Left-leaning laws Democrats passed in Massachusetts. He does have a good record there – if only we can get strong majorities in both national branches of Congress like Massachusetts to force him to sign all lefty legislation.

  5. losgatosca says:

    I think Obama has come to believe that Scott’s view on the bully pulpit is absolutely correct and not even worth showing up for. Plus he’s rope-a-doped Rmoney into being the frontrunner for the next debate where . . . . Obama’s strategy will be to eliminate any coattails so that he couldn’t possibly flip the House and could flip the Senate. Once the branches are divided again he can let his inner Blue Dog (per Woodward) come out and make a grand bargain that will ensure safety net cuts immediately and token tax cuts and some reduction in the deficit until the next conservative Republican TeaBagger gets elected president claims a mandate and restores every tax cut ever passed in the history of the republic thereby increasing tax revenue and magically balancing the federal budget, or not.

    If Obama wins this thing, he’s going to give a whole new dimension to winning ugly.

  6. James E. Powell says:

    Did Romney say that? Those exact words?

    If so, how is that not a TV ad?

  7. […] time, Obama did not screw up beyond his passivity.  While ideally the Democrats use Romney’s ill-conceived line about money and hearts against him early and often, I don’t think that the Romney campaign […]

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