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GOP: The Party of “Legitimate Rape”


The Republicans might as well fight tooth and nail for Todd Akin’s bid to become a senator from Missouri. It’s not like a sizable percentage of Republican politicians and activists honestly have a problem with Akin’s legitimate rape comments. Their problem with him is that he said them out loud. The GOP war on women continues unabated.

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  • Right.

    Also, where are they going to put it? No amount of money is going to make Sherrod Brown less appetizing than the pathetic Josh “You look up the facts!” Mandel, or any of the others.

    • Steve LaBonne

      And the beauty is that once Sherrod finishes off that obnoxious weasel to earn his initial re-election, he’ll hold that seat for as long as he wants to serve. (See under, “Howard Metzenbaum”.) I am very proud of my Senator, who is as good as it gets in the Democratic Party.

      • Wouldn’t mind seeing Brown take a shot at the big job in 2016, tell you the truth. A far more realistic progressive candidate than Warren, who I don’t think has the political chops.

        • NonyNony

          Argh we need him in the Senate! Don’t shove him out into a White House race! Isn’t there some Dem governor somewhere who could make a push for it?

          I’m not sure that Brown would make a great President anyway. But he’s an awesome Senator and he’s the kind that is likely to only get better at it the longer he’s got the job. I’m hoping he keeps the job until he’s 90.

          • He wouldn’t give up his seat unless he wins. And then Ted Strickland could run for his seat. Win win.

            • Steve LaBonne

              Ted Strickland isn’t fit to tie Sherrod Brown’s shoes.

      • Incontinentia Buttocks

        Still have a hard time forgiving him for voting for the Military Commissions Act. There aren’t many things I find unforgivable in a politician, but I have a very hard time supporting someone who voted to provide political cover for torture.

        Otherwise, he seems pretty great.

        • Steve LaBonne

          That stuck in my craw too, but it seems to have been an uncharacteristic lapse so I have forgiven and forgotten.

  • Spuddie

    Hey Todd Akin, if legitimate rape doesn’t cause pregnancy, why are there so many light skinned blacks? -W Kamau Bell

    • It’s not rape if you own the person you are not raping, legitimately or otherwise. Or if she’s employed as a servant in your house and you live in the South.

      See Jefferson, Thomas and Thurmond, Strom aka Trent Lott’s hero.

  • Incontinentia Buttocks

    I thought that the GOP’s threats not to support Akin were just so much hot air designed to drive Akin from the race. The instant that the best chance for the GOP to flip the seat became actually supporting Akin, they were pretty much guaranteed to crawl back to him. I imagine that was Akin’s guess, too.

    Not only does the GOP agree with Akin about rape and women, they’re actually not even that committed to not saying so openly.

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