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[ 132 ] September 12, 2012 |

Here’s the face Mitt Romney wants you to see when he’s discussing the attacks on U.S. embassies and the murder of a U.S. ambassador:

It’s solemn and presidential, as befits a candidate who just spoke in reverent tones about the responsibility of a President to his foreign officers. But Romney also used this as an opportunity to score political points against Obama:

I also believe the administration was wrong to stand by a statement sympathizing with those who had breached our embassy in Egypt, instead of condemning their actions. It’s never too early for the United States government to condemn attacks on Americans and to defend our values.

Conservatives can crow all they’d like about how the media’s making Romney’s attempt to score points into the story, when the focus should really be on the embassies and ambassador, but there’s one problem with their sad deflection. You know who thinks he scored points by condemning the Obama’s administration’s response? This guy:

This guy can’t believe how lucky he is. This guy wishes he’d found some foreign policy entanglement to use against Obama sooner. This guy couldn’t be happier that Islamist extremists are killing Americans again. Because this guy wants to be President, and he thinks he just won a $10,000 bet with himself that he will be.

UPDATE: Should anyone wish to start a meme. For example:

Feel free to offer suggestions in the comments. I’m not actually very good at coming up with these.

UPDATE #2: But that won’t stop me from trying:


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  1. The Lodger says:

    We’re looking at Day One of the end of the Romney candidacy. These pictures should be plastered throughout the MSM.

    Prediction: They won’t be.

  2. MAJeff says:

    And when asked about Willard’s pose, the President had this to say.

  3. Matt says:

    Caption for the last one: “And with that, Mittens left the stage quickly. He didn’t want the press to see his war-boner was showing.”

  4. Trollhattan says:

    Willard to self: “Nailed it!”
    Willard’s carefully selected flufferscampaign staff: “Nailed it, sir!”

    Bubble remains undented.

  5. Joshua says:

    This is just payback for all the times the Democrats used 9/11 to score political points about Bush and the GOP.

    • McKingford says:

      Oh Poe’s Law, you are so germane!

    • tonycpsu says:

      I cannot believe the Romney campaign saw this as the moment where they had to go all-in. The economic news has been pretty sour lately. All they had to do was wait for a really bad jobs report or Europe-led stock market sell-off within a couple weeks of the debates and he could have made enough of a case to persuade some low-information voters during the debates.

      But no. He puts out a snippy, bellicose statement within minutes of the so-called apologetic tweet (which was sent out before the attacks, but, hey, look, an eagle!) and ends up looking like a complete jackass on the world stage to everyone except Michelle Malkin.

      I want to play poker with the fools steering the USS Mittens.

  6. I never hated Mitt Romney before this. It was more of a mild contempt.

    But that is a disgraceful human being right there.

  7. rea says:

    And of course, rightwingnuts in the US like
    Terry Jones know full well that when they put something like this on the internet, the result is going to be rioting in Islamic countries and the death of Americans or allies. Jones has pulled this before.

    • Joshua says:

      Isn’t Terry Jones the guy who extracted a free car from a dealership for not burning a Quran publicly?

      This guy is a real danger to the world. He has the right to say what he wants to, but he knows what he is doing.

    • Cody says:

      Sure, I’m all down with the fact this guy is purposefully an inciter.

      However, this doesn’t excuse the people of Libya. If they’re part of protests that turn violent – it’s THEIR fault. I don’t understand how people can be so pathetic. Last I checked, the American government didn’t release this video. We should go bomb Saudi Arabia because someone in Syria killed an Ambassador.

      (Though we did sort of already do this with Iraq… I regress)

  8. Cheap Wino says:

    The conservatives crowing are just idiots. Read through their pieces and the all basically say something about how this whole thing is Obama’s fault, why can’t the media focus on the events, oblivious to their own inability not to play politics with this.

    Hindraker says, “This is just about beyond belief. We have a failed policy in the Middle East, an American embassy and consulate attacked by Islamic radicals in two countries whose regimes the Obama administration participated in overthrowing. . .” as a prelude to his outrage and is somehow oblivious that what is unbelievable is he’s using the event to score cheap political points.

  9. Malaclypse says:

    Who took/released that second photo?

  10. I’m having a hard time being entirely rational about this. I didn’t like Romney before, and he’s got some of the most dangerous allies in American politics, but this hurts more.

    I studied under former diplomats, and studied with future ones, and Romney’s attack is deeply offensive, lousy policy, and continued evidence of his intellectual bankruptcy.

    Why should American religious intolerance, as demonstrated by the anti-islamic movie, not be noted as damaging — in this age of global communication — the reputation of the American government and majority of Americans who are not at all anti-Islamic? This is what a diplomat does: explain, build relationships, present arguments that advance US interests. An American diplomat is not a apologist for all things American, but an agent of the US government whose job is to advance American (not Christian) interests.

    In addition to being in bad taste, Romney’s statements suggest (confirms, etc.) that he doesn’t really understand the nature of diplomacy, the job that he’s applying for.

  11. pete says:

    Romney is toast. Possibly he doesn’t know it. Yes, he’s got Palin & apparently Gingrich & a few other losers, but he appears not to have Boehner or McCain or any of the other stalwarts of his party. Noonan and Halperin think he goofed; Sullivan is apopleptic. And the debates are yet to come. At this rate, Willard will be down to 27% before we know it.

    • Increase Mather says:

      Most Americans don’t know who Halperin or Noonan are. In our blog bubble, we think it’s a big deal that even Halperin criticized Romney. Most Americans don’t care. I’m actually a little nervous that the Obama-apologized line will have legs.

      • Erik Loomis says:

        Most Americans may not know Noonan or Halperin, but the media sets narratives about candidates that are influential and if people like them are turning on Mittens, that means the overall media narrative could easily reflect that.

      • Most Americans don’t know who Halperin or Noonan are.

        No, but the people they do read are going to repeat what Halperin and Noonan say.

      • wengler says:

        Most Americans want blood.

        Unfortunately for Romney, his only track record is of bleeding people slowly before completing the job and shipping off the factory to China.

        People who don’t hate Obama but want blood see Obama as a ninja assassin. No genuine thrill of smearing your enemies blood all over the wall but they see him as a pro.

        Corporate dolt killer versus ninja assassin killer. I really don’t see Obama taking a hit on this one from the derp derp crowd.

      • Pseudonym says:

        I’ve never really understood the appeal of the “no apologies” line when it comes to foreign policy. Our strength is made most evident in our ability to constantly fuck everything up and keep going, not in being perfectionists. We have actual material toughness and mental resilience, not brittle hard-line psychological narrow-mindedness. Or maybe Sarah Palin is right and neoconservative foreign policy really is just about having the biggest dick to whip out.

        • chris says:

          Or maybe Sarah Palin is right and neoconservative foreign policy really is just about having the biggest dick to whip out.

          Neoconservative *everything* is about having the biggest dick to whip out. It’s their entire worldview.

    • vacuumslayer says:

      That’ll never happen. This country is split 50/50. The Repugs could put an egglplant up as a candidate and half the country would vote for him.

      I mean, it’s disgusts me, but it’s true.

    • John (not McCain) says:

      Hell, he’s even lost Chuck Todd! When the major network empty suits turn on you, you might as well start looking for a reality show to star in.

  12. Heron says:

    This seems like good photomeme bait. Something like “Terrible Event” Second Romney Picture “Score one for the Mittster.”

    For example:

    “US Ambassador Killed In Libya”
    Smug Romney
    “That’ll play well in Ohio”

  13. c u n d gulag says:

    You can see the look on that craven opportunists face as he’s walking off, with the serious expressions of the reporters behind him, Mitt is saying to himself, “NAILED IT!!!”

    Mitt spit the bit.

  14. CaptBackslap says:

    It’s exactly like this Wings clip.

  15. Stan Gable says:

    Am I the only one who heard lots of jeebus dog whistles in the press conference? He also seemed to be mimicking W’s speech cadence – I hadn’t noticed that before.

  16. Manju says:

    This guy can’t believe how lucky he is. This guy wishes he’d found some foreign policy entanglement to use against Obama sooner. This guy couldn’t be happier that Islamist extremists are killing Americans again. Because this guy wants to be President, and he thinks he just won a $10,000 bet with himself that he will be.

    A recent poll gives Obama a 12 point lead on national security. So, instead of spending his Sept pinning the most recent job numbers to the President, Romney has just guaranteed that the first question any reporter will ask him will be about Foreign Policy.

    Yeah, in a weak economy, lets just remind the American people that POTUS is a stoic, cold-blooded, ice-man Assassin who doesn’t overreact to terrorism except to personally gouge out Osama bin Laden’s eyes.

    Why doesn’t he just re-air the 3am ad? “Go ahead. Make my day”; I can hear the chair say.

  17. Gosh, my friends, I guess if you experience a life that is the right length of life for a human being, eventually we all have our facial expressions of human emotion analyzed in situations such as these, situations that I assure you I will never apologize for as your president.

    As to the above-mentioned photographic depictions of my use of human emotion with respect to this terrible tragedy, one by the way that could have been avoided if President Obama were not too preoccupied with apologizing for America and implementing his devious socialist takeover of our health care system, which I in many ways support and in every way adamantly oppose, I was merely looking ahead to the brighter days of a Romney/Ryan administration, where great leaders like John Bolton and Dan Senor will ensure that our embassies are as safe as humanly possible by methodically eradicating the native populations of whatever countries they are located in.

    So you see, my friends, I was not smiling at the deaths of those brave folks in Libawaya or wherever; I was smiling at the contributions those deaths may make to the far greater cause of restoring this nation to its former greatness by unseating the foreign-seeming apologizer currently in office. Just as my own five strapping boys have best served their country by helping to elect me to high office, so may the deaths of these foreign service officers help achieve the same end, to the great pride and joy of the loved ones they’ve left behind.

    With that cleared up, I would be remiss were I not to remind you good folks that our various SuperPACs are waiting to take your generous donations, though I am only assuming that to be the case since their operations are in no way connected to me personally.

    Thank you and God Bless,

    Mitt “Mitt” Romney

  18. vacuumslayer says:

    Quick, somebody get that man a white cat–STAT!

  19. commie atheist says:

    Even better: Here’s a Daily Kos post with an apparent “screenshot” taken at the press conference.

  20. Joshua says:

    This + the “Under God” thing + Paul Ryan = Mittens has gone all-in with the dead-enders.
    WHY? I don’t know. Nobody likes these people.

    What is it about all of Obama’s opponents that they end up screwing themselves? They are 25%-30% of the electorate for a reason.

  21. Leeds man says:

    So Patrick Bateman’s older, dumber brother was adopted by Mormons.

  22. bob mcmanus says:

    a) Romney’s toast


    b) It’s a setup, and Bibi is going to address the UN as the planes are flying. Romney knows, and knows that say, the atmosphere is about to radically change.

    When the counter-attack in late October lands on Tel Aviv, what Obama will need to do is cut off all funds to Israel and form an alliance with Iran or unconditionally surrender. This will guarantee him forty states.

    Look, the last is insane, but Romney and Bibi can make the field of play a madhouse, and it will not go the way you want. I don’t know if Obama can play that hand, especially if there are American casualties before the election.

  23. STH says:

    Apparently, there’s some doubt as to who the producer of the film is, as nobody by that name or description appears to exist.

  24. NBarnes says:

    Did Mitt say something about that awful Libya thing? I couldn’t hear him talking over the sound of Osama bin Laden’s bullet-ridden body splashing into the Indian Ocean.

  25. BelieveInAmerica says:

    I really don’t understand the outrage here over what Mitt Romney did. The American Embassy released a presser condemning the American movie maker “after” the siege had already started.

    Did they believe that condemning freedom of speech would actually stop the attack? That President Obama actually let this happen tells you all you need to know about “Dear Leader”. His foreign policy is the hope that our enemies will stop killing us if we simply apologize for it.

    So after this statement is released, Mitt Romney openly condemns it. Gee whiz, how DARE Romney attack Dear Leader on his foreign policy decisions. Afterall, calling GWB a monkey and trashing him for 8 years was certainly justified.

    All you pieces of trash libs know Mitt led today, unlike Dear Leader who, like usual, led from behind after Romney took a coordinated attack from the state media. Obama was too much of a pussy to even take questions from the media.

    This was a Reagan moment today. The average American people saw a clear contrast, one they wont forget. Romney stood for America, Obama stood for the terrorists.

    • Hogan says:

      The American Embassy released a presser condemning the American movie maker “after” the siege had already started.

      Yeah, no.

      • Bijan Parsia says:

        You missed the scare quotes! It released them “after” in the sense of “before”.

      • BelieveInAmerica says:

        “Via Twitter, around 4:30 p.m. ET, the U.S. embassy in Cairo condemns the breach, but stands by its initial condemnation of religiously inflammatory speech”

        Yet they still stood by it AFTER the siege started, dumbass.

        • Hogan says:

          Ah, so after they condemned religiously motivated hatred, and then were attacked by people motivated by religious hatred, they still condemned religiously motivated hatred? Those BASTARDS.

          • BelieveInAmerica says:

            They are BASTARDS. Condemning American citizens protected by their right to free speech instead of condemning the damn fucking TERRORISTS killing them?

            What fucking planet do you live on you little piece of trash? Go join the terrorists, you sound like you’d fit right in.

            • Hogan says:

              Well, you and the filmmaker are both too gutless to use your real names when you exercise your free speech. Sounds like you two cowards belong together too.

              • Malaclypse says:

                You know, if Jennie is this mad now, just wait until he finds out about Obama’s secret plan to firebomb Branson, Missouri, pin it on Fine White Patriots, declare Martial Marshall Law, and stop the election, all before the New Black Panthers herd white people into FEMA camps.


              • BelieveInAmerica says:

                Wow, wonderful comeback genius!. Now STHU

                • SEK says:

                  Don’t worry, little man. We’re just out of pancakes right now, not forever.

                • Some Guy says:

                  YEAH! You liberals need to SHUT UP when BiA is DEFENDING FREE SPEE…

                  I enjoy people who don’t understand the “freedom of speech” and “freedom from being criticized” are not the same thing.

    • Malaclypse says:

      Did you know the filthy Jihadis have no tradition of pancakes! Maple trees won’t set root on that God-forsaken penninsula! WHY ARE LIBTARDS DENYING THE WISDOM OF THE TREES???

    • Leeds man says:

      Afterall, calling GWB a monkey and trashing him for 8 years was certainly justified.

      No, slandering monkeys is never justified.

      • Leeds man says:

        I should clarify. When monkeys shit themselves from fear, at least they use their feces constructively, rather than applying some untested “trickle down” theory of crap.

    • Malaclypse says:

      This was a Reagan moment today.

      Romney sold missiles to enemies of America today? Can’t say I’m much surprised.

    • firefall says:

      All you pieces of trash libs know Mitt ledlied today


    • Sly says:

      There is something wrong with your brain.

    • Randy says:

      Try not to be so stupid. Calling President Bush a monkey may have been uncivil. Can you point out where John Kerry, in a positiion analogous to that of Romney’s, did that? I’m not talking about the pctures right-wingers have on file of the protesters doing that, I’m talking about the nominee for the Presidency. Can’t do it, can you?

      If by “trashing him for 8 years” means “disagreeing with policies, and pointing out the reason for that disagreement,” there are no words to describe you.

    • Trollhattan says:

      This was a Reagan moment today.

      Desiccated corpse sez, “huh?”

      This message approved by the most corrupt administration of the 20th century(tm).

    • Pseudonym says:

      Let’s see… the embassy criticizes both inflammatory religious rhetoric and far worse physical violence, which makes them (the victims of that violence) bastards. Meanwhile, you (like Mitt) condemn the free speech of the embassy staff but don’t say anything about the actual violence. And your example of Romney’s bold leadership is his criticism of dead American victims of terrorism. Needs more pancakes.

    • Socraticsilence says:

      So what your saying is if Mitt was President we’d be bombing Trinidad and Tobago tomorrow?

  26. olexicon says:

    “This was a Reagan moment today. The average American people saw a clear contrast, one they wont forget. Romney stood for America, Obama stood for the terrorists”

    What you meant was “Romney was an asshole, and Obama acted like a President” That’s what the American people saw today, so yeah it was a Reagan moment because Reagan was an asshole

    • BelieveInAmerica says:

      Obama’s the asshole, running off to Vegas minutes after his phony “presser” where he hid from any media questions.

      Obama’s the biggest pussy to occupy the Oval Office. He led from behind with the recent LA Hurricane, changing his schedule to follow Romney there. Today, he issues a “presser” AFTER Romney and only AFTER he hits Romney for political points.

      Grow a fucking brain and learn the facts about Dear Leader, or do us all a favor and move to North Korea where you would fit in better as a slave to your government master..

  27. bob mcmanus says:

    Pat Lang on Mursi, Benghazi, and Cairo.

    “Cut off their money. Wthdraw the embassy. Having done this once and gotten away with it, they will be back for more as in Teheran long ago. It is not a coincidence that this happened on the anniversary of 9/11. pl”

    “He has been to Riyadh and Teheran recently. Who knows how much money he has been promised in support of such a crisis with the US? Don’r forget. The Saudis play it both ways, always. Mursi and company also understand very well how delicate BHO’s position is this close to a very nearly tied election. Last and by no means least, Mursi is not a “rational choice” kind of guy, He is a fanatic. pl”

    “IMO this was a dry run to gauge US Government reaction. The best is yet to come. pl”

    “IMO the BHO Administration will do nothing. pl”

    Keep laughing, liberals, but Romney was the one with the smile. Liberals always, and by their nature, underestimate how evil, unspeakably evil, their enemies are but especially how smart their enemies are.

    Obama is about to be blindsided by possibly several October surprises. Romney by a hair, in an atmosphere of hate and violence. Democrats will just whimper “It’s so unfair.”

    • Leeds man says:

      Romney was the one with the smile

      “Democratic candidate smiles at death of American diplomats. OUTRAGEOUS!!!

      What? Oh. Er, smiling is good, it shows you’re happy.”

      Also, pancakes.

    • Malaclypse says:

      Liberals always, and by their nature, underestimate how evil, unspeakably evil, their enemies are but especially how smart their enemies are.

      Apparently President Obama can’t see Egypt and Libya from his house.

      “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

      See, the water, the tide comes in and it goes out, Mr. Silverman. It always comes in, and always goes out. You can’t explain that.

      Now, I can perhaps see why mcmanus finds conservatives to be smart.

      • Paula says:

        Holy crap … I haven’t been here awhile. When did bob mcmanus become a raging fundie?

        • I’m pretty sure that’s not really bob mcmanus.

          JenBob probably used the handle of someone who hasn’t posted in a while.


        • bob mcmanus says:

          I’m not.

          I’m a Marxist who think Democrats are wusses for not initiating a Civil War II or hanging bankers from lampposts. The lizard brain must be appeased.

          The Republican Party must be destroyed.

          As far as what to do about Islam extremism or the Middle East, I don’t have a clue or much of an opinion. Something that keeps scum like Bolton and Gaffney out of power permanently sounds like a good idea. Remember, I am old enough to remember the Iranian hostage crisis, and sick and tired of Rethugs winning by being more violent. Let’s be more violent, and bring the wars home.

          I do know that the inroads of neo-liberalism and globalization are pissing off a lot of the ME, and is a, just a, cause of the Arab Spring and a source of hostility toward multinational corporate America. Watch out. They have good reason not to like us.

    • Obama is about to be blindsided by possibly several October surprises.

      …in the Saginaw Plaza Hotel.

  28. Ben Hosen says:

    (Thanks again SEK for turning me on to visual rhetoric!)

    Really? This photo is from today, after that loathsome press conference? Stunned, even I am, by what a horrible shit of a human being is this man. George Romney’s son, go figure.

    No words harsh enough, really. Thanks for the pics; will share with EVERYONE. As should we all.

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  31. Maynard says:

    Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you
    know a few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.

    I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same outcome.

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  33. Alan in SF says:


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  35. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Pic 1: “It is terrible how all those people lost their jobs when the factory moved to China.”

    Pic 2: “But I made a cool Billion on the deal!”

  36. marc sobel says:

    there you go again, adding to the awareness of all internet traditions.

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  38. bill dudley says:

    Barack v. Mitt, round 2, inspired this for the meme



    sadly, I lack the skills to fill in the captions myself (are there instructions somewhere?)

  39. prediksi skor kolumbia vs yunani

    Score! – Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money

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