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Never Has the Term “Legacy Media” Been More Appropriate


Luke Russert’s journalistic credentials entail 1)being the son of an overrated bobblehead host and 2)that’s it.   He has some incredibly dumb thoughts about how Elizabeth Warren is too un-American to speak at the Democratic convention.  Fortunately, this motivated Charles Pierce to respond to “Prince Mishkin.”

I was going to say that according to “centrist” pundits and Blue Dogs the only person who should be permitted to speak at the Democratic convention is Zombie Robert Casey, although the Tennessee Democratic Party has admittedly produced another suitable candidate.

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  • DrDick

    I think “thoughts” rather overstates the nature of young Russert’s emissions. Brain farts is more like it.

  • John

    Since Luke Russert has come up, I will take the opportunity to repost a link to his turn as the victim of the greatest cock block of all time, performed by Brian Williams on national television. Keep your eye on the girl to Russert’s right.

    • firefall

      Thank you, that was hilarious

    • elm

      My respect for Brian Williams just increased immensely.

    • I refuse to believe Luke Russert has a girlfriend. Which just makes this all the sweeter.

    • Mike Schilling

      I am surprised Russert’s career survived that.

  • JoyfulA

    Citing Jason Altmire as a prominent Democratic authority is odd. He lost his primary for being too Republican and will be a congressman for just a few months longer.

    • It just proves the Democratic electorate is too extreme for the mainstream Democratic Party.

  • Davis

    Little Luke thinks Warren is not mainstream because she’s elitist, i.e., smart.

    • i.e., smarter than Luke Russert.

      • DrDick

        Rocks are smarter than Luke Russert.

  • jeer9

    Russert is indeed a dolt, though Mr. Pierce should not make an allusion to a literary figure unless he’s actually familiar with the novel. Rather than being ridiculed and ostracized because of his strangeness like Myshkin, Luke is applauded and promoted by the corrupt elites in his society. He’s more similar to the character of Rogozhin, whose recent inheritance fuels a brash and brazen sense of privilege. The Prince, on the other hand, is quite often and eerily correct in many of his perceptions – which is a good deal more than can be said of Timmeh’s son.

    • Amok92

      Stop it smarty pants, we all know that Mr.Pierce simply wants us to associate Luke Russet and the title of the novel okay?

    • herr doktor bimler

      How about Oblomov then?

      • IM

        Oblomov is intelligent and good-hearted, just very lazy and passive. he would never pursue a career like Russert. Instead he would lie on the ottoman and ask: what is the point of all this running around?

        And yes, Myshkin is slandered by this comparison.

        Russert is rather like Ganja Ivolgin, mediocrity and conformity personified.

  • TT

    ….Heath Shuler, who is most famous for finding ways of throwing the ball to the wrong team in both of his public careers….

    Hear, hear. Who among us does not love it when an individual’s contributions to team and country can be so pithily summarized?

    • This coment at Pierce’s is too good to leave behind:

      As an old, broken down defensive lineman from the Late Cretaceous Period, I deeply appreciate The Blog’s having taken this opportunity to screw another pretty boy QB into the turf, albeit rhetorically. Now, let’s get to the meat of the Russert-Shuler-Boren playbook. And look what we found? No shit! This braintrust showed up with a running game against the ’85 Bears and their 9 carnivores in the box. Gentlemen, do some fucking research before you commit your dim pre-game “analysis” to digital concrete on the Intertubes. Elizabeth Warren was born and raised in Oklahoma. No, not the Oklahoma hard by Poppy Bush’s Maine hang-out or Narragansett. The one with all the dust and stupidity and grief because Randy Newman didn’t sing about it in “Rednecks.” She got her bachelor’s degree in Houston Cougarland (those guys were shit in ’72; we beat the crap outta them). Anyway, that’s not the Univ. of Houston down the street from Hahvahd or BU. Warren was a rank-and-file schoolteacher for years, for chrissakes. Her family had gone nearly tits up financially after her *janitor* father was too hurt to work. Goddamn. Goddamn. It’s not even 8am, and all I have to drink is this McD’s senior coffee in front of me. A full work day doing satan’s work ahead of me, and not a drop of tequila in sight.

      • Joseph Slater

        That is great.

      • Walt

        That comment is fucking awesome. Thanks for posting it here.

      • Cody

        The voice in my head when I read this is wonderful. For some reason I just hear the grumpiest old man…

  • I hope the Republicans and the media spend two solid weeks before the convention warning America about scary Elizabeth Warren, just so her speech will leave them looking like idiots.

  • Jesse Levine

    He’ll never be in a position to do as much damage as Timmy from Buffalo did.

  • thebewilderness

    How could they possibly overlook Zell Miller?

  • herr doktor bimler

    Russert evidently grew up in an alternative time-stream where Clinton was a non-controversial president, accepted and respected by politicians from both sides throughout his term.

    • Cody

      What!? Everyone knows Clinton and Newt Gingrich teamed up to be the best political duo ever. They worked so well together, in a loving tender cooperative team.

      With their powers united, they brought us to economic prosperity and peace (well, it was peaceful her, Somalia not so much).

      This isn’t how you remember it?

  • Murc

    I feel its unfair to blame the Tennessee Democratic Party for Mark Clayton. Far more people voted against him than voted for him, he basically got the nod due to being first on the ballot on account of his name, and the party establishment quickly and commendably disavowed him.

    The party in Tennessee did exactly what they’re supposed to do; they stayed out of the primary, but when someone beyond the pale got in with a tiny plurality, they turned on him. It can be argued they should have a system in place for their primary that is more Condorcet-compliant than the one they have, but that goes for most of the country.

    • Under normal circumstances I would mostly agree, but when you have seven largely unknown candidates on the primary ballot for a senate seat, something has gone haywire, and the party has an obligation to try to sort that out. This isn’t like the Pennsylvania Dems flipping out because Arlen freakin Specter has a challenge; this is an actual emergency.

      • Scott Lemieux

        RIght. It’s not like the first-past-the-pot system is some sort of innovation.

        • In this case, it might have been “first, pass the pot”.

  • angry bitter drunk

    The real story is why Warren would even want to speak at the DNC, considering that the Obama administration has coddled banks and crapped on homeowners (foreclosure settlement, HAMP) every step of the way.

    I love her rhetoric, but she’s either a tool or incredibly naive…

    • Murc

      What exactly are Warren’s options for governing outside of the Democratic Party?

      The opportunities for people to become Bernie Sanders are few and far between. She could become a professional activist, and there’d be no shame in that; activism is a noble calling and we could use more people with her gifts. But she wants to serve, and that means the Democrats. I for one hope she attracts more people like herself to the party.

    • Perhaps because Obama gave her her political career, implemented her top priority in the policy sphere (CFPB), and put her in charge of setting it up.

      You know who thinks your opinion of Barack Obama is senseless? Elizabeth Warren.

      • angry bitter drunk

        I’ll write this more slowly so maybe you can understand. Elizabeth Warren is going to get up on stage at the DNC, presumably to tell people to vote for Barack Obama because his presidency advances her agenda.

        That would be the Barack Obama whose biggest single campaign contributor in ’08 was Goldman Sachs. That would be the Barack Obama who appointed Tim Geithner.

        Seriously, you don’t see a disconnect there?

        • Cody

          If I’m not mistaken… Joe pre-responded to your response. Just read it again.

          Sure, his agenda doesn’t line up 100% with hers. But she has no choice and he seems more than willing to implement her ideas.

          Also, if it wasn’t for Obama I doubt most of the nation would know who Warren is. I think he did her a solid there.

  • Bart

    “…being the son of an overrated bobblehead host…”

    I thought we all called him “Pumpkin Head”

  • Now consider this: Meet the Press got worse after that overrated bobblehead host died.

    Drastically, significantly worse.

    • Joe

      Never actually was a MTP guy — I admit to watching Brinkley’s show back when he was around — but with Hayes and MHP around, I have even less a desire to do so on Sundays.

      I admit some take the show seriously, so this movement is problematic.

  • Tybalt

    This goo-goo paean to Elizabeth Warren is pretty damned hilarious, actually.

    “Elizabeth Warren is in favor of regulating the crooks who ruined the economy and got away scot-free with everything they didn’t wreck. She stands for the idea that we have a political commonwealth, and that it is worth repairing, and that it has had more to do with the success of this country than all of the hedge-fund cowboys who ever lived.”

    Elizabeth Warren is a fucking politician. I hope Pierce (who should and I thought does know better) will not be crestfallen one say when he realizes this.

    • Walt

      Elizabeth Warren is second runner-up for Greatest Living American, after Prince. (The Greatest Living American is Paul Krugman, of course.)

      I’m surprised she’s made the transition to politican as well as she has. To me, she always comes across like she’s thinking “I may look and act like a school teacher, but I’m thinking about stabbing some people in the fucking throat.”

    • Funny how the mere act of getting your name on the ballot completely changes your character.

    • Joe

      Lincoln was a “fucking politician.”

      This country is based on the idea of that class representing us and governing. I admit to finding “goo-goo paean” funny but a person can be a politician and still advance the general welfare. Our system presupposes so.

    • Cody

      I for one refuse to elect another politician to political office. It’s going to be rough, no doubt, but I am adamant.

      They keep betraying me though. Every time I elect someone who isn’t a politician to political office, they turn right around and turn into a politician! It’s an awful cycle.

  • Joe

    The force of b.s. is strong in that one.

    • BigHank53

      There nothing there but b.s.

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